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Publication numberUS3591194 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1971
Filing dateNov 8, 1968
Priority dateNov 8, 1968
Publication numberUS 3591194 A, US 3591194A, US-A-3591194, US3591194 A, US3591194A
InventorsPhilip Vega
Original AssigneePhilip Vega
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Ice chest cart
US 3591194 A
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United States Patent inventor Philip Vega 18-51 Schieflelin PIace. Br0nx. NY. 10466 Appl. No. 774,372

Filed Nov. 8, 1968 Patented July 6, 1971 ICE CHEST CART 3 Claims, 5 Drawing Figs. v

US. Cl 280/4726, 62/457, 220/29 Int. Cl 1362b 1/02 Field of Search 280/4726;

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 515,258 2/1894 Sims, it 62/457 X 2,317,871 4/1943 Zimmerman 62/457 X 2,603,500 7/1952 Messier 296/22 X 2,883,731 4/1959 Wells 280/4726 3,395,550 8/1968 Dungan 62/457 X Primary Examiner Benjamin Hersh Assistant Examiner10hn A. Pekar At!0rneys Leonard J. Santisi and Curtis, Morris & Safford ABSTRACT: An ice chest cart on wheels which can be carried to picnics, beaches and the like and moved therealong as required. The cart has a plurality of compartments and has means for providing selective entry to some compartments while holding others closed.



PHIL IP VEGA ICE CHEST CART SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION My invention comprises a hollow rectangular container having a top lid and plurality of vertical partitions dividing the interior of the container into a plurality of compartments accessible by opening the top lid.-

An additional lid covering one or more compartments but leaving at least one compartment exposed can be interposed between the top lid and the opening of the container.

The bottom of the container supports a horizontal axle rotatable about its own axis and having wheels secured to opposite ends whereby the container is easily movable on wheels from place to place. A handle can be pivotally secured to one side of the container for ease of movement thereof.


FIG. 1 is a perspective top .view of my invention;

FIG. 2 is a side view thereof;

FIG. 3 is a rear view thereof;

FIG. 4 is a cutaway perspective view of my invention; and FIG. 5 is a bottom view thereof.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Referring now to FIGS. 1-5, a hollow rectangular parallelpiped body extends horizontally. The body is open at its top and carries a drain 12 extending through its bottom surface. The body further has a plurality of spaced vertical partitions or interior walls 14 dividing the body into compartments. Walls 14 have holes 16 through which melted ice can pass to the drain. The body is insulated.

A top lid 18 is hingedly secured to the body. A portion of the bottom surface of lid 18 is recessed as shown at 20 to accommodate a second lid 22 whereby at least one compartment is closed when lid 18 is opened and lid 22 is closed. All compartments are exposed when lids l8 and 22 are both raised at the same time. A horizontal stub 24 extends outward from the bottom of the container midway between its .ends. A handle 26 is pivotally secured to the free end of the stub.

A horizontal axle 28 is rotatably joumaled between two vertical end plates 32 extending downward from the bottom of the container at opposite ends thereof. Wheels 30 are secured to each end of the axle to complete the structure.

While I have described my invention with particular reference to the drawings, such is not to be considered as limiting its actual scope.

I claim:

I. An ice chest cart comprising:

a hollow insulated rectangular parallel-piped body extending horizontally and open at the top,

a horizontal axle freely rotatable about its own axis and supported from the bottom of said body;

a pair of wheels secured to opposite ends of said axle;

handle means secured to said body;

a first lid having a recess in its bottom surface secured to said body to seal the top opening of said body;

a plurality of spaced apart vertical walls in said body to divide the interior of said body into compartments; and

a second lid secured to said body disposed in said recess in said first lid and cooperable with the top of at least one of said compartments to seal the top opening of said at least one compartment when said first lid is open thereby to maintain a seal for said at least one compartment.

2. A cart as set forth in claim 1, wherein the body has a drain in its bottom portion.

3. A cart as set forth in claim 2 wherein some of the vertical walls in said body have holes therein.

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