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Publication numberUS3596694 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1971
Filing dateOct 24, 1969
Priority dateNov 26, 1968
Also published asDE1946280A1, DE1946280B2, DE6915104U
Publication numberUS 3596694 A, US 3596694A, US-A-3596694, US3596694 A, US3596694A
InventorsJaeniche Herbert W
Original AssigneeJaeniche Herbert W
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US 3596694 A
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United States Patent Inventor Herbert W. Jaeniche D-764l, Leutesheim, Germany Appl. No. 869,118 Filed Oct. 24, 1969 Patented Aug. 3, 1971 Priority Nov. 26, 1968 Austria 11501/68 CONTAINERS 2 Claims, 1 Drawing Fig.

US. Cl 150/.5, 215/31, 220/ R Int. Cl 365d 1/16, Bd 39/04 Field of Search /5;

215/31, DIG. l; 220/60 R References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 3,335,774 8/1967 Reed Primary Examiner-Donald F. Norton An0rneyKarl F. Ross ABSTRACT: A closure assembly for containers wherein a synthetic-resin plug-type cap has a disk portion adapted to overlie the rim of the container and a cylindrical tubular boss formed with an outwardly convex circumferential bulge or bead of arcuate profile. The inner wall of the container mouth is provided with a plurality of spaced-apart inwardly projecting circumferential beads or bulges of arcuate profile and progressively increasing elevation inwardly from the rim, the bead of the cap resting behind the last or innermost bead of the container mouth in a sealing position of the cap.

Patented Aug. 3, 1971 3,596,694

Herberf W. Jaeniche INVhIVIUR.

0A g I 12 55 Attorney CONTAINERS The present invention relates to a container made of plastic material or a similar resiliently yielding material and having a closure means in the form of a lid, stopper or plug.

Production lines in which filling material is charged into containers are also normally provided with installations for labelling the containers. To enable this operation to be performed as smoothly and as satisfactorily as possible, a certain pressure of application is necessary for the gummed labels to be applied to the container without creasing or other difficulty. This pressure of application may easily cause the container made of resilient material to be deformed so that the outer surface of the container no longer has a circular cross section but is, for example, elliptical or avoid. This deformation may cause the edge of the lid to be insufficiently supported or not supported at all and for the lid to become detached or to spring out. This disadvantage may also be increased when fitting the closure lid with a spacer where an additional axial pressure is exerted.

According to the present invention a container made of I plastic material or the like resiliently yielding material having a closure lid which is provided with an extension adapted to project into the container and which lid is provided in the region projecting furthest into the container with a radiused enlargement of somewhat larger outer diameter than the internal diameter of the container, is characterized by the feature that the container is provided with a plurality of radiused beads on its inside surface which are locatable behind the enlargement when the closure lid is inserted; the inner surfaces of the inside beads being defined by an imaginary line of rotation the diameter of which diminishes towards the interior from the open end of the container. Preferably the innermost bead is substantially supported against its bead when the closure means is inserted.

The invention will be described further, by way of example, with reference to the accompanying drawing, which is a fragmentary axial section through the top portion of a container and a lid.

The wall of the container 1 is cylindrical and a lid 2 having an extension 3 projecting into the interior of the container 1 is shown inserted in the open end 6 of the container. The extension 3 is provided with a radiused enlargement 4 which is positionable (as shown) inwardly of the open end 6. The internal diameter of the container 1 is denoted by a, the somewhat smaller outer diameter of the extension 3 by b, and the outer diameter of the enlargement 4 by c. The outer diameter 0 of the enlargement 4 is slightly larger than the inside diameter of a of the container 1, so as to obtain a perfect support of the enlargement 4 on the inside wall surface of the container. A radiused inside bead 5" is located on the inner wall surface of the container 1 in known manner and substantially supports bead 4 in the inserted state of the closure lid. Two further inside beads 5' and 5 are provided between the inside bead 5" and the open end edge of the container 1. The diameters of the inner surfaces of these inside beads are diminished from the open end 6 of the container towards the interior thereof so that the opening of the container is constricted as shown by projection of a line of contact 7 against the inner surfaces of the three inside heads 5, 5 and 5". These inside beads facilitate the insertion of the lid since a gradually increasing pressure against the outer diameter of the lid 2 leads to a maximum increase of the additional sealing and arresting action connected therewith. After insertion and upon location of the lid a slight snap action occurs and hence an additional sealing action is provided. The head of the lid is gradually led to maximum constriction and hence the danger of ripping or other damage to the closure lid 2 is reduced.

1 claim:

1. In combination, a closeable container of resiliently yieldable plastic material having a circular edge portion defining a circular o ening having an internal wall surface leading to the interior 0 said container, and a closure means comprising a lid member for covering said opening and having a circular wall projection extending from the peripheral regions thereof with clearance from said opening when positioned in said opening, characterized by the feature that an outwardly extending radiused enlargement is formed on the free end of said projection of slightly larger outside diameter than the internal diameter of said wall surface, and that a plurality of radiused beads are provided around the internal wall surface approximate said opening and are found between the radiused enlargement and said lid member when said lid is inserted as closure over said opening; the inner limiting surfaces of said beads being defined by an imaginary line of rotation the diameter of which diminishes towards the interior of the container.

2. A container according to claim 1 wherein the bead farthest from the opening is substantially supported against the enlargement when the lid is inserted in said opening.

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International ClassificationB65D39/04, B65D39/00, B65D43/02
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