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Publication numberUS35833 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 8, 1862
Publication numberUS 35833 A, US 35833A, US-A-35833, US35833 A, US35833A
InventorsCaesae Neumann
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Improvement in mittens
US 35833 A
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Specification forming partei' Letters Patent No. 35,833, dated July 8, 1862.

' have set forth the nature and principles of my said improvements, by which my invention may be distinguished from all othersof a similar class, together with such parts as I claimA and desire to have secured to me by Letters Patent.

The object of the present invention is to so form a mitten or covering for the hand as to allow the portion that covers the fingers and l thumb to be removed clear of or placed upon the same at pleasure, s0 that without inconvenience the lingers at a moments notice can be rendered free to be used, or as quickly covered again to protect them from the cold, without entirely removing the mitten from the hand. This, it will be evident, is peculiarly desirable for the use of soldiers in handling guns, for conductors on railway-carriages, &c'., and in general in any case where it is necessary both to keep the hands warm and yet at times to have the tingers free to act.

I accomplish the above result by forming a slit either across the palm portion of the mitten or theback portion of the same, or else a slit in the direction of its length, by means of which the portion-of the mitten covering the fingers can be easily removed from the same at pleasure and turned back upon the hand without removing the whole mitten. To enable the thumb also to be uncovered, if desired, I form a slit in the samein any direction, either crosswise or lengthwise,which will permit the thumb-covering to be turned over upon the mitten.

In the accompanying plate of drawings, Figure l isafront View of my improved mitten. Fig. 2 is a view of the back with the n'ger portion of the mitten turned over upon the same. Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section of the mitten through its center.

a a in the accompanying drawings represent the portion of the'mitten to cover the palm of the hand, b the back ofthe same, and

c d the portions of the mitten to cover the fingers of the hand. fis the thumb-covering.

In the palm a of the mitten a cross-slit, g, is formed, which is lapped over by the extension of the fingere, when the mitten covers the whole hand; but it' it isdesired to uncover the fingers, and yet not remove the mitten wholly from the hand, t-he finger portion cY is turned over and removed clear of the fingers to the back portionJ), as represented in Figs. 2 and 3, to which it is evident it may be lfastened by hooks or other suitable means.

In the thumb-coveringf of the mitten a slit, h, is formed in the direction of its length, by means of which the thumb can be also easily freed ot'its covering by simply turning it (the covering) over, as represented in Fig. 2.

' The slit g, which I have formed in the palm a of the mitten, may, it is evident, be formed, instead, in the back, and then the finger portion would be turned over upon the palm, or a slit maybe formed lengthwise in the mitten, and thus allow the iinger portion to be turned either to the right or left of the hand, without in any way varying the principle of my invention, which is to so form a slit in the mitten as to allow thevinger portion of the same to be back upon the hand, so as to leave the fingers free without entirely removing the` mitten, substantially as described.

2. Forming a slit in the thumb-covering, so. that it may be turned back upon the mitten and leave the thumb free, substantially as dcscribed.



J osErH GAvEr'r, Tues. J. MAZALL. Y

Cooperative ClassificationA41D19/01