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Publication numberUS3594867 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1971
Filing dateOct 25, 1968
Priority dateOct 28, 1967
Publication numberUS 3594867 A, US 3594867A, US-A-3594867, US3594867 A, US3594867A
InventorsPfeiffer Heinrich
Original AssigneeDieffenbacher Gmbh Maschf
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Heating platen press
US 3594867 A
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O United States Patent [113,594,867

[72] Inventor Heinrich Pfeiffer 2,765,587 10/1956 Skerntt l. 18/17 PUX Eppingen/Baden, Germany 3,241,189 3/1966 Siempelkamp v l. 100/93 P 312%? Primary Examiner-H. A. Kilby,.lr.

Altorney.r-Curt M. Avery, Arthur E. Wilfond, Herbert L. [45] Paenmd July 1971 Lerner and Daniel J Tick [73] Assignee J. Diefienbacher G.m.b.l-{.

Maschinenfabrik Eppingen/Baden, Germany [32] Priority Oct. 28, 1967 [33] Germany [3x] I P 53 1854 ABSTRACT: A heating platen press for manufacturing composition board. such as chipboard, shavings board, and the [54] HEATING PLATEN PRESS like, The press includes a stationary base unit and a movable 27 Claims43 Drawing Figs. press unit which respectively have work ng, heatlrrg platens directed toward each other and respectively provided with [52] U-S-Cl 18/17, arana] working faee5 These units are each composed of a 100/93, 83/700, 269/3 box structure which includes, in addition to the heating platen, [5 I] ll!!- an oppesed cover plate and longitudinal bracer bridges which Fleld Of Search 7 P, extend between and engage the cover plate and heating Hi 83/699, 700; 100/93 295; 269/3131 platen. The heating platen and cover plate of each unit are 314 formed with channels for conveying a temperature-controlling [56] References Cited fluid therethrough, so that the entire unit can be heated and cooled. Each longitudinal bracer bridge has at least one row of UNITED STATES PATENTS such channels extending longitudinally through the bracer 269/313 bridges.

1.501496 8/1924 Forsyth 0--@ Q---@ 10 V 7 20 i 1 l 23 1. 2,5 L; A I

Q"? o---e te -0" 23 PATENTED M2719? [3594.867

SHEET 02 0F 20 Fig. 2



sum 11 0F 20 Fig. 18

PATENTED JUL27 197i 3 I 594- 8 6 7 sum 13 gr 2Q Fig. 22

Fig. 27

SHEET 17 [1F 20 pmemfiu m 1 van I Fig. 27

Fig. 28

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U.S. Classification425/143, 100/326, 269/314, 100/319, 425/384, 83/699.61
International ClassificationB30B15/06, B27N3/08, B27N3/20
Cooperative ClassificationB30B15/064, B27N3/203
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