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Publication numberUS3591014 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1971
Filing dateJul 1, 1968
Priority dateJun 30, 1967
Also published asDE1766650A1
Publication numberUS 3591014 A, US 3591014A, US-A-3591014, US3591014 A, US3591014A
InventorsLindgren Sture, Littorin Ove Gustav
Original AssigneeLittorin Ove Gustav, Lindgren Sture
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Device for storing and distributing, for example medicine cups
US 3591014 A
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United States Patent [72] Inventors Sture Lindgren Karlaplan 6; Ove Gustav Littorin, Gavlegatan 27, both of Stockholm, Sweden [21) Appl. No. 741,371

[22] Filed July 1, 1968 [45] Patented July 6, 1971 [32] Priority June 30, 1967 {33] Sweden [S4] DEVICE FOR STORING AND DISTRIBUTING, FOR

72,1,126, 74, 71; 312/209, 1; 206/72, 65; 215/7; D44/14; D83/1.4; 248/312; 224/48-1, 48-2, 48; 217/18; l08/43;229/28 [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS I 2,210,521 8/1940 Bemis 211/126 UX 2,763,378 9/1956 Black 211/88 3,233,804 2/1966 Dahm 211/126 X 3,324,998 6/1967 Farquhar... 229/28 X 3,390,766 7/1968 Stockdale... 206/65 3,491,894 1/1970 Brown 211/74 Des 5 .651 7/1919 Adams H Des.44/l4 X Des. 166.734 5/1952 Chandler. D.83/1.4 UX 1,091,026 3/1914 Traugottum 211/72 UX 1,199,987 10/1916 Husted 206/72 1,306,591 6/1919 Grant 206/72 2,026,396 12/1935 Meinecke.... 206/72 2,492,152 12/1949 Hollowell 248/312 UX 2,575,661 11/1951 Hickey 312/209 X 2,826,347 3/1958 Schiavo 206/72 X 3,145,841 8/1964 McGuire 206/72 FOREIGN PATENTS 535,565 10/1931 Germany 224/48 Primary Examiner-Roy D. Frazier Assistant Examiner-Abraham Frankel Attorney-Darby & Darby ABSTRACT: Medicine distribution apparatus including a tray divided into a number of sections or compartments and having a stand of cardboard or the like fitting in each compartment with each stand provided with holes, for example four, for the insertion of disposable medicine cups, the stand in some cases being arranged so that the portion thereof removed to form a hole for a medicine cup is utilizable as a cover for the medicine cup on which cover markings indicating instructions for the medicine may be placed. The medicine cups are provided with an edge by which they are supported in the holes in the stands.

PATENTEUJUL 619?! 3591014 SHEET 2 OF 2 P I 5 10 FIG.2

DEVICE FOR STORING AND DISTRIBUTING, FOR EXAMPLE MEDICINE CUPS This invention relates to a device adapted for the storage and distribution of, for example, medicine cups, comprising a tray divided into a suitable number of sections or compartments, each of the sections being intended for one distribution place, for example for one patient, and separated from adjacent sections by a band or groove surrounding the section.

So-called medicine trays of this type are previously known and applied to a great extent in hospitals, nursing homes and other similar institutions where medicine is carried to the pa tients, usually three or four times a day, for example in the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening and possibly in the night. The medicine to be distributed to the patients in a department or ward in the course of, for example, 1 day, usually is prepared in advance and stored before distribution in small medicine cups placed on the tray. The tray thus prepared is stored in a medicine closet or room. These known trays, however, involve certain disadvantages, e.g. that the medicine cups do not stand safely on their intended place on the tray, but easily can be disarrayed and knocked over when the tray is being handled carelessly. The medicine thereby is spilled and must be replaced. It is not possible to preserve pills or other medicine in solid state, because they are mixed together.

It is the object of the invention to produce a device for storing and distributing medicine cups at which the aforesaid disadvantages entirely are eliminated. The invention is substantially characterized in that every section has a plurality of holes for receiving as many medicine cups as are required for the medicines prescribed to be distributed to a patient at different times during a predetermined period, for example during 24 hours, each of the medicine cups placed in the sections being provided with a cover, which indicates when the medicine in the cup is to be distributed and taken.

The invention is described in the following in greater detail, reference being made to the accompanying drawings.

FIG. 1 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the device according to the invention.

FIG. 2 shows a partial view in a perspective way of another embodiment with separate stands.

FIG. 3 shows a horizontal view of a stand in spread out state.

FIG. 4 shows in a schematic way a medicine cup placed in the stand and provided with a cover.

The device according to the invention shown in FIG. I comprises a plane panel 1, which on its lower surface is provided with a peripheral edging 2 extending all around the panel and as shown in FIG. 2 having suitably shaped handles. On its upper surface the panel I is divided into sections or compartments 4 by grooves or bands 3 extending in transverse and longitudinal direction, said sections in the embodiment shown being in number. The number of sections in every tray is not limited to the number indicated, but can be varied according to demand.

Each of the sections 4 is provided with a suitable number of holes 5, preferably four, adapted to receive conical medicine cups 6 (FIG. 4) of the single-use type which can be stacked and preferably are transparent. Also other appropriate cups may be used, but the cups being used must be provided with a scale graduated in milliliters and have an edge 7 extending all around the cup, as appears from FIG. 4, said edge being intended to abut upon the hole edge and to carry the cup, so that the cup is not moved from its place when the tray is being placed down on a table. The edge 7 also acts as a stacking edge so as to form a space between the cups stacked one into the other.

Every section, furthermore, is provided with a longitudinal slot 8 close to one longitudinal side of the section for placing therein a card 9 provided with a print, such as for example Patient: Bed: Room: and with other spaces for being filled with suitable information on the patient in question. Every section or compartment, moreover, is marked, for example by A, B, C, etc.

The embodiment shown in a schematic way in FIG. 2 comprises also a plane panel 1, but has an upright peripheral edging 2. This panel is also on its upper surface divided into sections or compartments 4, which are surrounded by an upright band 3 or are defined by a groove or the like, and on the bottom of the panel a prescription written for the patient in question and covered by a transparent plate can be placed. In every such section a stand 10 with holes 5 for four cups, for example, is arranged. Said stands 10 are shaped like an open box placed upside down, are made of a relatively stiff pliable material, such as for example cardboard, and are intended to be delivered in blank state formed with snapping flaps and associated slots (not shown) and creasing lines 11, so that the stands can be formed at the place of application. The height of the stands can so be chosen that the cups placed into the holes either are carried by the stacking edge 7 abutting upon the hole edge, or are supported by the tray. Inside of the inner creasing lines a suitable number of plates 12 with projecting flaps 13 are so punched out, that the plates by small links connect with the upper surface of the stand. Said plates later can easily be removed upon demand for forming the holes 5 for the cups, and they are intended to be utilized as covers for the cups. Therefore, the plates at least onthe lower surface are coated with plastics. The projecting flaps 13 of the plates thereby form a thumbhold of such a length, that it extends past the upper edge of the cup and easily can be grabbed when the cover is placed thereon and then abuts upon the inner stacking edge 7 of the cup. In addition to each above-described cover separate covers may also accompany every stand.

According to a third alternative not shown in detail the tray proper may be provided with holes, as the tray shown in FIG. 1 and be divided into sections or compartments on both sides, so that one and the same tray can be used with or without a stand. Preferably all trays are provided along the short sides with a longitudinal band 14, as shown in FIG. 2 which can serve as a handle and renders it possible to insert the tray into a compartment in a medicine closet or lockable wheeled table, in which case the bands on the medicine trays according to the third alternative are so to be placed at the center of the edging, that they can be inserted into the compartments irrespective of which side of the tray is turned upwards.

For preventing any mistake in the distribution of medicine, every stand 10 and every section 4 in the embodiment shown in FIG. I is adjacent at least three of the holesprovided with text, for example morning, lunch, evening, indicating the time when the medicine in question is to be distributed. Also each associated cover may be provided with corresponding text, as may be implied from FIG. 3. The fourth of the holes shown, which in the embodiments shown properly is a reserve hole, is used for medicines to be distributed in the night or at occasions other than those indicated, or irregularly. The text for these holes and for the covers of the cups to be placed therein, therefore, can vary according to demand and desire and be written in a marked place when the tray is being prepared.

At the preparation of the medicine tray according to the invention, cups are placed in the holes and the medicine is placed therein, in which connection information on which medicine is to be placed in the cup in question can be taken from the aforementioned prescription or from a prescription folder accompanying the medicine tray, which folder is provided with compartments for receiving the prescription cards of the physician, said compartments preferably having a transparent front side and being arranged in the same order as the sections 4 and the stands 10 placed in the sections on the tray, and being marked with the same letter as the sections 4 and stands 10, which also are marked by A, B, C, etc. in the same manner as the sections 4 and provided with the same text as the aforesaid card 9. The folder, which in unfolded state may be of the same size as the tray, preferably should be provided with a designation referring to the tray. Subsequent to filling the cups with the medicine, the cups are provided with covers carrying the text intended. Thereafter the tray is inserted into the medicine closet or wheeled table where it is stored together with the other trays prepared for that ward. On every tray now are prepared medicines for, for example, patients for a whole day. If a patient in the morning or at another occasion is to receive medicine both in solid state, such as pills, and in liquid state, two cups stacked into one another can be placed into the same hole, the pills being placed in the space between the cups, and the liquid medicine in the upper cup, which is provided with a cover.

Whatl claim is:

1. Apparatus for storing and distributing medicines to patients comprising a tray provided with a peripheral flange extending all around, and divided on its top side into sections, each of said sections being separated from adjacent sections by bands, open top cups for said medicines, cover means for said cups adapted to be marked to indicate the time when the medicine in respective cups is to be taken, and a plurality of stands each shaped like an open box turned upside down in accordance with said tray sections so as to be placed in a substantially nonmovable and detachable manner in said sections of said tray, said stands being made of a relatively stiff foldable material and adapted to be delivered in unfolded plane state and with creasing lines for erecting the stands at the place of application, each stand being provided with a plurality of cupreceiving means formed as holes in the upper surface of said stand, said upper surface of each stand being located at such a level above said tray that said medicine cups inserted into said holes are supported by abutting against the hole edges, whereby said stand receives as many cups as are required for at least the medicines prescribed to be distributed to one patient at different times during a predetermined period, for example, during 24 hours.

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