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Publication numberUS3577604 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1971
Filing dateSep 4, 1968
Priority dateSep 4, 1968
Publication numberUS 3577604 A, US 3577604A, US-A-3577604, US3577604 A, US3577604A
InventorsBrosk Jeffrey Owen
Original AssigneeBrosk Jeffrey Owen
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Writing implement holder for books or like articles
US 3577604 A
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United States Patent Jeffrey Owen Brosk 150 E. 69th St., New York, N.Y. 10021 [21 App]. No. 757,432

[22] Filed Sept. 4, 1968 [45] Patented May 4, 1971 [72] Inventor [54] WRITING IMPLEMENT HOLDER FOR BOOKS OR LIKE ARTICLES 5 Claims, 1 Drawing Fig.

[52] 11.8. C1. 24/81 [51] Int.Cl A44b2l/00 [50] Field of Search 24/81 (11-1), 81 (PA), 3 (US), 3.5, 3 (Foreign), 10.1; 24/81 (TA), 81 (PC), 3.1; 24/81 (PH), 10; 281/42, 30; 1 16/1 19 [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,203,442 10/1916 Wister 24/19X 370,525 9/1887 Bieber 24/81PC 433,938 8/1890 281/30UX 503,011 8/1893 24/81PAUX 1,603,044 10/1926 Gise 24/3.1UX FOREIGN PATENTS 458,618 8/1913 France 281/30 89,101 4/1921 Switzerland 24/3 Primary Examiner-Donald A. Griffin Attorney-Sparrow & Sparrow ABSTRACT: An elastic holder for writing implements adapted to encompass a book and capable of use as a bookmark.

PATENTED m 419m 3.577.604


diff/Pf) my! 151%! BY WRITING IMPLEMENT HOLDER FOR BOOKS on LIKE ARTICLES BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The invention relates toa holder for writing instruments or implements also adaptable for use as a bookmark.

Such devices are generally known in the art, such as, disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 2,541,735. However, such device is not stretchable or expandable toencompass longitudinally a book .locating the holder for thewriting implements at the top or front of the book for convenience and efficiency'lt is the purpose of the present invention to overcome such disadvantages. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A The invention comprises an elastic, stretchable or expandable continuous bandadapted to encircle a book or like'article and to which is connected a holder for one or morewriting implements, such as pencils, pens, etc.'The band may be made wholly of elastic'material or partly of nonstretchable material with an elastic strip or strips joined to the nonstretchable material. By virtue of its stret'chability the endless band may be stretched around the length or the width of the book and may be also used as a bookmark by engagement of the band ments, such as pencils and/or pens in a convenient position onthe cover of a book so that the same may beeasily available for use.

A still furtherobject of the present invention is to provide a holder of, the aforementioned type which is efficient practical and simple in its construction inexpensive to manufacture and which may bereadily applied to the book for its intended use; another object being to provide such a holder which may. be easily and detachably secured to the book.

These and other objects and advantages of the invention will appear as the description proceeds it being understood,

by the numeral 13. This continuous or endless bandmay be made wholly of suitable elastic material or may comprise a ribbon or strip 14 made of suitable'nonelas tic material to the ends of which is secured an elastic connecting strip-or member 15 by any suitable means, for example by appropriate stitching 15a. As examples of alternatives, the elastic member 15 may constitute either a flat spring or'elastic threads. Particularly where an elastic member is selected, the nonelastic strip 14 of band 13, may be made from such materials as leather, velvet or other fabric, or plastics, with decorative designs or embellishments on the surface of the nonelastic strip 14.

The band 13 whether made wholly of elastic material or partially of nonelastic and partially of elastic material, is provided with gripping means to removably retain there against one or more writing implements, such as pencil 20. This implement retaining means may comprise a member 16 preferably transversely arranged across strip 14 of band 13 in undulated or wavy form secured-thereto by 'stitching 19, in such a fashion as to provide the undulations or inverted U- shaped portions or tunnels 17, 18. Member 16 may be made of elastic or nonelastic fabric, plastics, metal or any other suitable material. Any suitable securing means, other than stitching 19 may be employed to secure or attach retainer 16 to strip In applying band 13 to book 10 then if used only as a holder for writing implements, it may be stretched over the book around its front and back covers 12, 12a, and a part of implement 20 inserted through U-shaped portion 17 of retainer 16,

as illustrated in FIG. 2. However, if it is desired to utilize the device 13 as a combination writing implement holder and bookmark, then the band 14 may be disposed in the manner illustrated in FIG. 3, that is, where the band 14 is stretched over the front cover 12 and the desired pages of the book. Band 13 however, that it is not intended that the invention be limited to the exact details described herein which illustrate satisfactory examples of many which may be obtained as a result of the knowledge gained through or gleaned from an understanding of the invention, and it is further intended that there be included as part of the invention all' such obvious changes and modifications thereof as would occur to a person skilled in the art to which this invention pertains and would fall within the scope of the claims appended hereto.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING In the drawings, wherein like reference characters denote FIG. 3 illustrates the use of the device as a combination implement holder and bookmark;

FIG. is a section taken through 4-4 of FIG. I; and FIG. 5 is a view of a modified rctainerfor the writing implement.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Referring now more particularly to the drawing which illustrate examples of carrying out the invention, there is disclosed a stretchable or expandable endless band generally indicated is thus adaptedi to encircle the entire book or encircle the cover and a stack of leaves of the book adjacent the cover, selectively.

FIG. 5 shows a writing implement retainer in modified form comprising a substantially U-shaped clip 21 secured to band 14 by any suitable means, such as a rivet 22. Clip 21 may be made of metal, plastics or any other suitable material.

It is understood that by the term U-shaped as expressed in the specification and/or claims, is meant either an inverted U- shape for example, indicated by the reference character 17, 18 or a substantially U-shape as indicated by the reference character 21.

Although the drawing and the above specification disclose the best modes in which the invention is contemplated being embodied, it is desired in no way to be limited to details of such disclosures, for in the further practical application of the invention many changes may be made as circumstances require or experience suggests without departing from the spirit of the invention within the scope of the appended claims.

1. In a combination bookmark and implement holder the combination comprising; a first resilient retaining means including an endless longitudinally expansible band encircling selected portions of a book, a second expansible retaining means affixed to said first retaining means and expansible in a direction substantially transverse to the longitudinal expansion of said first retaining means, said second retaining means including at least one resilient implement encircling portion expansible to resiliently support said implement along a line parallel to the longitudinal axis of said first retaining means.

2. The device defined by claim 1 wherein said first resilient retaining means comprises an elastic fabric expansible in a direction common to its'longitudinal axis and inexpansive in a direction transverse thereto.

3. The device defined by claim 2 wherein said second retaining means encircles said first retaining means and is stitched thereto.

4. The device defined by claim 1 wherein saidsecond retaining means comprises an elastic fabric substantially idenmhwilh 'iQ-Q 2; W HF FWR? 'fii fl F i lxfa s id m k nt Mi g eans into a plurali y of W; Y J ir'npl'ni'ent dpborting lbo1:as"ain i secures said second retaining n said ithing'parmeans to said first retaining i'hins.

5. Thqdeyiqp de I so;

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