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Publication numberUS3589353 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1971
Filing dateJan 19, 1970
Priority dateJan 19, 1970
Publication numberUS 3589353 A, US 3589353A, US-A-3589353, US3589353 A, US3589353A
InventorsSanders Duane C
Original AssigneeSanders Duane C
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Pocket size camp fire generating kit
US 3589353 A
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United States Patent 1 3,539,353

[72] Inventor Duane C. Sanders 3,000,372 9/1961 Hall 126/9 A 5999 Eucalyptus Drive, Highland, Calif. 3,059,633 10/1962 Laerum 126/9 X l N 3 3 FOREIGN PATENTS l PP Filed Jan. 19 970 195,922 5/1938 Switzerland l26/262 145] Patented June 29, 1971 Primary Examiner-Charles J. Myhre Continuation of application Ser. No. 649,405, June 5, l967,'now abandoned.

ABSTRACT: A small device comprising a truncated pyramidal wall of very thin sheet fire resistant material, such [54] FIREGENERATING KIT as aluminum, the ends of which are united and the entire g device bent into folds forming a small, flat, pocket-size [52] US. Cl l26/9A package adapted to be conveniently carried by hunters, [Ill- Cl v F z4c hikers, skiers and soldiers so that when an emergency is faced [50] Field of Search l26/9, 9 A, requiring the building ofa camp f re said device can be readi- 38, 262 ly unfolded into the form of a small truncated pyramid capable of shielding flammable means provided with said device for [56] cued generating a fire within said device, the device having means UNITED STATES PATENTS for permitting a draft of air from beneath against the flame 2,842,] 16 7/1958 Hinderer .l generating material within said device.

l26/9A UX POCKET SIZE CAMP FIRE GENERATING KIT This application is a continuation of application Ser. No. 649,405, filed June 5, I967 and now abandoned.

This invention relates generally to small foldable camp fire generating kits which can be set up quickly to produce almost instant fire.

One of the objects of the invention is to provide a pocket or otherwise transportable folded camp fire generating kit that can be set up quickly under adverse conditions to produce almost instant fire.

There are conditions of survival and many other situations in which a quick and sure ready fire are necessary. It is impossible to set forth the multiple occasions when a quick and sure fire will overcome adverse weather and other conditions. Let us say that even the best qualified find it difficult under certain conditions to get a fire started quickly to preserve life, improve the physical condition and aid recovery from exhaustion.

The fundamental theory of thepresent invention is to pro' vide a small light, sure fire survival kit which may be carried in the pocket and can be set up quickly to provide protected proper draft and almost instant fire for the generation of a larger camp fire.

In FIGS. 1 through a foldable pocketsurvival kit with self contained fire starting material is disclosed.

Another object of the invention is to produce a pouch con tained foldable survival camp fire generating kit with self contained instant lighting material.

These and other objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent to those skilled in the art upon consideration of the following detailed description of the preferred embodiment thereof, reference being made to the accompanying drawings, herewith, wherein:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a preferred form of the ready fire survival unit of the invention set up for instant use;

FIG. 2 is a partial elevationalview of one form of projecta- -ble leg element;

FIG. 3 is a schematic view of the pocket pouch contained folded survival kit with self contained match and instant fire material;

FIG. 4 is an enlarged partial sectional view showing one mode of splicing the foldable flame shielding unit end; and

a FIG. 5 is an elevational view showing the manner of folding and unfolding the pocket-type survival kit flame shielding unit.

The pocket pouch contained survival unit of FIGS. I to 5 is disposable and is spliced initially and is foldable at the corners and sides as shown in FIG. I. The projectable legs and instant lighting material may have various forms without departing from the inventive theory and novel results. A plastic-type pouch or otherwise may be used.

The disposable survival ready-fire pouch-contained kit 35 of FIGS. 1 to 5 has three wall sections 40 which are formed of a very thin sheet 41 of easily bendable fire resistant material such as sheet aluminum. In fact, sheet 41 may be folded not only on the three corner edges but also in the middle of each section 40 as at 42 as clearly seen in FIG. 1. Considering that the free ends 44 and 46 of sheet 41 (FIG. 4) may be initially spliced at 48 in the manner shown or any other desired manner it becomes obvious that a completely folded small flat pocket unit 49 will result. This small, folded unit may be quickly unfolded as shown in FIG. 5 to its final useful position of FIG. 1. The folded unit 49 is packaged in a plastic pouch 50 together with suitable instant fire material such as matches 52 and paraffin impregnated elements 54, and the pouch 50 may be sealed to exclude moisture from contacting the enclosures. Projectable feet or leg members 56 may be contained in grooved openings 58 in the foldable sections 40 but this is a matter of choice of construction. It it is merely necessary to elevate the wall sections 40 from the ground for draft purposes.

The operation of the disposable survival kit 35 is believed entirely obvious. It is pocket transported. It is ready for im' mediate use under any condition of weather and otherwise. The instant fire produced will of course be augmented by additional fuel of any sort manually disposed over and around the kit after it gets to blazing so that :a sizeable hot camp fire will be quickly generated. In fact the very thin sheet material of which wall sections 40 of kit 35 are made are such as to be normally consumed in the flames of the camp fire it has been used to generate.

Iclaim: I. In a pocket size camp fire generating kit, the combination of:

an unbroken wall unit formed of a sheet of very thin aluminum, said wall unit having transverse primary bends dividing the same into not less thanthree approximately like flat sec tions connected end-to-end in a continuous sequence by said bends, each of said sections having a transverse secondary bend at a midpoint therein to divide the same into two flat half sections, the half sections adjacent each primary bend being folded together face-to-face about said primary bend to form double half sections or leaves, said leaves being then folded together about the thus closely grouped secondary bends to bring said leaves into close compact superimposed relation and form a package of the same, one of said secondary bends being reversely bent in said folding operation, and causing the adjacent half sections to combine in forming an outside cover for said package; leg means being provided on said wall unit at the lower ends of said primary bends to admit an air draft into said unit from beneath when the same is expanded to flatten out said secondary bends, said expanded unit tapering upwardly to concentrate, at the upper end of said unit, hot air and flames travelling upwardly through said unit; a flexible sheet of paraffin impregnated material and matches sealed within a waterproof envelope and enclosed between said leaves of the aforesaid package; and a waterproof plastic envelope enclosing said package and holding it in compact form readlily fitting into a hip or coat pocket.

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