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Publication numberUS3580252 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1971
Filing dateApr 1, 1969
Priority dateFeb 20, 1969
Publication numberUS 3580252 A, US 3580252A, US-A-3580252, US3580252 A, US3580252A
InventorsPierre A Delort
Original AssigneePierre A Delort
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Sanitary towel
US 3580252 A
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United States Patent l 13,580,252

[72] Inventor PierreA.Delort [56] References Cited 12, Avenue Marchal Foch, Nice, France UNITED STATES PATENTS [211 2,748,772 6/1956 Titoneetal 128/288 $1, 31,, $2"; 1971 3,207,158 9/1965 Yoshitakeetal.. 128/291 [32] Priority 1 3 3,424,162 1/1969 Parravicini 128/288 [33 Fm FOREIGN PATENTS I 31 6,904,588 1,229,939 9/1960 France 128/288 [54] SANITARY TOWEL Primary Examiner-Charles F. Rosenbaum Att0rney-McGlew and Toren towards the innermost layer, said fabric being made at least partly of synthetic fibers welded together at a raised temperature.

Patented May 25, 1971 2 Sheets-Sheet l INVIiN/UR, PIERRE A- DEA RT nT'rom/E m SANITARY TOWEL The problem of womens periodical hygiene has not yet found a satisfactory practical solution. The chemist provides in fact his customers either with an internal plug or with a towel to be used alone or to be inserted with its fastenings inside a slip.

Internal plugs show a number of drawbacks ascribable to its insufficient absorbent capacity and to a possible local allergy or again certain anatomic structures make its use an impossible or difficult matter.

The use of the towel alone requires special care chiefly by night with a view to preventing a soiling of the bedding and, if a slip is used therewith, it is practically impossible for it not to be soiled and this leads to the necessity of cleaning it frequently. Furthermore, the towels used nowadays cannot satisfy by reason of their structure or shape the conditions required for their proper use.

My invention has for its object to cut out such drawbacks and to produce a sanitary article of a comparatively low-cost price so that it may be discarded after use together with the impervious packing sold for it, which may be of considerable interest chiefly when travelling.

Said sanitary article is chiefly characterized by the combination of a slip of anovel structure and design suiting the desired purpose and incorporating a lining or towel of a preferably special shape as disclosed hereinafter.

The accompanying drawing illustrates by way of example a preferred embodiment of a sanitary article according to my invention.

FIG. I is a front view thereof FIGS. 2 and 3 are respectively an elevational and a sectional view through line lll-lll of FIG. 2 of the lining before it is incorporated with the slip.

The slip may be of any type but preferably its shape is that of the slip sold under the registered trade name Bikini as illustrated at I. It may be made of ordinary fabric and include an entirely closed elastic belt or else a belt 2 open on one side or on both sides in association with fastening means 3. It is however preferable in the case of my invention to resort to a special textile made of synthetic or mixed natural and synthetic fibers, said fibers being assembled through welding at a raised temperature so as to form a very light and yielding fabric of a reduced cost price showing the desired properties of resistance, elasticity and imperviousness and also tolerance by the wearer's skin.

The lining 4 is according to my invention, constituted as illustrated in FIG. 3 by a plurality of superposed layers 5,5',5" made of a fabric of a high absorbent power, preferably similar to that which has just been described for the slip. There is thus obtained a succession of superposed interconnected layers of increasing sizes from the innermost layer to the outermost layer which is secured to the slip, whereby the lining as a whole is thicker in its center. The innermost layer 5 is thicker in its center. The innermost layer 5 is thicker than the others and is recessed or open in its medial section as shown at 5a so as to mate the shape of the wearers body. The lining is secured to the slip through any suitable means but preferably its innermost layer is covered by a sheet 6 of fabric perforated in registry with the recess 50 and fitted tightly over the lining to which it is secured while it may ensure the rigid connection between the latter and the slip through welding therewith at raised temperature of the projecting edges 6a of said sheet which is advantageously made of the same fabric as that described hereinabove.


l. A sanitary article for women s medical and hygienic purposes comprising a slip having a crotch and a lining for said slip crotch including a plurality of superposed interconnected layers of absorbent fabric the size of said layers in all directions decreasing stepwise from the outermost towards the innermost layer whereby the thickness of the lining is greater in its center registering with all the layers than along its edges corresponding only to the outermost layer adjacent the slip.

. A sanitary as claimed in claim 1 wherein the innermost layer of the lining is provided with a central recess mating the shape of the wearers body 3. A sanitary article as claimed in claim 1 wherein the slip is made of a fabric including at least partly synthetic fibers welded together at raised temperature 4. A sanitary article as claimed in claim 1 wherein the slip is made of a fabric including at least partly synthetic fibers welded together at raised temperature, said article comprising furthermore a perforated piece of fabric covering the lining facing away from the slip and welded along its edges to the latter.

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International ClassificationA61F13/00, A61F13/15
Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/49006
European ClassificationA61F13/49B2