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Publication numberUS3568974 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1971
Filing dateDec 30, 1968
Priority dateDec 30, 1968
Publication numberUS 3568974 A, US 3568974A, US-A-3568974, US3568974 A, US3568974A
InventorsDelorme Clifford
Original AssigneeArnett Co Ltd
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Detachable front fluid dispensing head
US 3568974 A
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United States Patent Clifford Delorme Saint James, Manitoba, Canada 787,740

Dec. 30, 1968 Mar. 9, 1971 Arnett Company Limited Manitoba, Canada [72] Inventor [21] Appl. No. [22] Filed [45] Patented [73] Assignee [5 4] DETACHABLE FRONT FLUID DISPENSING HEAD 1 Claim, 5 Drawing Figs.

[52] U.S. Cl 251/7, 222/505 [51] Int. Cl Fl6k 7/06 [50] Field of Search 222/505, 529; 251/4- 10; 138/92; 14l/(Inquired) 56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 287,785 10/1883 White 220/40 2,615,668 10/1952 Ernest 2,674,435 4/1954 Angeli Primary ExaminerWilIiam F. ODea Assistant ExaminerRichard Gerard 7 Att0rney-Kent & Ade

ABSTRACT: A dispensing head includes a body portion with an open-faced channel extending downwardly therethrough and detachable cover plate so that a compressible dispensing tube can be laid in the channel without having to thread same through the body portion. The plate has a pair of semicylindri cal recesses one of which receives a compressing member to close off the tube, the cover plate being reversible to facilitate engagement with the body portion and thus ensuring that one of the recesses is always in the correct position to receive the compressing member.


ATTORNEY 1 DETACHABLE rnour FLUID msrsrvsnvo HEAD This invention relates to new and useful improvements dispensing in fluid dispensing heads, particularly such dispensing heads normally used for the disponsing of fluid milk in restaurants and the like.

These are usually secured to the underside of a refrigerating cabinet which contains a detachable fluid milk container. A rubber hose extends from the lower end of the fluid milk container downwardly through the dispensing head and a shutoff valve assembly opens or closes the tube to dispense or close off the supply of fluid milk.

It is conventional to have to feed the dispensing tube downwardly through an aperture in the body portion of the dispensing head when a new container is placed thereabove.

This is not only inconvenient during busy periods but often results in loss of sanitation due to the handling of the dispensing end of the flexible tube inan attempt to pass it through the dispensing head and past the shutoff valve mechanism.

The present device overcomes this particular disadvantage by providing a front plate which is easily detachable from the channel receiving the tube which is thus open so that the tube can merely be laid into position and the front plate replaced.

A further advantage is the fact that the plate can'be reversed and will still secure to the front of the channel and in order to ensure that the shutoff mechanism valve plate engages a recess in the front plate, a pair of such recesses are provided so that regardless of the position of the front plate, one recess is always in the correct position to receive the shutoff valve plate.

Another advantage is the provision of a semicylindrical transverse recess on the front plate into which the shutoff valve plate engages thus squeezing off the flexible dispensing tube and preventing leakage from occuring.

In summary, I provide an easily detachable front plate for the dispensing tube channel, which plate, when removed, exposes a completely open fronted channel so that the dispensing tube can be laid in place rapidly and easily. Furthermore the plate is easily secured to close off the front of the channel and can be reversed without effecting either the attachment to the front of the channel or the actuation of the shutoff valve plate which cooperates with the front plate.

With the foregoing in view, and such other or further purposes, advantages or novel features as may become apparent from consideration of this disclosure and specification, the present invention consists of the inventive concept which is comprised, embodied, embraced or included in the method, process, construction, composition, arrangement of parts, or new use of any of the foregoing, herein exemplified in one or more specific embodiments of such concept, reference being had to the accompanying Figures in which:

FIG. 1 is an isometric view of a dispensing head showing my improvement attached thereto.

FIG. 2 is a front view of the dispensing head with covered plate removed.

FIG. 3 is a rear elevation of the front cover plate per se.

FIG. 4 is a side view of FIG. 3.

FIG. 5 is a isometric view of FIG. 3.

In the drawings like characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the different figures.

Proceeding to describe the invention in detail reference should first be made to FIG. l. in which the dispensing head is collectively designated and consists of a body portion 11 having a horizontal U-shaped flange 12 upon the upperside thereof by which the dispensing head may be secured to the underside of the conventional cabinet (not illustrated).

The body portion is provided with a substantially semicylindrical recess 13 extending downwardly through the dispensing head in a substantially vertical direction, said recess or channel having an open front 14. This recess or channel is normally closed off by a front plate or cover plate assembly collectively designated 15 which is detachably secured to the sidewalls 16 bounding or defining the channel and in particular the open front side 14 thereof.

journaled transversely within the body portion as at 21 and a weight 22 normally causes the vertical portion 23 of the rod to engage the rear of the valve plate and urge it across the channel thus closing off the tube 19. When milk is to be dispensed, the glass or container (not illustrated) is pressed against a dispensing pad 24 secured to the lower end of the vertical portion 23 and the pad is pushed rearwardly thus raising weight 22 and allowing fiuid milk to pass downwardly through the tube to be dispensed from the lower end 19 thereof.

The front plate assembly 15 is substantially rectangular in configuration and is provided with a pair of spaced and parallel, horizontally disposed semicylindrical recesses 25 across the inner face 26 thereof. Bearing mounting pins 27 extend transversely through the body 28 of the plate and this body is preferably made with lightening recesses 29 formed during the casting thereof.

The sidewalls l6 defining the open front 14 of the channel 13 are provided with slots 30, an upper pair and a lower pair being formed in said walls. These slots comprise horizontal portions 31 and vertical portions 32, "the horizontal portions 31 opening onto the edges of the walls 16. This enables the bearing pins 27 to be engaged within thehorizontal portions 31 and then to move downwardly to the bases of the vertical portions thus preventing the plate from being displaced outwardly by the pressure of the valve plate 17 forcing the tube into the corresponding semicylindrical recess 25 on the plate 15. At the same time the plate is easily removed by moving same upwardly and then outwardly thus disconnecting the bearing pins 27 from the bayonet slots.

The provision of the pair of recesses 25 upon the inner face of the plate enables same to be placed either in a position shown in FIG. 1 or upsidedown thus ensuring that a semicylindrical recess 25 is always opposite the plate valve 17. This reversal permits or facilitates the fitting of the plate to the assembly without having to decide which way up the plate should be fitted.

From the foregoing it will be appreciated that when when a new fluid milk container is placed within the refrigerating cabinet thereabove, it is merely necessary to remove plate 15 thus allowing the dispensing tube 19 to be laid within the channel 13 without any threading having to take place. The plate 15 is then easily replaced and the assembly is ready to dispense as required. I

Various modifications can be made within the scope of the inventive concept disclosed. Accordingly, it is intended that when is described herein should be regarded as illustrative of such concept and not for the purpose of limiting protection to a particular embodiment thereof, but that only such limitations should be placed upon the scope: of protection to which the inventor hereof is entitled, as justice dictates.


1. A dispensing tube compressor comprising a vertically elongated body having a front portion provided with a vertical channel which is defined by a pair of sidewalls of the body and is open at the front thereof so that a dispensing tube may be laterally inserted in or removed from said channel through the open front thereof, a removable cover plate for the open front of said channel, quickly separable means for retaining said cover plate in position, a tube compressing member slidable in said body and projectable forwardly into said channel to compress a dispensing tube in the channel against said cover plate, and means for sliding said member, said cover plate being positionable against front edges of said body sidewalls and including an inner portion which is receivable in said channel for coaction with said tube compressing member, said quickly separable means for retaining said cover plate in position comprising a pair of vertically spaced pins extending transversely through and projecting laterally to opposite sides of said inner portion of the cover plate, said sidewalls being provided with said body by placing the plate against the sidewall front edges and sliding the plate downwardly while said pins are received in said slots.

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Mar 17, 1986AS02Assignment of assignor's interest
Effective date: 19860304
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