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Publication numberUS3583083 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 8, 1971
Filing dateMar 31, 1970
Priority dateMar 31, 1970
Publication numberUS 3583083 A, US 3583083A, US-A-3583083, US3583083 A, US3583083A
InventorsDrew John P
Original AssigneeDrew John P
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Traction implement
US 3583083 A
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June 8, 1971 J. P. DREW TRACTION IMPLEMENT FiledMarch 31, 1970 INVENTOR. JOHN f DREW,

ATTORNEY United States Patent O 3,583,083 TRACTION IMPLEMENT John P. Drew, 249 Maple Ave., Cheshire, Conn. 06410 Filed Mar. 31, 1970, Ser. No. 24,120 Int. Cl. A43b 3/10; A43c /00 U.S. C]. 3662 3 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE An attachment for overshoes or boots has a resilient strap to frictionally grip the upper material of the boot or shoe, and chains having a flat extent to span the shoe sole to prevent slips or falls.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION (1) Field of the invention This invention relates to that category of device sometimes referred to as an ice creeper, and which functions as an apparel attachment safety aid for walking on slippery surfaces such as icy sidewalks and the like.

(2) Statement of the prior art The prior art pertaining to devices of this nature is highly developed, and may be summarized as inclusive of the general concept of supplying a strap with associated chains for disposition about a shoe. Examples of patented devices within this definition are listed as follows:

Pinto, Pat. No. 1,175,660, Mar. 14, 1916; Groebl, Pat. No. 1,492,513, Apr. 29, 1924; Norman, Pat. No. 2,065,- 727, Dec. 29, 1936; Bowman, Pat. No. 2,296,660, Sept. 22, 1942; Priess, Pat. No. 2,366,649, Jan. 2, 1945; Howard, Pat. No. 2,425,939, Aug. 19, 1947.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION During periods of inclement of freezing weather, when traction implements are most likely to be required, overshoes or boots are normally in use. An objection to the devices heretofore proposed is that such devices do not reliably grip foot over apparel of that type, or that the devices cause damage to overshoes. In view of the desirability of employment of a device of this general nature, particularly for use by aged or infirm individuals, to prevent falls occasioned by slips on icy or slippery surfaces, the present invention comprehends a traction implement particularly adapted to wearing with overshoes or boots. The principal object of the invention resides in the provision of a device of the type indicated which is easily applied to the foot upper and which frictionally grips the same securely but is unlikely to damage the boots.

A further important objective concerns the employ ment of a chain made up of elongated, fiat links, and short upstanding links, presenting a major fiat surface on the walking area.

Still another objective is that of supplying a pair of connectors linking the chain to the strap means of the device in such manner that both the strap and the boot are protected from damage.

Other and further objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent to those skilled in the art from a consideration of the following specification when read in conjunction with the annexed drawing.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING FIG. 1 is a top plan view of a traction implement constructed and assembled in accordance with the teachings of this invention;

3,583,083 Patented June 8, 1971 line 3-3 of FIG. 2, looking in the direction of the arrows.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Referring to the drawing in more detail, a traction implement within the scope of this invention is therein generally designated by reference numeral 10. The invention is shown in FIGS. 2 and 3 in its principal intended environment of use-applied to an overshoe 12 having an upper 14 of rubber or similar material and having a sole 16. The sole 16 has a bottom peripheral edge 18.

The traction implement comprises an elongated strap 20 having opposite end portions 22 and 24, and having a central section 26 of reduced dimension. The reduction in width of the central section enhances the ability of the strap to be stretched for attachment to an overshoe or boot. The strap is formed of rubber or a material of like characteristics, and its extremities are reverted and heat sealed or otherwise caused to adhere to the end portions to form elongated, tubular sleeves 28 and 30. Each of the sleeves has a passageway 32, 34, respectively, extending therethrough.

A pair of connectors 36 and 38 are rovided, preferably formed of metal or other rigid material. The connectors are substantially of U-shape, including elongated, straight bight portions 40 and 42. At the opposite ends of the bight portion 40, first eye members 44 and 46 are provided. At the corresponding ends of the bight portion 42, second eye members 48 and 50 are provided, both sets of eye members being disposed substantially perpendicular to the bight portions, but the sets being bent in opposite orientation to the respective bight portions so that their major flatwise extents are in diametrically perpendicular planes, as shown in FIG. 1, for a purpose appearing below.

The bight portions of the connectors extend through the passageways of the sleeves of the strap, with the eye members projecting outwardly thereof. Thus assembled, the eye members are normally disposed in laterally aligned pairs, including a first pair 46 and 50, and a second pair 44 and 48.

Extending between the first and scond pairs of eye members are chain members 52 and 54. Each of the chain members comprises a series of links 56 including a first elongated loop portion 58 and a second loop portion 60 arranged in substantially right angular relation to the first loop portion. The loop portions of the chain are linked in series between the pairs of eye members, link loop portions 58 being engaged with the eye members 44 and 46, and loop portions 60 being engaged with the eye members 48- and 50.

The strap is stretched to permit engagement of the traction implement about the overshoe, and following release of the stretching force, frictionally engages the similar material of the overshoe. The sleeves are disposed in a manner such that the eye members project below the peripheral edge 18 of the sole 16, thus exposing only the metallic components of the implement to contact With pavement and the like and thereby protecting the strap and sleeve from wear and damage. The opposite orientation of the eye members of the connectors, taken with the provision of the elongated loop portions 58 of the chain and the short second loop portions tends to dispose the major flat extent of the chain in a position to contact the pavement. This avoids snagging of the chain on slight protrusions, and increases the overall safety factor of the invention.

3 I claim: -1. The combination, With foot apparel having an upper formed of resilient material and having a sole, of a traction implement, the traction implement comprising:

an elongated strap formed of resilient material, having opposite end portions and a central section of reduced dimension;

a tubular sleeve formed of said resilient material fixedly secured to the strap at each of the end portions thereof;

a connector for each end portion, the connectors each comprising an elongated, linear bight portion disposed in the sleeve, and eye members at each end of the bight portion disposed perpendicularly with respect to the bight portion and diametrically opposite with respect to one another;

the eye members being of open form and the eye members of the respective connectors being arranged in laterally aligned pairs when the traction implement is in use;

a pair of chain members, each comprising a series of links including a first elongated loop portion and a second loop portion arranged in right angular relation to the first loop portion, the links being disposed in a series with the first loop portion engaged with the second loop portion of an adjacent link, and the chains being extended between and engaged with respective pairs of eye members; and

the implement being engaged on the foot apparel with the strap frictionally gripping the resilient material of the upper, and with the chains extended across the sole thereof.

2. The invention of claim 1, wherein:

the sole has a bottom peripheral edge; and

the eye members are disposed below the bottom edge of the sole.

3. The invention of claim 1, wherein:

the strap is formed of rubber; and

the chain and the connectors are metallic.

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U.S. Classification36/62, 36/7.6
International ClassificationA43C15/06, A43C15/00
Cooperative ClassificationA43C15/063
European ClassificationA43C15/06B1