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Publication numberUS3586041 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1971
Filing dateJan 7, 1970
Priority dateJan 7, 1970
Publication numberUS 3586041 A, US 3586041A, US-A-3586041, US3586041 A, US3586041A
InventorsMonestere Martin
Original AssigneeBard Inc C R
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Flutter check valve
US 3586041 A
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ited States Patent [72] Inventor Martin Monestere Lebanon, NJ.

[21] Appl. No. 1,118

[22] Filed Jan. 7, 1970 [45] Patented June 22, 1971 [73] Assignee C. R. Bard lnc.

Murray Hills, NJ.

[54] FLUTTER CHECK VALVE 8 Claims, 7 Drawing Figs.

[52] US. Cl .1 137/525, 4/110, 128/295 [51] Int. Cl Fl6k 15/14 [50] Field olSearch 137/525, 525.3; 128/295; 4/1 10; 150/9 [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 3,158,176 11/1964 Toland 137/525 3,298,370 1/1967 Beatty 128/295 3,403,410 10/1968 Benzel et a1. 4/110 Primary ExaminerRobert G. Nilson Attorney-W. Saxton Seward ABSTRACT: A flutter check valve designed for use particularly in a body fluid drainage system, such as a closed urinary drainage system, comprising a relatively rigid frame having an opening in communication with the outlet end of a drainage conduit and a flexible film secured to the frame and covering the opening in a position to be pushed away from the opening by fluid from the drainage conduit and to thereafter return to closing position, preventing backflow of fluid into the conduit.


lllllllllllllllllllllllIHIIII IIIIHII IUE FIG.3




howwlnom ATTORNEYS lFLUTTER CHECK VALVE In drainage systems, particularly urinary drainage systems, it is customary to provide one-way flutter valves at desired points, as where the drainage tube enters a collection receptacle, one typical form of valve being shown in the Evans U.S. Pat. No. 2,883,985 relating to a leg bag. Flutter valves in the form of flattened tubing or flat films secured together at their edges are subject to interference by contact with one or both walls of the bag which can easily be distorted or improperly handled in such a way as to interfere with herein is so constructed that efficient operation at all times is assured, the construction including a relatively rigid frame having an inlet opening and an outlet opening, the lower end of the drainage tube being in communication with the inlet opening and a flexible film flap being secured to the front of the frame in a position to close the outlet opening or move away from the frame to permit passage of fluid through the valve into the drainage bag. In one form the frame includes vertical flanges each side of the outlet opening to prevent the adjacent wall of the receptacle (bag) from interfering with the functioning of the valve, and in a modified form the frame is so angled with respect to the walls that interference is avoided.

Practical embodiments of the invention are shown in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

FIG. 1 represents a front elevation of the valve installed in a drainage bag, parts of the drain tube and bag being broken away and parts being shown in section;

FIG. 2 represents a detail horizontal section on the line "-11 of FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 represents a detail vertical section on the line III-Ill of FIG. 1;

FIG. 4 represents an exploded perspective view of the valve, the rigid and flexible parts being shown separated, prior to assembly;

FIG. 5 represents a vertical section of a modified form of valve;

FIG. 6 represents an elevation of the valve, from the right of FIG. 5, and

FIG. 7 represents a horizontal section on the line VII-VII of FIG. 6.

Referring to the drawings, a receptacle 1, shown as being a bedside bag" is connected to a drainage tube 2 having an adapter 3 at its upper end for connection to a catheter or the like, not shown. The bag may be made in a conventional manner from plastic tubing flattened to form seamless top (4) and bottom edges, and cut and sealed to form side seams 5. A portion of the top edge, preferably near one comer, is flattened and cut, as indicated at 6, to permit installation therein of the tubular fitting 7 which also passes through a reinforcing patch 8, the fitting, patch and flattened area being securely sealed together.

Within the bag, it will be seen that the fitting is integral with or affixed to the wall 9 of a frame 10 of relatively rigid plastic material, the fitting being shaped to register with an opening 11 in the lower part of the wall 9, so that all drainage downward through the tube 2, engaged in the fitting, turns and flows more horizontally through the opening.

Return flow is prevented by the provision of a flap 12 of flexible plastic film, pleated vertically at 13 and sealed or cemented to the front of the wall 9 along the top 14 and both sides 15 of the flap. Throughout most of the height of one fold of the pleat, the adjacent layers are sealed together, as indicated at 16, to assist in maintaining the flap in flat closed position (FIGS. 2 and 4) while the pleat assures sufl'icient fullness to permit flow from the tube 2 through the opening 11 into the bag 1.

It is advisable also to provide the wall 9 with upwardly tapering vertical wings l7, projecting forward along each side edge, near the lines of attachment 15 of the flap. Such wings hold the adjacent part 18 of the bag wall away from the flap and ensure proper operation of the latter at all times.

In the modification of FIGS. 5, 6 and 7, the fitting 20 is bellshaped with a tubular neck portion 21 through which the end of a draina e tube 22 ean be inserted to provide a dri chamber e ect. The fitting 20 IS truncated at an acute ang e and connected to a rectangular wall 23 having an opening 24 throughout substantially the entire plane of intersection of the wall with the fitting. The opening 24 is covered by a flap 25 of flexible plastic film, pleated vertically at 26, sealed to the wall 23 across its top edge 27 and sides 28, the pleat being partially sealed at 29, all substantially as described above referring to the flap 12.

The valve of FIGS. 5, 6 and 7 is designed to be installed in the top of a plastic drainage bag, the front and backwalls of which are indicated at 30, 3], overlapping and secured to the edges and/or outer surface of the wall 23.

In operation, it will be apparent that liquid from the tubes 2 or 22 will pass freely through the fittings 7 or 20 and will easily push open the pleated flap 12 or 25. Return flow is prevented in each form, by the closing of the flap against the periphery of the opening II or 24 and the flattening of the pleat.

What I claim is:

1. A one-way valve comprising an inlet conduit terminating in an aperture, a frame surrounding said aperture, and a movable element secured to said frame in a position to cover said aperture, said movable element being in the form of a pleated flexible sheet and one end of the pleat extending to an edge of the sheet which is free to move toward and away from the adjacent portion of the frame.

2. A valve according to claim 1 in which the inlet conduit includes a part forming an enlarged chamber and a smaller part projecting downwardly into said chamber and spaced from the walls of said chamber.

3. A valve according to claim 1 in which said pleated sheet lies normally in a generally vertical direction and is secured to the frame along the upper and lateral edges of said sheet.

4. A valve according to claim 3 in which the pleat is constituted by a flat fold of Z-form in cross section and in which two adjacent surfaces of the folded material are secured together at least adjacent the vertical middle portion thereof.

5. A valve according to claim 1 in which the frame is constituted by a flat vertically disposed wall and which includes vertically disposed forwardly projecting wings along each side edge of said wall.

6. A valve according to claim 5 in which said pleated sheet is secured to said wall along the upper and lateral edges of said sheet.

7. A valve according to claim 2 in which the enlarged chamber is basically bell-shaped and is truncated at an acute angle to its vertical axis, the opening thus formed being bounded by the frame to which the pleated sheet is secured.

8. A valve according to claim 7 in which said pleated sheet is secured to said frame along the upper and lateral edges of said sheet.

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