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Publication numberUS358128 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 22, 1887
Filing dateMay 5, 1886
Publication numberUS 358128 A, US 358128A, US-A-358128, US358128 A, US358128A
InventorsEichaed Sanfoed
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Eichaed sanfoed
US 358128 A
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(No mm.


Patented Feb. 22, 1887.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 358,128, dated February 22, 1887.

Application filed May 5, 1886. Serial No. 201,254. (No model.) 1

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, RICHARD SANFORD, a citizen of the United States, residing at Providence, in the county of Providence and State 5 of Rhode Island, have invented certain new and useful Improvementsin Pantaloons-Jacks; and I do declare the followingto be a full, clear,

and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters and figures of reference marked thereon, which form a. part of this specification.

This invention relates to an improved trousers-jack designed to assist in the drawing off a pair of trousers from the legs of the wearer; and it consists, essentially, of a base or frame provided with two j aws,one of which is formed integral with said base or frame, the other being pivoted thereto and provided with a footpiece, by which the jaws are opened, said jaws being closed by means of a spring located between the foot-piece and the base or frame, the two jaws being shaped properly to receive a trousers-leg and grip and retain the same while the leg of the wearer is being withdrawn therefrom, all substantially as will be hereinafter more fully described.

Figure 1 represents a side view, in partial section, of my improved trousers-jack. Fig. 2 is a plan view of the same.

Referring to the drawings, A represents my improved trousers-jack, consisting of the base a, provided with the jaw 7), formed integral with the base, the upper portion of said jaw being concavo-convex in form, with the convexity toward the center of the base. The upper portion of the base a, below the jaw b, is provided with a supplemental jaw, c, pivoted at a, and provided with a foot-piece, d, extending over the base a, by means of which the jaw c is opened, said jaw being closed and furnished with a strong grip by means of the spring e, located between said foot-piece and the base, being retained in position by the lug e on the foot-piece and the barrel projection b on the base, as fully shown in- Fig. 1. The upper portion of the jaw 0 is also concavoconvex in form,with the concavity toward the jaw 72, the inner surfaces of the two jaws corresponding to each other, the jaw '0- extending above the top of the jawb to form a guide for the trousersleg in operating the device, as fully shown in Fig. 1.

The inner face of either of thejaws may be provided with a surface of rubber, c, or other pliable substance, to enable the jaws to retain a firm grip of the trousers, as well as to protect the cloth from injury by contact with the metal jaws of the device.

The base is provided with suitable screwholes, 12, whereby the device may be secured to the floor or to a suitable block.

In Fig. 1 of the drawings, (1 represents, in dotted lines, the lower back portion of atrousers-leg, and a the toe of aboot as operating the device. The jaw a being opened, as indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 1,by apressure of the foot on the foot-piece d, the trousers-leg is inserted between the open jaws, as indicated in dotted lines d in the same figure. The pressure of the foot is then removed and the spring e closes the jaw c, causing said jaw to firmly grip the trousers-leg. The leg of the wearer is then withdrawn therefrom, the trousers-leg is then released from the jaws, and the same operation repeated with the remaining trousers-leg.

I have described the device as shown in the drawings. It is evident that the general construction and arrangement of the parts with relation to each other may be varied considerably without departing from the spirit of my invention. The number of gripping-jaws may be increased, also the foot-pieces, the ob ject being to form gripping-jaws to be operated by the foot in such a position that a trou sers-legs may be retained therein while the legs of the wearer are being withdrawn therefrom. I am thus enabled to provide a device which will be especially appreciated by corpulent men,whose obesity renders the drawing off of their trousers difficult. The device is simple in construction and easily operated, and is admirably adapted for the purpose contemplated.

Having described my invention, I claim-- 1. A trousers-jack consisting of a base portion provided with corresponding concavoconvex gripping-jaws, said jaws being pro,- vided on one of their inner adjacent surfaces with a covering of rubber or other pliable substance, one of said jaws being pivoted to the other and provided with a foot-piece for oper ating said jaw, and a spring for closing the same located between the base and the footthe leg of the wearer is being withdrawn there- 10 piece, arranged for use substantially as defrom, as set forth. scribed. In testimony whereof I affix my signature in 2. A trousers-jack comprising a base and the presence of two witnesses.

5 two corresponding c0ncav0-convex gripping- 3 T jaws,0ne of said jaws being pivoted and pro- IGHAIND SA} FORD vided with a foot-piece and a spring for oper- \Vitnesses: ating said jaw, whereby a trousers leg is F. A. SMITH, J r., gripped and retained between said jaws while CHARLES

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Cooperative ClassificationA47G25/905