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Publication numberUS3596757 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1971
Filing dateDec 29, 1969
Priority dateDec 29, 1969
Publication numberUS 3596757 A, US 3596757A, US-A-3596757, US3596757 A, US3596757A
InventorsPatrick T Cocchiaraley
Original AssigneePatrick T Cocchiaraley
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Money clip
US 3596757 A
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United States Patent 8] C. 255 P, 255 R; 150/35-38; 206/81, .83, .84, 38 R, 46 MY; 133/6 References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 9/1944 Suess,

Primary Examiner.loseph R. Leclair Assistant Examiner-Steven Ev Lipman Att0mey- Edelson and Udell ABSTRACT: A coin-holding device for holding a limited number of coins, mounted within the framework of a paper money clip of the type having a rectangular helix of spring wire functioning to securely hold paper money certificates. The housing of the coin holder contains a resilient bowed plate which serves as a biased element to securely hold coins placed in the housing between the top of the housing and the plate. The housing encloses two legs of-the money clip in such a manner that the money clip and the coin holding device may be operated independently of each other and without interfering with one another.

PATENTEU AIJB 3H?! 3,596,757

lam! Jaw- 51! Ari 5470i. PATRICK T. COCCHIARALEY Y MONEY cup- This invention relates to coin holding devices capable of holding a limited number of coins. More specifically, this invention is directed to coin-holding devices' suitable for incorporation in money clips or the like-primarily designed for holding paper money certificates.

It often occurs that coins or tokens are required, asfor example for use in parking meters, public telephone, exact fare commuter systems and vending machines. Under ordinary circumstances one who wishes to take-advantage of these equipments will prepare himself with the proper coins. However, in an emergency the necessary coins are not usually at hand and. are. not readily available. Accordingly, it is anobject of this invention to provide a devicethat will hold a limited number of coins in a secure-manner;

A further object of this invention is to providea coin-holdingdevice that can; be mounted within, andfonn an integral part of, a money clip intended to hold paper certificates.

Another object to this invention is to incorporate a coin holding capability into a moneyclip in such'a manner that it does not cause the money clip includingthe coin-holding device to have any greater'outsidedimensionsthan a similar clipwouldhave without such acapability;

Yet another objective of this invention is to provide acovering adaptedto-enclose the money clip including the coin-holding device.

Theforegoing and other objectivesof the invention'will appear more fully. hereinafter from a readingof the specification in conjunction with an examination of the appendeddrawings,


FIG. I. is a top perspective-view of a money clip enclosed in a coveringin accord .with the invention;

FIG. 2 is a bottom. perspective'view. of the money clipseen device as wouldbe-seen when viewed alongthe'line 55 of FIG. 2;

FIG. 6 is an enlarged view. of the side elevation of FIG. 5 with two coins in place;

FIG. 7 is the same view-as in FIG. Gillustrating extraction of a coin from,thercoin'holdingdevice; and

FIG. 8 isa bottom viewof the clip as main FIG. 2'with the covering in the open position andzpaper. money certificates operatively held inthe money clip.

In the several figures; like elementsv are denoted by like reference characters.

Referring now to thedrawings and particularly to FIG. 2, it

is observed, that the. money clip used-as an'example upon which the-;coin-holding deviceandthe covering of this invention are attached; is formed==froma rectangularcylindrical' helixof spring ,wire generallydesignated lt). It is of approximately 1% tumsand by virtue of its configuration theroverlapping legs ofthemoney cliplie directlyabove one-another.-

Secured around thevtwo lower long. legs- 10a and 10b of the money clip;is a carrier plate designatedgenerally as 12, which serves as a shapesholding member-for the-money clip and ad ditionally as the. housing of the 1 coin-holding device. The money clip and:the:coin-holding device are enclosed in the covering 14, best seen -in-FIG l. Leglobofthe money clip includes a half-loop detent-lti, .best'seen in FIG; 4, which serves to position the coin-holding device housing *12 and the covering 14 as .well as provide a convenientattaching. ring towhich a chain 18 andterminating clamp 20 can be held captive for purposes of securing the money clip to a man s belt or the inside of a women's purse. I

The'clip ears 22 and 24 ofthe carrier plate 12 are bent around and secured to the legs 10a and 10b of the money clip and by proper dimensioning of the ears, they serve as the upper retaining means for the coin-holding device. The flat area 26 of the carrier plate 12 has a lip 28 formed therefrom, perpendicular to the plane of the flat area and at the opposite end of the housing from which the coins are introduced into or extracted from the coin-holding device. Lip 28 serves as the rear wall of the coin-holding device and further as a positioning means for bowed resilient plate 30 which may be of metal or plastic and which is designed to hold the coins introduced into the coin-holding device securely against the under sides of clip ears 22 and 24. The carrier plate 12 has a second lip 32 formed therefrom which is also perpendicular to the flat area 26, parallel to lip 28 and at the opposite end of the flat area therefrom. Lip 32 extends from the flat area only far enough to serve asthe fourth wall for positioning the bowed plate 30 within the coin-holding device and preventing it from slipping out of the device when no coins are held therein. Its vertical height will generally not be any more than equal to the thickness of the bowed plate to facilitate sliding coins over the lip when placing them in the device or removing coins therefrom.

The relationship between lips 28' and 32 and the bowed plate- 30 can best be seen in FIGS. 5, 6 and 7. The distance between lips 28 and 32 allows for the bowed plate to be in its extended flattened position when the coin-holding device is completely filled as in FIG. 7. The cooperative relationship between the flat area 26, the clip ears 22 and 24, and the bowed plate 30'can best be seen-in FIG. 3. Lip 28'can be seen extending above the bowed plate to serve as a coin stop.

FIG. 8 bestillustrates that when paper certificates are properly placed 'in the money clip, the coin-holding device is out of sight, being attached to legs of the clip that are vertically-displaced'from the legs upon which the paper certificates are secured. This planer difference in the paper-holding device and the coin-holding device can best be seen in FIG. 3.

Having now described my invention in conjunction with a particularly illustrated embodiment thereof, it will be appreciated that variations. and modifications of my invention may now occur from time to time to those persons normally skilled in the art'without departing from the essential scope or spirit thereof, and accordingly it is intended to claim the same broadly as well as specifically as indicated by the appended claims.

WhatI'claim-to be new and usefuli l. A holder for a limited number of coins operably mountable within a paper money clip of the type having a rectangular, cylindrical helix of spring wire of about IV: contiguous turns about the helical axis whereby the longer legs of the rectangular shape overlap in a manner such that paper certificates may be securely held when wrapped around and placed therebetween, said coin holder comprising in combination:

a. a housing including:

l. a base,

2. a pair of clip ears on opposite sides of said base extendingupward from said base and inward toward one another in overlaying relationship to said base whereby said'upwardly extending sections of the clip ears form the sides of the coin holder and said inwardly extending sections form the top of said coin holder,

3. first and second lips extending upward from opposite ends of said base, an entranceway being defined by the upper edge of said second lip and the under side of the inwardly extending sections of said clip ears, said second'lip extending upward a distance only sufficient that coins may be passed thereover and through said entranceway when they are being introduced into or extracted from said holder, and

b. a bowed resilient plate within said housing being restrained from horizontal movement within the confines the upwardly extending sections and inwardly extending sections of said clip ears of the housing enclosing the longer legs of the paper money clip within the coin holder housing in such a manner that the coin holder is operably mounted within the structure of the paper money clip.

2. A coin holder as in claim 1, said money clip being additionally provided with a half-loop detent formed in the midarea of one of the longer legs thereof, and said coin holder housing being provided with an aperture in the upwardly extending section of one clip ear, said half-loop detent being cooperatively aligned with and projected through said aperture when the coin holder is mounted within the money clip so as to positively position said coin holder.

3. A coin holder as in claim 1, the second lip extending from the base a vertical distance substantially equal to the thickness of the bowed plate.

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