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Publication numberUS3586847 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1971
Filing dateMay 7, 1969
Priority dateMay 7, 1969
Publication numberUS 3586847 A, US 3586847A, US-A-3586847, US3586847 A, US3586847A
InventorsMorris Nahmias
Original AssigneeMorris Nahmias
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Book holder
US 3586847 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

0 Mined States Patent 1 1 wswm [72] Inventor Morris Nnhrnias FOREIGN PATENTS 4119Golllnne, Indianapolis, Ind. 46260 930 9/1921 G at Britain 248/451 g f fi g i 1,109,788 9/1959 Germany i. 240/2 (P) 1 238 494 7 1960 France .i 240 2 P [45] Patented June22,19'71 l Primary ExaminerChancellor E. Harris Assistant Examiner-William H. Schultz {54] BOOK HOLDER Attorney-Woodard, Weikart, Emhardt & Naughton 1 Claim, 2 Drawing Figs.

52; us. Cl 240/2, 248/451 [51] Int. (11 A47b 97/04.

F3 IV 33/00 ABSTRACT: A book holder having a pair of opposing covers 1 Field of Search 248/445 wherein said opposing covers are connected to an inter- 451,466;240/2,2 P; 281/15 13,3 mediate panel by means of a pair of hinges. Each cover is [56] References Cited equipoed with a light which is adapted to illtiminate reading material positioned thereunder. Each cover is also equipped UMTED STATES PATENTS with a book holding means, which is of a U-shaped bracket Re. 21.37 1 2/1940 Barrett 248/460 X type and which is spring-biased into position.

PATENTEUJUN22I9?! 3,586,847

INVENTOR. MORE/5 NA HM/AS BY [Mada/d wmmgw ATTORNEYS BOOK uoumn BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION It is often desirable to read under circumstances wherein proper lighting is not available or if available tends to disturb others. For example, it is often desirable to read in bed or in a bedroom after other members of the family have retired and are trying to sleep. Under such circumstances, if the normal room lighting is utilized this tends to disturb and frequently to irritate the member or members of the family who are trying to sleep.

Likewise, when reading in bed, it is often desirable to have a means for holding the reading material in a convenient reading position. Many people find it very difficult to find the right position wherein they are both comfortable and have the light on the reading material at just the right angle.

In accordance with this invention, a means is provided for conveniently holding reading material and for illuminating the same in such a fashion that the possibility of disturbing others is reduced to a minimum.

1. Field of the Invention This invention is concerned with a book holder. More specifically it is concerned with a book holder which is particulariy suited for reading in bed and which is adapted to illuminate the reading material.

2. Description of the Prior Art Book holders and other reading material holders are generally known in the prior art. For example, the Examiner's attention is directed to U.S. Pat. No. 3,255,989 wherein a book holder is illustrated. It is to be noted however that the book holder of this'patent is inherently different from the device of the subject invention in that it does not lay in the same plane as the book itself and it is not adapted to illuminate the reading material. The prior art likewise illustrates holders for newspapers, copy holders and the like. For example, see US. Pat. Nos. 2,454,526, 3,065,565 and 3,200,791. All the devices of these patents are generally adapted to retain read ing material. However, they are of such a cumbersome nature that they are not suited for use by an individual while he is, for example, reading in bed.

In contrast with this prior art, the subject invention is concerned with a book holder which is particularly suited for individual use. With it an individual can readily read in bed without disturbing others.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION This invention is characterized by a pair of opposing covers which are connected to an intermediate panel. They are so connected by means of a pair of opposing hinges. Each cover incorporates a book holding means. It is preferred that these means be spring biased. Likewise, each cover incorporates a light whereby the illumination of the reading material is effected.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 illustrates a top plan view of the book holder of this invention; and

FIG. 2 is a frontal view illustrating the mode whereby the book holding means are attached to the covers.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Referring to FIG. I, it can be seen that book holder shown generally at 2 incorporates a pair of opposing cover panels 4.

These panels are interconnected by means of intermediate panel 6. The attachment of the intermediate panel to the cover panels is accomplished by means of a pair of opposing hinges 14. It can be seen that because of this construction the cover panels are adapted to pivot about the intermediate panel. Due to this pivotal action, once reading material is positioned in the book holder, any convenient angular relationship between the intermediate panel and the cover panels can be achieved.

The cover panels further incorporate a pair of opposing book holders shown generally at 8. These comprise generally U-shaped brackets which are biased against the cover panels by means of springs 22. The brackets are pivotally connected to the panel covers by means of mounting means 24.

The U-shaped brackets are generally formed by a pair of opposed, parallel legs 8a and a base 8b connecting them. The brackets are mounted in the panel covers in such a fashion that the base legs 8b face inwardly or towards the intermediate panel and toward each other. The extremities of legs 8a further incorporate inwardly facing projections 30. The brackets are pivotally connected to the panel covers by means of the mounting means 24 in which the projections are journaled.

Enveloping the projections are compression coil springs 22. The ends of these springs are generally formed into arms 26 and 28. Arms 28 are biased against legs 8a of the brackets. In like manner arms 26 are biased against the panel covers. The general positioning of the coil springs is such that the brackets are securely biased against the panel covers. When the brackets are lifted from the surface of the panel covers the covers of a book can be inserted thereunder in such fashion that the book is secured in position in the book holder.

The panel covers 4 further incorporate a pair of lights 16 which are secured thereto by means of brackets 18. The lights are generally adapted to illuminate reading material which is secured in panel covers by means of the brackets 8. Power is supplied to the lights through the cords 20 which are connected to cord 17 having plug 21 of conventional variety. The flow of power through cords 20 is controlled by switch 19. Lights having an elongated tubular configuration are preferred for use in this invention.

It can be seen that the operation of the book holder of this invention is relatively simple. For purposes of utilizing it, all an individual has to do is to insert the opposing covers of the book between the covers of the book holder and the book retaining brackets. Once the book is placed in the book holder all an individual has to do is position the book conveniently and comfortably, and then activate its lights. Once this is done, reading without disturbing others is possible.

What I claim is:

l. A reading material holder comprising a pair of opposing covers, an intermediate panel, hinges connecting said covers to said panel, reading material holding means connected to each cover, and a light attached to each of said covers for illuminating the reading material, said holding means comprising U-shaped brackets, said brackets each having parallel arms and a base leg and being spring biased into contact with said covers in such a manner that the base leg of each of the brackets faces said panel, said hinges including projections extending inwardly from the extremities of the parallel arms of the brackets, said holder having a pair of compression coil springs, one end of each said spring being biased against one of said covers and the other end of each spring being biased against an arm of one of said U-shaped brackets.

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U.S. Classification362/99, 248/451, 248/364
International ClassificationF21V33/00, A47B23/06
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