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Publication numberUS3583019 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 8, 1971
Filing dateSep 12, 1968
Priority dateSep 12, 1968
Publication numberUS 3583019 A, US 3583019A, US-A-3583019, US3583019 A, US3583019A
InventorsConklin Carroll C Jr
Original AssigneeConklin Carroll C Jr
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Disposable tooth cleaner
US 3583019 A
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J1me. 1971 c. c. CONKLIN, J R 3,583,019




{Jul/Z ATTORNE Y?) United States Patent C) "i WW Patented June 8, 1971 3 583 019 FIG. 3 is an end elevational view of the disposable DHSPOSABLETOOTH CLEANER tooth cleaner ofthe present invention; Carroll u ,Conklin, Jr 722 8. Prospect st FIG. 4 is a side sectional view of the disposable tooth Mal-ion, Ohio 43302 cleaner of the present invention, the section being taken Filed Sept. 12, 1968, Ser. No. 759,400 5 along the line 0f 1.

Int. Cl. A46! 1/00 Referring in detail to the drawings the disposable tooth US. Cl. 15-167 1 Claim cleaner of the present invention comprises a body portion 12 formed of integrally molded components of synthetic resinous material such as ethylvinylacetate or the like,

AB TRACT F TH DISC which assembly include a central platform portion 12, A disposable tooth cleaner of the type that includes Spaced p l h 14 extending p y from an pp pressure sensitive adhesive backing for securing the de- Shrfeee of l Platform P a and outwardly vice to the finger of the user. The device includes intehdlhg Pomohs and tegrally molded component portions of synthetic resinous The deYlee further Includes a layer of Pressure $61131- material that uniquely include a central platform portion h adhesive 22 PP to e hndershhfaee of Strip P that provides a semi-rigid base for integral tooth engaghens 18 and 20, and Photeetlve Coverlng f P ing projections, thereby maintaining their desired upstandably formeh h two seehohs 24 and 26 lelhed at Central ing orientation, said platform portion also serving as a p tab P0 S1t1011$ 28 and relatively strong junction between said projections and in- The Seehehs 24 and 26 are prefehably formed of (110th, tegral oppositely extending strip portions used to secure P p phane, polyethylene, or the like. the device to the users fingem It should be pointed out that central platform portion 12 is relatively thick, as compared to the integral strip portions 18 and 20 so as to be relatively inflexible as This invention relates to disposable tooth cleaners, and compared said Strip? whereby it Y hh h Said P more particularly to devices of this character which trusions 14 in substantialy upright disposition, with respect elude pressure sensitive adhesive backing securing the to P m Porhoh when the thhlher and Telahvely tooth cleaner to the finger of the user flexible strips 18 and.20 are stretched into curved, adhered In general, as one aspect of the present invention the relahohshlp Wlth the hsehs hhgerpresent tooth cleaner comprises integrally molded corn- Also It Should be ,polnted out that h relanvely lhlck ponent portions of synthetic resinous material that uniqueeehhahplatfhrm Perhoh 12 ferhls thlek and relhhvely ly include a central platform portion that provides a semishohg Juhehoh between the preleehohs 14 and P P rigid base for integral tooth engaging projections, thereby e 18 and 20,Wherehy e Projecnons are firmly maintaining their desired upstanding orientation, said plattamed to the SHIPS dhnhg vlgol'ohs use of the devleef portion also Serving as a relatively Strong junction As another structural feature the lower surface of cenbetween said projections and integral oppositely extendtral Platfonh porheh 12 1S eo'plaher wlth the lower ing strip portions used to secure the device to the users faces ohsmp Pomohs 18 and Whleh Serves to expose fingem substantially all of the adhesive bearing undersurfaces As another aspect of the present invention the tooth of Porhohs 18 and 20 to Contact Wlth the users cleaner of the present invention is uniquely designed and fingers! as Well as Providing for a continuous 'P adapted to consist of integrally formed component 40 undersurface for the assembly for ease in application of tions of synthetic resinous material that can be molded the adheslvelayer as a unit, thereby providing unusual economics in mate I Cla m rial and fabrication costs, 1. A disposable toothbrush comprising a molded one It i ther for an bj t f th present i ti t piece integrally formed strip of plastic material including vide an improved disposable tooth cleaner the compoa centrally disposed base portion having a plurality of neiits of whi h ar uni u l arranged o as t b f bristles emanating from the surface thereof, said base able as a unit wherein said components are strongly se- Portion being thicker than the Strip and adding rigidity cured to ther at th ir respective jun tio thereto and serving as a strong junction between the bristles and the strips for maintaining the bristles in an upstanding orientation during the cleaning operation, pressure sensitive adhesive on the other side of the strip, and a removable protective cover on said adhesive whereby upon removal of the same the strip is wrapped trans- It is another object of the present invention to provide a disposable tooth cleaner that includes relatively flexible tooth engaging projections that are integrally mounted on a less flexible platform portion, the latter serving to maintain proper upstanding orientation of the former.

It is still another object of the present invention to F7 versely around the rs finger and held in place by the provide a disposable tooth cleaner that consists of comadheslveponent portions uniquely adapted to be integrally molded References Cited as an integral unit thereby eliminating expensive assembly UNITED STATES PATENTS costs during fabrication of the devices. 1 965 009 7/193 4 Stevens 15*227UX Further objects and advantages of the present inven- 3298507 1/1967 Micciche' 15 227X tion will be apparent from the following description, ref- 5 491 11/1967 Schleoel erence being had to the accompanying drawings wherein 2686325 8/1954 Silver" a preferred form of embodiment of the invention 15 clear- 2,915,767 12/1959 Vaughan Shown 3,070,102 12/1962 MacDonald 1s 227x In the drawings:

FIG. 1 is a top elevational view of the disposable tooth PETER FELDMAN, Primary Examiner cleaner of the present invention;

FIG. 2 is a side elevational view of the disposable tooth US, Cl, X R, cleaner of the present invention; 15-187, 227

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U.S. Classification15/167.1, 15/227, 15/187
International ClassificationA46B5/04, A46B1/00, A46B5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA46B1/00, A46B5/04
European ClassificationA46B1/00, A46B5/04