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Publication numberUS357183 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1887
Filing dateJul 15, 1886
Publication numberUS 357183 A, US 357183A, US-A-357183, US357183 A, US357183A
InventorsChaeles E. Davis
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US 357183 A
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(NovMoael.) C. E. DAVIS.


Patented Peb.



N. Pneus, Pmwmhnmphnr, wnhhgmn, mc.

passing around parallel with the edge of the seat, the other part joining the back about UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.'



SPECIFIATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 357,183, dated February 8, 1887.

` Application filed July 15, 1886. ASerial No. 208,160. (No model.)

.Toall whom it may concern.'

Be it'known that I, CHARLES E. DAvis, a citizen of the United States, residing at Columbus, in the county of FranklinY and State of,

ing only a rotary motion, and not to chairs. having a tilting seat, as in tilting-chairs.

The object of my invention is to provide a chair having a back so arranged in connection with a spring that it conforms to different positions when it is occupied by a person sitting in the chair and leaning backward,thereby forming a back-rest. I attain this Object by the mechanismillustrated in the accompany? ing drawings, in which- Figure l representsasideUeft) view of chair, dotted lines representing chair in position when occupied, with the back pressed backward. Fig. 2 represents the bottom of the chair as viewed from underneath. Fig. 3 rep! resents the chair as yiewed from the front, showing lifting-lever.

l Si milarletters refer to similar parts through-V out the different views.

A is a stationary seat; B, anarm, one part halfway up from they seat, both parts being fastened to the back, both arm and back working on a pivot at the side of the seat, which passes through the lower part of the arm and directly into the side edge of the seat; L, `a

cross-piece secured to the under side of the arms and rests on the spring F.

C is a plate secured to the seat, in which the screw D is fastened with a set-screw, c. The spring F rests upon and is sustained by one arm ofa lever, E,.which lever is supported by a pivotal bearing, N, the other arm of which 1S supported and held by the regulating-lever G.

M represents bearings for the regulating lever G. To one arm of lever G is secured a rod, H, which extends through a lng, `O, at the side of the seat. One end of this rod is provided with a screw-thread and nut, which sets'in an angular depression in one arm of the lever G, to prevent it from turning, and the opposite end is secured by means of a knob rigidly attached thereto and bearing against the outer face of the lug O.V` By turning the V knob H to the right or left the thread upon the end of the rod operates within the nut O and varies the tension of the spring for the purpose of increasing and diminishing the resistance to the back I.

I do not herein claim to bel the inventor,

broadly, of achair having a stationary seat in i seat, a back with arms pivoted thereto, said back resting on and supported by acoil-spring, which is in turn supported by one arm of a lever, having pivotal bearings secured to the seat portion ofthe chair, the other arm=of said llever being attached to mechanism for regulating thetension of the spring, substantially as described.

oHARLEs DAvis.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47C7/443