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Publication numberUS3592365 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1971
Filing dateApr 21, 1969
Priority dateApr 21, 1969
Publication numberUS 3592365 A, US 3592365A, US-A-3592365, US3592365 A, US3592365A
InventorsSchwartzman Gilbert
Original AssigneeSchwartzman Gilbert
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Pump-type dispensing apparatus
US 3592365 A
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United States Patent 2,777,612 1/1957 Bensen......................... 222/209 3,040,991

[72] Inventor Gllbertschwartzman 6/1962 Fedit 20 Wilmot Circle, Scarsdale, NY. 10583 5/1967 Mueller...................:.:..

m a n a w m e u R a B w n h c e s w 9 R 6 9 u 1 n Mm m 74 E 35 w 98 a 113 m 3 33 P. 91 %7 9 1 n3 9 1 a. 7W 1 u 8A a d N. m d p e mm AFP 11.1 25 224 1.1.1.

Assislanl Examiner-John P. Shannon, Jr. Attorney- Kenneth S. Goldfarb [54] PUMPTYPE DISPENSING APPARATUS 1 Chin, 4 Drawing Figs.

9 5%3 06 5 0 23 25 22 02 2252 26 3 B .9 n "no N mm m u 9 m mm m m6 ""9 m NW N mm n "5 m T U n L W 0 W 5 m3: U IF H N 5 55 l. 1.1

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 6/1897 Fischbach 583,702 222/215 1,471,091 10/1923 Bessesen 222/3865 1,901,982 3/1933 Pardue 222/497 PUMP-TYPE DISPENSING APPARATUS This invention relates to a pump-type dispensing device and is an improvement over the type of dispensing device shown in the patent to John J. Mueller, U.S. Pat. No. 3,3 l9,837, issued May 16, 1967.

Various types of dispensing devices for foodstuffs, cosmetics, such as cleansing creams, ointments, oils, and the like, and including both cream and liquid deodorants have been packaged in various manners with a view toward aiding the consumer in utilizing the package as an applicator, while also facilitating the dispensing of the product so that the product will be substantially free from contamination by air, while also provided with means for insuring that all of the product can be effectively and easily removed from the container.

In accordance with the concept of the present invention, there are valves utilized of the anti-suck-back type and disclosed in my U.S. Pat. No. 3,438,554, issued Apr. l5, 1969, and so arranged as to provide for several unexpected and highly advantageous results not achieved by the prior art dispensing devices.

In carrying out the invention, there is provided for convenience of refilling, prevention of contamination and sim plicity of installation, while also providing for a one-piece cap which carries the anti-suck-back valvc integrally formed therewith.

In one form of the invention inflatable and collapsible bag preferably formed of such substances as pliofilm, polyethylene, or the like is mounted in the container and is designed to be inflated by squeezing of the container so as to push and pump the contents out of the container.

Another form of the invention features the use ofa pliofilm or polyethylene bag or the like in which the contents are deposited and which pliofilm bag may be disposed of after use, thereby facilitating the maintenance of cleanliness and sanitation, while also insuring against breakage, clogging of valves and the like.

Still further objects and features of this invention reside in the provision of a dispensing device which may be moldedof very few parts of synthetic plastic materials, which is efficient in use and inexpensive to mass produce, thereby permitting wide use and distribution in the medical and cosmetic fields, and in restaurants for use in dispensing condiments such as mustard, ketchup, and the like, and which is capable of being manufactured in various shapes and sizes, and which can be provided with a cap for insuring airtight sealing of the dispenser.

These, together with the various ancillary objects and features of the invention, which will become apparent as the following description proceeds, are attained by this pump-type dispensing device, preferred embodiments of which have been illustrated in the accompanying drawings, by way of example only, wherein:

FIG. I is a vertical sectional view of an embodiment of the invention wherein the contents are dispensed in a replaceable inflatable bag and where the invention consists of collapsing the inflatable bag to force the contents out through pumping action;

FIG. 2 is a sectional detail view of a modified form of the invention especially adapted for use in applying deodorant cream or the like;

FIG. 3 is a vertical sectional view ofa modification of the invention wherein the container is easily refillable by removal of a cap and in which the inflatable bag is used to push the contents out of the container; and

FIG. 4 is a sectional detail view of a modified form of the invention wherein a brush head is provided for the dispenser so as to effectively allow the use thereof as an applicator.

With continuing reference to the accompanying drawings,

wherein like reference numerals designate similar parts throughout the various views, reference numeral generally designates a dispensing device constructed in accordance with the concepts of the present invention. The dispensing device includes a squeezeable container 12 formed of polyethylene of polypropylene of similar resilient flexible thermoplastic material, and which includes an integral bottom 14 provided with an inwardly extending cylindrical projection 16 having a check valve 18 controlling fluid flow through the opening 20, provided in the projection 16. The check valve 18 is of the type disclosed in my prior Pat. No. 3,438,554, and includes a valve stem 22 having an integrally formed valve head 24 of a conical shape which is adapted to engage a valve seat 26 on the projection 16. Integrally connected to the projections 1.6 and to a ring 28 at the end of the valve stem 22 are a plurality of helical springs 30. The check valve is so arranged that it is normally closed and will remain in the closed position when the container 12 is squeezed. However, when the container 12 is released, a vacuum is induced in the container 12 and the pressure therein is less than atmospheric. The atmospheric pressure will thereafter depress the valve and allow air to flow through the opening 32 into the container 12. The container 12 is provided with a cylindrical extension 34 so that the dispensing apparatus may be easily stood on its base-while providing protection for the check valve 18.

The upper end of the container 12 is externally threaded at 36 for reception of the cap 38 which has an internally threaded flange-40 threadedly detachably secured tothe container 12. The cover 38 has an opening 42 surrounded by a neck portion 44 which is externally threaded at 46. A cap of the type shown in FIG. 3 may be provided for the container 12 as may be desired.

An inflatable bag 48 of pliofilm, polyethylene, or the like is preferably provided with a ring 50 at its open end, which .ring

is received between the cover and the uppermost edge 52 of the container 12 so that when the cover 38 is threadedly secured in place, the ring 50 and hence the bag 48 is clampingly held in position.

After the bag 48 has been filled with its contents, the cap 38 is normally secured in place and the material will be dispensed through opening 42 and thence through the neck 44. The opening 42 is controlled by a valve assembly 54, which includes a valve stem 56 carrying a conically shaped valve head 59 provided with a conical cavity formed in the same manner as that shown in my prior Pat. No. 3,438,554, and in which the helical springs 58 are integrally formed with the cover 38 and with a disc 60 at the lowermost end of the valve stem 54. The valve head 59 is adapted to cooperate with the upper edge of the neck 44 which forms a valve seat 62 and the springs 58 which are normally under compression will normally draw the valve head 59into a closed position. However, squeezing of the container 12 will force from the bag 48 someof the contents through the opening 42 and past the valve head 59. Release of the container 12 will permit the springs 58 to draw the valve head 59 against the valve seat 62 thus allowing the atmosphere to collapse the bag 48 and at least partially fill the container.

In the embodiment shown in FIG. 2, the cover 38a is provided with an arcuate portion 70 contoured to conform with a convex valve head 72. This form of the invention provides a curvaceous surface for facilitating the application of such products as deodorant creams, depillatories, medications, such as ointments and the like, as well as adhesives, glues, and other materials.

Referring now to the embodiment as shown in FIG. 3, herein there is generally disclosed a dispensing apparatus generally indicated by reference numeral 110. This dispensing device includes a container 112 formed of squeezeable resilient flexible thermoplastic material, such as polyethylene, polypropylene or the like, and which has a base member 114 disposed therein, the base member including .a peripheral flange 115 which serves to hold and sandwich a bag of pliofilm, polyethylene, or the like therebetween. The bag 148 is permanentlysealed in position by heat sealing, bonding, or thermoplastic welding, and the base 114 has a projection 116 similar in construction to the base 16 as shown in FIG. 2, so that a valve assembly 118 serves as a check valve for normally closing the opening 132 and with the helical springs 130 being normally under compression to hold the valve closed except when there is a vacuum in the container 112. The container 112 is provided with a neck portion 136 which is externally threaded so that the internally threaded flange 140 of the cover 138 can be conveniently detachably secured thereto. The cover has an opening 142 therein and surrounding the opening is a neck 144 which is externally threaded as at 146 for receiving the cap. generally indicated at 149, thereon. The valve head 159 is urged to a normally closed position against the valve seat 162 by means of the helical coils 158 so that only when the container 112 is squeezed, will the valve head 159 be urged away from the valve head 162 permitting the contents of the dispensing apparatus 110 to be metered outwardly. The cap 149 has an internally threaded portion 181 adapted to be threadedly engaged on the threads 146 and has integrally molded therewith a projection 182 provided with a hollow hemispherical-shaped head 184 which is designed to resiliently engage and cammingly depress the valve head 159 into tight engagement with the valve seat 162 when the cap 149 is secured in position.

In the embodiment as shown in FIG. 4, surrounding the valve head 159 and extending upwardly from the upper edge 191 of the neck 144 are a circular arrangement of bristles 193 so arranged as to provide for a cylindrical portion which entirely surrounds the opening 142 and the opening defined by the neck 144 so that fluid such as deodorant cream and other viscous fluids can be metered, dispensed, and then evenly spread through use of the brush head provided by the bristles 193 as an applicator.


1. A dispensing apparatus comprising a squeezeable container having an integral bottom provided with a normally closed check valve integrally formed therewith adapted to open when the pressure in said container is less than atmospheric, an inflatable bag in said container, 21 cover threadedly detachably secured to said container. said bag having an open end provided with a ring, said ring being clampingly engaged between said cover and said container when said cover is threadedly engaged on said container said cover having a dispensing opening therein defining a valve seat, a valve member disposed in said opening and having a valve head engaging said valve seat for closing the opening, and spring means interconnecting said valve head and said cover for urging said valve head into engagement with said valve seat, said valve member further including a downwardly extending valve stem, said spring means including helical spring members integral with said cover and said valve stem, said bag having a closed end adjacent said check valve so that squeezing of said container will collapse said bag to force fluid material in said bag through said dispensing opening.

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International ClassificationB65D83/00, B65D47/20, B65D47/04
Cooperative ClassificationB65D83/0055, B65D47/2075
European ClassificationB65D83/00B, B65D47/20E4A3