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Publication numberUS3587057 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1971
Filing dateJun 4, 1969
Priority dateJun 4, 1969
Also published asDE2010772A1
Publication numberUS 3587057 A, US 3587057A, US-A-3587057, US3587057 A, US3587057A
InventorsPhilip N Armstrong
Original AssigneePhilip N Armstrong
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Data sorting system
US 3587057 A
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United States Patent UN I Inventor Appl. No, Filed Patented DATA SORTING SYSTEM 14 Claims, 40 Drawing Figs.

US. Cl Int. Cl t.

Field 0! Search References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS l2/l96l Armstrong U 4/l962 OConnoretal.

I v v n n i I n I Mun 11mini:mnn Mn i 3,399.38 8/l968 Armstrong 340/1725 Primary Examiner- Paul J, Henon Assistant ExaminerR. F. Chapuran Attorney--Jessup & Beecher ABSTRACT: A data sorting system for multibit binary records is provided which is capable of responding to a control field in each of the records in order to sort the records into an ascending or descending progression The sorting system to be described has the feature that it is capable of sorting a tile of the aforesaid records which contains more records than the capacity of the sorting system itself. The system is controlled so that the file is repeatedly circulated therethrough until a complete sort is achieved, with the capacity of the system being reduced for each successive pass so that optimum efficiency is maintained at all times.

Darord a! Genie! PATENIEDmuzzasn 3587,05.

saw ULUF 20 PATENTED JUN22 l9?! saw us or go PATENTEH JUNZZIQY: 358K057 SHEET 1111f 20 PATENTED JUH22 ran PATENlEnJunzzlsn 3.587.057

sum IBM 20 r b/71, IraI/m mm Al;


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U.S. Classification707/752, 707/959, 707/999.7
International ClassificationG06F7/24, G08B27/00
Cooperative ClassificationG08B27/00, G06F7/24, Y10S707/959, Y10S707/99937, G06F2207/228
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