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Publication numberUS35902 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 15, 1862
Publication numberUS 35902 A, US 35902A, US-A-35902, US35902 A, US35902A
InventorsBenjamin F. Sturtevaft
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Improved preparation of shoe-pegs
US 35902 A
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Specicationrforming part of Letters Patent No. 35,902, dated July 15, 1862.

To all whom it may c0ncern.-

Be it known that I, BENTAMIN F. STURTE- VANT, a citizen of the United States of America, and a resident of Boston, in the county of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented a new and useful flexible hand or prep- Y aration of shoe nails or pegs as an article for the market and for use in machines for nailing or pegging shoes or boots; and I dohereby de clare the same to be fully described in the following specication and represented in the accompanying drawings, lof which-- of wooden shoe-pegs placed edge to edge, Whileb exhibits a strip orband; of paper or cloth having such series laid and cemented upon it. It is not necessary that the cloth or paper be applied to opposite sides of the row or rows of pegs, as generally speaking it will suffice for the purpose to have it affixed to only one side of the same. In this way each peg becomes connected to those on each edge of it by a iiexible joint, easily broken when necessary. The band or belt of pegs so made may be rolled up in a spiral form, and in such a state is adapted lfor sale in the market, and may be introduced into a pegging-machine and fed along in the same, in which case the pegs lnay be successively easily detached from one another by the pegdriver of the machine, or by other mechanism thereof suitable for the purpose. Shoenails of metal may be also similarly arranged on and applied to a strip of paper or cloth. This form of preparing either pegs or nails for the market and for use in a pegging-niachine is believed to be entirely new, and is of great utility.

Fig.4 is a side view, Fig. 5 a top view, and Fig. 6 an edge view, of a series of metallic nails and the paper band as arranged in accordance `with my invention, the band being exhibited at c and the nails at d d d, Ste.

I claim- As a new manufacture, shoe nails or pegs and paper or its equivalent, arranged and combined substantially in manner and for the purpose as set forth.


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