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Publication numberUS3589106 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1971
Filing dateMar 17, 1969
Priority dateNov 13, 1968
Also published asDE1810887A1
Publication numberUS 3589106 A, US 3589106A, US-A-3589106, US3589106 A, US3589106A
InventorsOnuki Michiko
Original AssigneeOnuki Michiko
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Air-permeable sterilizer filter
US 3589106 A
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United States Patent 1,048,394 12/1912 Dickinson 1,578,165

lnvcntor Mic'hiko Onuki 688 Nishiya-cho, Hodogaya-Ku, Yokohama, Japan Appl. No, 807,806 Filed Mar. 17, 1969 Patented June 29, 1971 AlR-PERMEABLE STERILIZER FILTER 7 Claims, 6 Drawing Figs.

1nt.Cl 801d 39/02 Field of Search 55/279,

References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 3/1926 Mullen 1/1962 Rodman 21/74 3,116,969 l/l964 Coleman,1r. 21/74 3,148,249 9/1964 King .4 179/185 3,238,313 3/1966 Kalogris 179/185 3,243,527 3/1966 Stemheim 179/185 3,262,810 7/1966 Campbell 55/524 FOREIGN PATENTS 842,527 7/1960 Great Britain 55/524 Primary Examiner-Frank W. Lutter Assistant Examiner-Bernard Nozick Attorney-Spensley, Horn and Lubitz ABSTRACT: A filter for sterilizing the air at site of a telephone mouthpiece, a speaking window and an air outlet of an air-conditioning system A porous sheet member is impregnated with a sterilizer solution which acts to sterilize the air before it is breathed in. The sheet member has a coating film which is adapted to keep the filter clean and to control the evaporation of the sterilizer solution.

PATENTEU JUH29 |9n FIG! INVENTOR ATTORNI'TY Allll-lPlEl-RMEABLE STERILIZER FILTER This invention relates to air-permeable sterilizer filters.

If any person who is a carrier of the germs of tuberculosis, typhoid or dysentery or other infectious disease uses a telephone, there isthe danger of such germs being spattered with his or her cough, breath or saliva against the mouthpiece of the handset and allowed to breed thereon. Also, it is obvious that various bacteria floating in the air constantly fall on and stick to the mouthpiece. It is further possible that hands contaminated with colitis germs, suppurative germs, etc., may come into contact with the mouthpiece, and germs may be transferred onto the latter. This means that everyone using a telephone is exposed to the danger of bacterial infection. In addition, the user has the possibility of being annoyed with an offensive oral odor of the previous user that may remain on the mouthpiece.

At the ticket offices of a station and a theater and at a hospital, there are provided speaking windows. In such windows, it is desirable to filter and sterilize the breath of talking.

At the air outlet of an air-conditioning system, it is also desirable to filter and sterilize the air before its discharge into a room.

The present invention has for its principal object to provide sterilizer filters for telephone mouthpiece, speaking window and air outlet, which filter can constantly and thoroughly sterilize the air and breath at site of the mouthpiece, speaking window and air outlet for long period, and which is very simple in construction, readily detachable, compact in design and fine in appearance.

The present invention is characterized by the fact that a porous sheet member of fine mesh made of antidegeneration material, such as glass fibers of fine mesh or foamed plastic is impregnated with a sterilizer solution, such as benzalkonium I chloride and a liquid perfume as occasion demands, and that both sides of the sheet member is coated with silicone films so that the sheet is prevented from being fluffed and from absorbing moisture and is kept clean for a long time.

The invention will be more fully described hereunder in conjunction with the accompanying drawings which illustrate an application of the invention to a cap of a telephone mouthpiece, wherein:

FIG. 11 is a plan view of the cap;

FIG. 2 is a side elevation of the cap;

FIG. 3 is a sectional view on the line III-Ill of FIG. 1;

FIG. 4 is a perspective view ofthe cap;

FIG. 5 is a perspective view looking from the back side of the cap; and

FIG. 6 is a perspective view of the cap showing its application upon the mouthpiece of a telephone handset shown in broken lines.

Throughout the figures, a cap formed of soft plastic material is generally indicated at 1. In the top wall In of the cap is formed a through hole 2 with a pattern of a rose, in a size large enough to leave only a small peripheral margin therearound.

The hole 2 is not always limited in configuration to that ofa flower, but may be patterned after an animal, plant or any geometrical design.

In any case, however, it is not desirable to define the hole 2 with a single contour line. The hole 2 should be divided into a suitable number of minor openings by a plurality of retaining ribs or grates 3 formed in one piece with the top wall as shown. These retaining ribs or grates 3 are intended to keep an impregnated sheet, to be described later, from slipping off through the hole 2.

The inner wall of the barrel portion 1b of the cap 1 has dimensions and inclinations so chosen that the barrel can adequately fit a telephone mouthpiece 10.

On the undersiile of the top wall 111 of the cap 1 there is formed an annular step 4 of a diameter slightly larger than the circumference of the hole 2 inclusive of its outer contour line. This annular step 4 is provided at its lower end with an annular engaging edge 5 of a narrower width facing downward.

In the space defined by the annular step 4 are fitted an impregnated sheet 6 and a retaining plate 7, both of which being somewhat smaller in diameter than the annular step 4. The periphery of the retaining plate 7 is engaged with the upper face of the inwardly facing engaging edge 5 in the annular step 4, in such manner as to press the impregnated sheet 6 against the underside of the top wall la, that is, to the underside of the hole 2.

The impregnated sheet 6 is formed of a sheet material of fine mesh such as glass fiber which has no possibility of deterioration, impregnated with a liquid disinfectant such as benzalkonium chloride and a suitable amount of a liquid perfume may be optionally added as desired. It should be understood that the perfume is utilized for scenting purposes only and therefore can be eliminated if desired, since it does not serve as a disinfectant. A silicone film is coated on the surfaces of the sheet to prevent fluffing of the fibers and absorption of moisture from the atmosphere. At the same time the silicone film inhibits rapid evaporation of the liquid disinfectant and the perfume (when present). Also, the sheet is kept clean of fingermarks, dirt and dust.

It has been found that the silicone film increases the effective life of the filter by more than a factor of four, since it serves as a barrier and thereby slows the evaporation rate of the volatile liquid ingredients. Without the slower evaporation rate produced by the silicone film, the filter would have to be changed quite often and use of the filter would therefore become uneconomical. Since silicone and benzalkonium chloride are not mutually soluble, the silicone film will not dissolve or adversely affect the quality of the latter.

The retaining plate 7 is made of a soft plastic material, provided with a throughhole 8 leaving the peripheral margin only, said hole 8 being further divided into a plurality ofopenings by support ribs or grates 9 formed in one piece with the plate.

With the construction as above described, the cap 1 provided with air-permeable sterilizer filter 6 according to the present invention is used as the barrel lb of the cap and is fitted onto the mouthpiece of the telephone handset 10 as shown in FIG. 6.

In the attachment shown, the liquid disinfectant and perfume contained in the impregnated sheet 6 are constantly vaporized at rates very small but enough for sterilizing the mouthpiece and spreading fragrance. Thus the sterilizer filter of the invention precludes any possibility of infection with pathogenic germs through the medium of the telephone mouthpiece as pointed out earlier, and completely eliminates the residual oral odor of the preceding user of the same telephone so that everyone can use the telephone comfortably at all times.

Because the retaining plate 7 is simply engaged with the inwardly facing engaging edge 5 of the annular step 4, it can be readily removed when the disinfectant and perfume in the im pregnated sheet 6 have been exhausted by evaporation, and replaced by a new sheet amply impregnated with fresh sterilizing and fragrant agents.

The air-permeable sterilizer filter has been described and illustrated as embodied to a mouthpiece cap for a telephone, however, it is not limited thereto. The filter is capable of being used to sterilize the earpiece of a telephone. The filter is advantageously used for the sterilization of the speaking windows of a station, theater and hospital, and for the sterilization and cleaning of the discharging air from the air outlet of an air-conditioning system, as previously described.


1. An air-permeable sterilizer filter comprising a porous filter fibrous sheet member made of antidegeneration material, said sheet member being impregnated with liquid benzalkonium chloride, both sides of said sheet member being coated with a silicone film which is insoluble with said disinfectant and which prevents said sheet from fiufiing and absorbing moisture, said silicone film being capable of controlling the evaporation of said liquid benzalkonium chloride disinfectant and of keeping said sheet member clean.

2. A sterilizer filter as claimed in claim 1, wherein the sheet member is formed with fine mesh glass fibers.

6. A sterilizer filter as claimed in claim 1, wherein the sheet member is incorporated into a cap for a telephone earpiece by means ofa grating member.

7v A sterilizer filter as claimed in claim 1, wherein the sheet member is incorporated into a speaking window structure by means of a grating member.

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