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Publication numberUS3595243 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1971
Filing dateApr 28, 1969
Priority dateApr 28, 1969
Publication numberUS 3595243 A, US 3595243A, US-A-3595243, US3595243 A, US3595243A
InventorsMount Arthur H
Original AssigneeMount Arthur H
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Uplift brassiere
US 3595243 A
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United States Patent Inventor Arthur 11. Mount 138 Elm Tree Lane, Elmhurst, Ill. 60126 Appl. No. 819,647

Filed Apr. 28, 1969 Patented July 27, 1971 UPLIFI BRASSIERE 3 Claims, 5 Drawing Figs;

US. Cl 128/469, 128/492 Int. CL A41c 1/14 Field 01 Search 128/465,

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,488,105 11/1949 Weil 128/492 FOREIGN PATENTS 548.177 10/1922 France 128/469 Primary Examiner-Richard A. Gaudet Assistant Examiner-J. Yasko Artorneyl-lill, Sherman, Meroni, Gross & Simpson ABSTRACT: A bandeau er brassiere of the uplift type constructed to positively and mechanically elevate or lift up the breasts of the user automatically when the brassiere is secured around the chest of the user.

Heretofore, many and various types of so-called uplift brassieres or bandeaus have been made, many of which had adjustable means separately operable by the user after the brassiere was positioned on the body for elevating the breasts to a desired extent and establishing a desired cleavage for a dress having a plunging neckline. In some instances, these uplift adjustments were effected by tension strips having free ends that were tied together by the user after being drawn to the desired extent, and the adjustment had to be made after the brassiere had been properly secured around the chest of the user. An example of this arrangement is found in U.S. Pat. No. 2,488,l of Nov. 15, I949. The ends ofthe tension strips would have to be tied and the bow of the tie disposed in some location. With such an arrangement or in fact any arrangement, whereby the adjustment of the brassiere is dependent upon some action by the user after the brassiere is disposed around the chest, there is a good possibility of the adjustments becoming loosened to an extent as to be unsightly or at least to require attention, especially when the tie strings have to be tucked under some other portion of the brassiere, and the user may be indulging in physical activity such as dancing, or some form of active sport. Further, in most cases, it is necessary to effect such adjustments each time the brassiere is again put on after removal. The proper support is therefore not obtainable to the same extent each time the brassiere is worn. It might also be stated that many of the brassieres of the uplift type made heretofore are not adaptable for usage on various types of garments, and in many instances required shoulder straps.

The instant invention overcomes the defects and disadvantages of uplift brassieres and bandeaus heretofore made and which provides a decided uplift effect by mechanical means permanently incorporated inside the brassiere structure, and which means automatically operate when the brassiere is put on and tightened around the chest of the user to a satisfactory degree for sustaining the brassiere in position. Consequently, the degree of uplift is the same every time the brassiere is worn without adjustment by the user, and that advantage is effective throughout the life of the brassiere.

Another advantage and object of this invention is the provision of a brassiere or bandeau of the uplift style which may be worn with or without shoulder straps, and which may be incorporated on substantially any type of brassiere or bandeau, padded or longline; as well as in one-piece foundation garments, and the principle of the invention may be employed in lingerie such as a strapless slip or a slip with detachable straps, swim suits, strapless gowns, and even in day wear or sleep wear, as well as theatrical costumes, among other uses. Further, the instant invention has fewer parts than most brassieres previously made, and is very economically manufactured.

More specifically, the instant invention includes a brassiere having a pair of breast cups, and a pair of stretchable bandlike extensions leading from the outer side of the respective cups for embracing the chest and back of the user to hold the brassiere in position. Inside tubular seams of the brassiere, a nonstretchable tension or pull element is provided having one end fixed to the inside point ofa breast cup, passes around the underside of the breast cup, and then extends nearly to the end of the respective stretchable band where the other end is secured. Consequently, when the bands are stretched to tighten the brassiere about the users body, these pull elements which must move along with the stretch of the band portions, in effect, shorten in the cup region and provide a definite elevation to the lower part of each breast cup. This is accomplished entirely automatically simply by attaching the brassiere around the body of the user to the desired degree of tightness for sustaining the brassiere in position.

Other objects, features and advantages of the invention will be readily apparent from the following description of a preferred embodimentthereof, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, although variations and modifications may be effected without departing from the spirit and scope of the novel concepts of the disclosure.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an inside elevational view ofa brassiere embodying principles of the instant invention;

FIG. 2 is a fragmentary perspective view showing the brassiere in position upon the body of a user, illustrating that shoulder straps might also be used, if desired,

FIG. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary view of the central righthand portion of FIG. 1;

FIG. 4 is a view similar in character to FIG. 3 but showing a different form oftension or pull means; and

FIG. 5 is an enlarged view of a stay used adjacent the outside of each breast cup showing the same removed from the brassiere.

DESCRIPTION OF A PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The instant invention embodies an uplift brassiere or bandeau including a pair of allochiral breast cups 1 and 2, each of which is of the general shape of the end portion of a hollow ellipsoid. These cups 1 and 2 are preferably made in a known manner embodying a decorative outer piece of fabric, a piece of inner fabric, and padding may be disposed therebetween, if desired. While the cups are yieldable somewhat as to their overall shape, they are preferably substantially nonstretchable. Each cup is so shaped that it terminates at what may be termed an inner corner and an outer corner, generally indicated by numerals 3 and 4, respectively.

The decorative fabric over the front of the cups extends across the triangular space between them as indicated at 5 in FIG. 2, and vertically in this space is a tape seam 6, in other words, a strip of tape stitched to the other fabric. If desired, a triangular piece of plastic 7 may be stitched to the fabric over the space between the cups and the tape seam 6 is reinforced by a stay.

A tape'seam 8 extends over the tops of the cups, terminating at the outer corner of each cup. Each cup has a hollow tape seam 9 terminating at each cup corner, and which defines the lower curvature of the cup. Leading away from the outer side portions of the cups are elastic body-engaging strap means, generally indicated by numerals 10 and 11. The body-engaging piece 10 terminates in fastening tab 12 containing a plurality of series of eyes 13, each series being selectively engageable by a series of hooks 14 carried on a fastening tab 15 at the end of the strap means [1. Otherwise, both strap means 10 and 11 are the same in construction.

Each of the strapping means 10 and 11 comprises an upper binding stretchable tape seam l6 and a lower binding stretchable tape seam 17, the latter extending the full length of the brassiere between the fastening tabs 12 and 15 and is secured to the lower portion of the cups by way of the aforesaid seams 9-9. Held between the stretchable seams l6 and I7 is a panel 18 of stretchable material, such, for example, as spandex, which is preferably stretchable only longitudinally. At the inner end of each tape seam 16 is an upright hollow tape seam 19 extending between the seams l6 and 17. The stretchable panel 18 at its inside edge follows the contour of the respective seam 9 and terminates at the bottom of each cup, centrally thereof, as indicated at 20 in FIG. 2. Between each hollow seam l9 and the adjacent portion of the cup-binding seam 9 a panel 21 of unstretchable material is secured on the inside On the inner side of the brassiere, another hollow tape seam 22 is stitched to the panel 18 with its inner end in communication with the hollow upright tape seam l9 and its outer end held by the securement of the tab 15. This tape seam 22 is disposed immediately below the upper binding tape seam 16 on the respective panel and is stretchable along with the panel 18. Inside the hollow seam 19 a stay 23 is inserted. This stay may be made of plastic, light metal, or any other suitable material, and is provided adjacent its top with a loop 24 which is located adjacent the junction between the cup scam 9 and the seam 22.

lnside the hollow seam 9 of the cup 2 is a tension or pull member 25 which, in the instance of FIG. 3, is shown in the form of tape or ribbon which is nonstretchable. This pull member is secured at its inner end 26 adjacent the corner 3 of the cup and extends through the seam 9 and through the seam 22 to a point 27 adjacent the fastening tab 15, passing through the loop 24 on the stay 23. The pull element is ofjust sufficient length to reach from the point 26 to the point 27, with all stretchable parts of the brassiere in relaxed condition. A similar pull member is mounted in similar fashion in the other strap means 10.

In FIG. 4 l have shown a different form of pull means 28 which, in this instance, is in the form of one or more cablelike elements 28 which might well be lightweight insulated electrical wire. This pull means is mounted in identically the same manner as the tape element 25 previously described, and the showing in FIG. 4 is for the purpose ofindicating that the pull element or means may be made of different nonstretchable material of any type desired.

In FIG. 2 I have shown the brassiere in use on the body 29 of a wearer and it will be noted that with the brassiere properly placed on the body each breast is lifted upwardly and slightly inwardly adding to the attractive appearance of the cleavage at 30. When the brassiere is placed upon the body of the user is simply necessary to position it properly and anchor the hooks 14 in a selected series ofeyelets 13, thus stretching both strap means and 11 to the extent desired to properly hold the brassiere in position. The stretching ofthese straps and the mere operation of securing the brassiere around the user's body causes a movement of the pull means 25 or 28 owing to the fact that the pull means are nonstretchable. This movement results in a definite elevation of the lower portion of each breast cup, since the length of pull means in the respective seam 9 will be shortened and a definite uplift of the breasts will occur. There is no adjustment for the user to make and the degree of uplift will be the same every time the brassiere is worn. It will be noted that there is nothing embodied in the brassiere that can become untied or otherwise accidentally loosened, and there is nothing by way of an adjustment that need be tucked under any portion of the brassiere. Consequently, considerable time may be saved during dressing because the user of the brassiere need merely place the brassiere around the chest and fasten it, and the desired degree of uplift is automatically there.

The brassiere of this invention operates on a suspension bridge principle wherein the members 19 and 6-7 operate as support columns and wherein the pull members 25 movable through the loops 24 and anchored at their outer ends 27 and at their inner ends at the upper end of 6-7 may be likened to supporting cables.

In FIG. 2 l have shown shoulder straps 31-31 which may be connected to the brassiere in any known manner and which are merely indicative of the fact that such shoulder straps may be used with the brassiere if such are desired.


1. An uplift brassiere or bandeau having arcuate breast cups defining a cleavage between the upper portions thereof and secured to a suitable fabric, stretchable strap means extending from the outer side of each cup and equipped with fastening means for securing the brassiere around the chest of a user, wherein the improvement includes nonstretchable pull means fixedly secured at one end to each breast cup adjacent the cleava e point, and having an arcuate portion exten mg around the lower half of each breast cup and a lineal portion extending along the respective strap means generally parallel to one side thereof,

said pull means being fixedly secured at the other end thereof to said strap means adjacent the fastening means thereon and being of a length to reach the points of securement with the respective strap means in relaxed condition,

and guide means for each said pull means positioned adjacent the junction of said arcuate and lineal portions to cause an automatic elevation of the lower portion ofeach breast cup when said strap means are stretched in donning the brassiere,

2. The brassiere ofclaim 1, including a hollow tape seam extending transversely of each strap means, and wherein said guide means comprises a stay having a loop adjacent the top thereof and disposed in each said transverse seam, said pull means being guided by extending through the respective stay loop.

3. The brassiere of claim 2, including hollow tape seams enclosing both portion of each pull means, and the tape portions enclosing said lineal portions of said pull means being stretchable with said strap means.

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