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Publication numberUS3583413 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 8, 1971
Filing dateDec 30, 1968
Priority dateDec 30, 1968
Publication numberUS 3583413 A, US 3583413A, US-A-3583413, US3583413 A, US3583413A
InventorsMertzanis Constantinos
Original AssigneeMertzanis Constantinos
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Strainer cleaner
US 3583413 A
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United States Patent Constantinos Mertzanis 211 Johnson Ave., Brooklyn, 6, N.Y. 11206 Appl. No. 787,780

Filed Dec. 30, 1968 Inventor Patented June 8, 1971 STRAINER CLEANER 2 Claims, 1 Drawing Fig.

US. Cl 134/94, 134/166, 134/1'99, 134/200 Int. Cl B08b 3/02,

B08b 9/00 Field of Search 134/94,

3,216,429 1 H1965 Dick [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,565,798 8/1951 Borzell et al 6/1969 Butler .I:

FOREIGN PATENTS 424,835 9/1947 ltaly 459,192 8/1950 Italy Primary Examiner-Robert L. Bleutge ABSTRACT: Apparatus for holding detachably a liquid strainer for the purpose of cleaning same utilizing a cleaning agent and air under pressure.

PATENTEDJUH 8l97l 3.583.413

STRAINER CLEANER SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION My strainer includes a hollow tank having a removable scalable cover. Adjustable strainer retaining means disposed 5 in said tank are adapted to hold a strainer therein in position to be cleaned.

Means disposed in the tank are adapted to feed air under pressure and a cleaning agent into the tank, through said strainer and out of the tank whereby the strainer is blown clear.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING The accompanying drawing is a partially cut away perspecl5 tive view of my invention.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PREFERRED EMBODIMENT In the drawing, the following parts have the following numbets:

1. Tank 2. Center Perforated Tube 3. Coil Tube 4. Top Strainer Retainer 5. Bottom Strainer Retainer 6. Flexible Tube 7. Tank Cover 8. Rubber Ring 9. Pushing Strainer Down Screw 10. Tank Drain Valve 1]. Drain Plug 12. Strainer 13. Three Way Valve 14. Air Vent Tube 15. Air Supply Tube 16. Air Supply Tube 17. Main Air Line The name of this apparatus is STRAINER CLEANER and its purpose is to clean any type of liquid strainer. The apparatus consists of a tank 1 and inside thereof a 2% inches perrdraFtiaa-ifmtap of tliis tube is 31655358 perforated while the bottom is taper shaped and extended through the bottom of tank 1 and connected to the air supply line 15.

A bottom retainer plate 5 is mounted about tube 2 and is adapted to slide longitudinally relative to the said tube. Four triangular plates are welded to the upper surface of the plate 5 at 90 degree intervals about the tube 2 serving as centering guides for the strainer 12.

The bottom retainer 5 is suspended by the coil tube 3 which is perforated at the inner side and is made of five-eighths inch steel guage tubing to act like a spring in order to allow the retainer 5 to slide up or down so that the apparatus can handle various length strainers.

The top retainer 4 is an 8 inch in diameter by 2 inch long cylinder with both ends closed, the lower end is perforated.

The strainer is suspended from Pushing down Screw 9 which is passing through a nut on the top center of cover 7.

A flexible tube 6 connects the top retainer and the coil tube to the air supply line 16.

The cover 7 is fitted with a rubber ring 8 to prevent spillage of the cleaning agent, a venting tube 14 is connected to the upper side of the tank by a fitting to relieve the air pressure within the tank.

Various types of material were used for the construction of the apparatus but the whole device can be made of corrosion resistance aluminum alloy. The holes on the perforated tube 2 coil tube 3 and lower end of top retainer were made by onesixteenth inch drill.

OPERATION To operate this apparatus place the strainer 12 to be cleaned over the tube 2 close cover 7 and screw down screw 9, this action will push down the top retainer 4 and strainer 12 to Bottom retainer 5, until you feel the resistance of the coil tube 3. Then apply air to tube 2 via line 15 and three-way valve 13, the result is a strong agitation of the cleaning agent which causes all dirt inside the strainer to get loose and fall ofithe strainer mesh.

The tank is filled with the cleaning agent up to 2 inches above the top of perforated tube 2 and for my purpose diesel oil was used.

By operating the three way valve 13 again air is sent to coil tube and upper retainer via line 16 again the turbulent action of the cleaning agent caused by the air will act loose the remaining dirt or any other matter or sediment on the outer and inner side of the strainer mesh which will fall to the bottom of tank I.

The air pressure used is 5I0 lbs. and by using the right cleaning agent all liquid strainers can be cleaned.

The advantage of this apparatus is that it can clean any type of strainer and much faster and better than any other method.

While various changes may be made in the detail construc tion, it is understood that such changes will be within the spirit and scope of the present invention.

I claim as follows:

1. A strainer comprising:

a hollow tank having a removable sealable cover; an adjustable strainer retaining means for holding said strainer in said tank;

means for feeding air and cleansing agent under pressure into said tank, through said strainer and out of said tank whereby said strainer is blown clear; a hollow spiral tube forming part of said feed means surrounding said strainer wherein said spiral tube has perforations directed toward said strainer;

wherein said retaining means includes top and bottom retainers through which air flows.

2. A strainer as in claim 1 wherein said tank is vented to the atmosphere.

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