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Publication numberUS3586160 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1971
Filing dateJan 30, 1969
Priority dateJan 30, 1969
Publication numberUS 3586160 A, US 3586160A, US-A-3586160, US3586160 A, US3586160A
InventorsEgon Heimann
Original AssigneeEgon Heimann
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Format sheet with self-sealing layer for the formation of index tabs
US 3586160 A
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United States Patent [72] Inventor Egon Heimann Primary Examiner]oseph R. Leclair Falkenberg 67. 56 Wuppertal-Elberfeld. Assistant Examiner-J. M. Caskie Germany A1!0rneyErnest G Montague [21] Appl. No. 795,298 [22] Filed Jan. 30, 1969 [4S] Patented June 22, 1971 ABSTRACT: A format sheet with a pressure-sensitive selfsealing layer from which single tabs for the formation of index tabs are removable by means of punch sections, the single tabs disposed in row-formed one-to-another followed position, comprising a nonripped, protective sheet, a sealing layer side of the format sheet covered up with thenonripped protective sheet, the latter adhering to the former and easily releasable [54] FORMAT SHEET WITH SELESEALING LAYER therefrom. The format sheet being covered by the nonripped FOR THE FORMATION OF INDEX'TABS protective sheet and comprises precut tabs, which have a fold line and a tab section forming a writing surface which is 2 Chums 14 'i adapted to be foldable over the fold line after the precut tab is 52 0.8. CI 206/56 AB removed from the Protective Sheet- A clear View foil is 51 B650 83/00 disposed on the upper Side of the format Sheet and having a 501 Field of Search 206/56 A3 Self-Sealing layer, the clear view foil being Preeut to individual cover sheets for each of the precut tabs. The precut tab is cut [56] References Cited at 3 headjided lseparating can and; fpotsided separatirt glgut an inc u ing a jacent t e ea -si e separating cut a o a- UNITED STATES PATENTS ble section which is sealing material repelling and foldable 2,797,801 7/1957 Bishop, Jr 206/56A3 about the fold line, the latter of which constitutes perfora- 3,070,482 12/1962 Cummingham. 206/56 A3 X tions. The clear view foil projects beyond the foldable section, 3,3 34,736 8/1967 Cole et al 206/56 A3 and the clear view foil being held back in corresponding stag- 3,252,234 5/1966 Goodman 206/56 A3 X gering disposition relative to the foot-sided separating cut.


PATENTED JUH22|97| 3.586; 160



FQRMAT SI'IEET WITH SELF-SEALING LAYER FUR THE FORMATION OF INDEX TABS The present invention relates to a format sheet with a selfsealing layer, which is covered with a protective paper and from which tags are separable for the formation index tabs having a field for receiving writing thereon.

It is known to divide format sheets of this type into precut tags, which have a perforated folding line, which defines a narrow edge section of the tag, which edge section is foldable after writing thereon and removal of the tag from the protecting paper sheet. The writing field is not covered up. This formation results in a particularly good handleability, with which the storing and the use of the index forming tags can take place, in particular the removal of the individual tags can be assured without use of a tool and also an error-free mounting of the tab.

It is known from experience that, however, after application of the tabs on the writing field projecting from the file cards they are strongly used up in case of much used files, due to frequent engagement and, under circumstances, also removal of the card by gripping of the tab. The most individual writing becomes illegible and, under circumstances, also the writing field is torn off since the sharp edge of the card has a cutting effect.

It is therefore, one object of the present invention to provide an embodiment in which these drawbacks are removed by covering of the writing field and desharpening of the engagement edge thereof. This is possible in a plurality of embodiments.

One embodiment comprises, in accordance with the present invention, an arrangement according to which the generic format sheet is equipped with a precut clear view foil having a self-sealing layer, whereby, on the one hand, the cover foil projects over the head sided separating line of the format sheets, and, on the other hand, jumps backwardly relative to the other foot-sided separating line.

In view of this arrangement, an index tab is obtained, the written foldable field forming an abutment edge usable for the alignment of the tab is protectingly coverable after the sealing of the tab on the filing card by means of a clear view covering foil. In this case, the length of the cover foil enlarged by the overreaching of the cover foil beyond the writing field bridges over the split springing over the abutment edge of the tab between the split and the file card edge. This brings about in an advantageous manner the bridging over closure of the abutment split and securing of the rigid adherence of the tab.

In order to assure, in case of a precut format sheet forming the tabs, the easy handleability in spite of staggering of the tab sections and cover foil sections, in accordance with the present invention the format strip disposed adjacent clear view cover foil projecting thereover is equipped for rejecting the sealing material.

This embodiment makes possible the individual release of the format sheet section, each forming a tab, from the protecting sheet causing the holding together of the precut format sheets, by the feature that the overreaching clear view foil can be secured easily, in spite of its self-sealing layer from the adjacent format sheet sections.

If now in place of the carton paper or the like material should be used for the index tab a film of synthetic material, in accordance with a further embodiment of the present invention, the progressive arrangement of the invention is brought about in an advantageous manner such, that the format sheet consists of a clear view film, which is divided by incisions in tags, both side ends of which are equipped with a self-sealing layer leaving open a median field extending on both sides of a seam line. These film tags fonning signs and disposed on a protecting paper sheet resulting by precutting of format shcets bring about by folding on the seam line a mounted glueable index tab, which forms then a pocket for insertion of a writing label.

In order to overcome manufacturing difficulties during the production of the sealing-free field forming the pocket on the clear view foil fonnat sheet, in accordance with a furtherembodiment of the present invention, an adhering transparent protecting paper is provided on the format sheet equipped throughout with a self-sealing layer, from which protecting paper a covering section is precut extending on both sides of the seam line and which covering section adheres nonreleasably on the center field of the clear view foil.

With these and other objects in view, which will become apparent in the following detailed description, the present invention will be clearly understood in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIG. I is a schematic perspective view of a format sheet designed in accordance with the present invention, which format sheet has three layers;

FIG. 2 is a fragmentary section of the format sheet shown in FIG. 1, shown at an enlarged scale;

FIG. 3 is a section along the lines 3-3 of FIG. 2;

FIG. 4 is an elevation of the format sheet section forming an index tab and removed after the folding of the writing field;

FIG. 5 is a section along the lines 5 5 of FIG. 4;

FIG. 6 is an elevation of the tab glued to a file card;

FIG. 7 is a section along the lines 7-7 of FIG. 6;

FIG. 8 is a perspective view of another embodiment of the present invention, whereby the format sheet according to the present invention comprises preprinted fields for formation of so-called tabs;

FIG. 9 is an individual section of this format sheet at an enlarged scale seen from the back;

FIG. 10 is a schematic section thereof;

FIG. 1 l is an elevation of the tab with folded writing field;

FIG. 12 is a section thereof;

FIG. 13 is an elevation of a tab in glued-on position; and FIG. 14 is a schematic cross section of the showing in FIG.

Referring now to the drawings, and in particular to FIGS. 1- 7, the format sheet comprises a carton paper sheet I, the lower face of which shown in FIG. 1 is throughout equipped with a self-sealing layer 2 and is covered by means of a sealing repellent, for instance, siliconized protecting paper sheet 3. The latter is nonripped up while the carton paper sheet 1 is divided into sections by means of separating cuts 6 and 7 is taglike sections serving the formation of individual index tabs, which sections are held together by the protecting paper sheet 3, however, being capable of being individually removed, without use of a tool by simple, easy release individually.

On the upper side the carton paper sheet 1 is covered up by a clear view cover foil 4, which has likewise a self-sealing layer 5, by means of which the foil adheres partly, in particular in the zone A of the tag. The cover foil 4 is cut through on the cutting lines 6 and 7 and thus, on the one hand, that means on the head side of the section, overstretching separating edges,

on the other hand, on the foot side of the section, rearwardly extending separating edges are formed.

The format sheet is equipped furthermore with a so-called separating perforation 8 through which a foldable section 9 of the taglike format sheet section (FIG. 2) is created, which serves as a writing field. This section B is sealrepellent, by example, by a silicon application. By this arrangement, the writing field 9 can be released from the cover foil 4 and can be folded over in accordance with FIGS. 4 and 5, so that the index tab ready to be glued on is created. Due to the folding an edge x is created which is required for the purpose of the aligned setting on of the tab to the tag sheet edge x.

The gluing on of the tab takes place by pressing, performed on the backside of the tag sheet, the label along its zone A so that the freely disposed self-sealing layer 2 adheres, upon removal of the protecting paper, rigidly to the file sheet 10. Thereafter, after the writing field 9 is filled out, the clear-view cover foil 4, in accordance with FIGS. 6 and 7, is likewise folded over. The cover then covers over the writing field 9 and bridges over, furthermore, the split between the abutment edges 1 and x. The self-sealing layer 5 of the cover foil 4 causes a nonreleasable adherence thereof, namely over the writing field 9, as well as on the file card l0v Not only is the writing of the field protected, but also a stabile seat of the signal, furthermore also a protection against damage or even tearing off of the index head is brought about.

Due to the one-sided extension of the cover foil section 4 relative to the format sheet paper section 1 (FIGS. 1 and 3), provided for obtaining the above stated overpowering of the extension split x and x, a staggering of these sections relative to each other on the protecting sheet 3 is obtained. The thereby created zone C of the tag is likewise seal-repellent, by example, siliconized, so that a simplified release of the cover foil also from the adjacent tag is formed during the removal from the protecting sheet.

In the format sheet disclosed in FIG. 8, the above-mentioned embodiment according to the present invention is substantially the same. The format sheet sections equipped in smaller dimensions as so-called tabs mostly have the following three layers: Carton paper sheet 1, protecting sheet 3 and cover foil 4. The separation sections 6 and 7 cutting merely the carton paper sheet I, as well as the separation perforation 8 are correspondingly provided.

The cover foil 4 is separated in accordance with the lines 6 and 7. FIGS. 9-14 disclose the proper formation and use of the tab, so that a further explanation is not required.

It is to be understood that the term package" as used hereinafter is to be construed as an arrangement of index tabs on a protective sheet.

While I havedisclosed several embodiments of the present invention, it is to be understood that these embodiments are given by example only and not in a limiting reuse.

I claim:

1. An indextab package comprising a protective sheet,

a format sheet having a pressure sensitive self-sealing layer on a side of said format sheet covered up with said protective sheet, the latter adhering to the self-sealing layer of the former and easily releasable therefrom,

said format sheet being covered by said protective sheet and comprises precut tabs,

each of said precut tabs having a perforated fold line and a foldable section forming a writing surface which is adapted to be folded over said fold line after each of said precut tabs is removed from said protective sheet,

a transparent foil disposed on the other side of said format sheet and having a self-sealing layer positioned against said other side of said format sheet,

said transparent foil being precut to individual cover sheets for each of said precut tabs,

said foldable section being sealing material repellent facing said self-sealing layer of said transparent foil and foldable about said fold line,

said transparent. foil at one end projecting beyond said precut tabs beyond said foldable section thereof,

said precut tabs projecting beyond said transparent foil at the opposite end of the latter,

each of said precut tabs and its corresponding transparent foil constituting an index tab, and

said index tabs positioned on said protective sheet with the projecting portion of the transparent foil of one of said index tabs overlying the projecting portion of the precut tabs of the next adjacent index tab.

2. The index tab package, as set forth in claim 1, wherein said projecting portion of said precut tabs is sealing material repellent facing said self-sealing layer of said transparent foil of the next adjacent index tab.

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