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Publication numberUS3596813 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1971
Filing dateJun 21, 1968
Priority dateJun 21, 1968
Publication numberUS 3596813 A, US 3596813A, US-A-3596813, US3596813 A, US3596813A
InventorsMunn Elvin R
Original AssigneeMunn Elvin R
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Paint bucket lid with pouring spout
US 3596813 A
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United States Patent [72] Inventor Elvin R. Me-

6705 Hancock Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

[2| 1 AppLNo. 738,892

[22] Filed June 21, 1968 [45] Patented Aug. 3, 1971 [$4] PAINT BUCKET LID Wfll-l POURING SPOUT 2 Claims, 9 Drawing Figs.

[5! I hit. 865d 25/42 [50] Field Search 222/569, 570

[56] Rel'erencs Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 3,102,667 9/1963 Ullevig 222/569 2,530,999 Ill 1950 Schuler 222/570 X 3,262,612 6/1966 Tabor 222/570 3,120,91 l 2/1964 De Los Coultman et al. 3,309,000 3/1967 Haverstick Primary Examiner Robert B. Reeves Assistant ExaminerDavid A. Scherbel Attorneys-Clarence A. OBrien and Harvey B. Jacobson ABSTRACT: A ready to use paint pourer is offered as a practical aid when the user desires to pour paint from one container into another container in a spillproof manner. Each of the two forms herein shown comprises a self-contained moldable plastic attachment characterized by an auxiliary lid which is brought into use after the regular closing lid has been pried loose and removed from the keying channel of the annular mounting rim. This auxiliary or replacement lid has (1) a suitable spout and (2) marginal attaching and retaining means having a web whose outer peripheral edge is provided with an inverted channel-shaped adapter capable of being conformingly snapped over the rim 's securing bead.

Incite-r un I I V 'lhis invention relatesto'certain;new-and 1,useful-improvements. in. self-.contained ready to use -pourer attachments for:

containerssuch as. for=example,-.- paint=cana and buckets and:

I has to do with'a ,pourer'; embodying Ia suitably-angledfspout' constitutingan integral .componentof a specially. designed -lid'c-1 which can be effectually fitted and mounted on :the usualan-z resented andwhich shows the open-top container diameters;

HGIfisa view'in-perspective similar to FIG. 1 and showing the'seoond'formzormodification {with the attachmentapplied arid-witha portion broken away to showccrtain of the details nuiarchann'eled bead-'equippedlidtanchoring rim with which-z othetwise-hidden.

the upper openable end or. mouth of'thelcontainer providedrfi Aawillbehereinaftiermore fullysaet.forth,tl'se inatant-disclok I sure has-to. do with two .forms o rembodiments of theoveralls: concept. To the ends desired the. subjectmatterof thisinvention .will be comprehended bothabroadly and specificallyiandr' ahouldbe-construed accordingly.=. Y

Genetically; the; disclosure. t;covers a spaintspourer. .at.-

taehment, that is,.-. an'attachment-which -lendsztitselfsto economical feasibiezproductiomfrom-flexibleiand resilient self-adaptin'g'plastic material. .Briefly;;theinventive idea corm. prehcnds the utilization of a readily appl icable:'and= removable, cover, more,particularly,'-a replacement-lidwhich ital-Hindi??? to the'main or conventional lid andwhich'is applicableto' then I v built-in lid-mounting This auxiliary-lid isequipped within illgifinci keying-rim: is denoted by the numeral '14. This is a oblique angled spoutfandhasanou'termarginal edge:portion:-:= provided with; attaching and retaining:. means. -This .:latter:. means embodies a web which canibesemicircular inkplan'tor' completelyannular andof prescribed readykto; usetdiam'eterez.

' nor! is a view-taken on theplane oftlie line #7 of no. 6. F1658 is'=a .view'intperspeetive ofthe form 'of the invention covered completelyin l--' lCiSf6 9.-

And-H0329 isi'a fragmentary .viewprimarily' in section and showingthei-adjuatable feature wherein the'ribs on a flange to be de'scribed canheadjustttbly-applied:

Referencewill'be has an: to the embo'diment orform oftheinvention: shown :in FlGSh l to 5 inclusive. The container, .broadly speaking',. may=be described a'sa paint can or a bucket.

termrfbticket is be'ing-used for convenicnce'of descriptionfln anyeventthebucketisdenoted by the'num'eral l0 and is of ordinary. construction'and has a cylindrical or equivalent 5 body or containerlportion IZLTheaforementioned lid mount more: or less conventional channeled-type rim. It is perhaps best shown in-FIGSLZ and-a wherein' it will be noted that the endlesseor annular-keying channel is denoted by -the numeral l6. 2Tliei;innerr:channel* wall -,18 is' -provided' with a lateral Thia-sv ebfiqnstitutosa protective. shield'org'u ardihithavit i a rguthdrizontalslipltiiwhich hormally serves as a ledgein conjuncadapted tobridge ovalr andzcove r-thechanneloftthe'mounting I tionwith the' portion- 22'- for seating and effectively accomrim whereby to. prevent paintyfrorn'zfillingeandrobjectiunably3, modating-the'usual applicable-andremovable lid'(not shown). clogging the channel. I The outer-peripheralkedge {is provided-v with'a resilient anapfit retainer, saidre'tainenbeingchannel are-'awarei'tha'tpth e main orregular lid-ha'sa beadiwhich fits Personwconversant with-theart to which the invention relates shaped in cross section and designed and attapterttoretentiveti f 'downintoi'the channelandi necessitates prying the lid off in Whenit is spp edit overhangs and occupies aplane abovethe plane of therimat theopen top ofthe.buc ket;;'l 7h'e. underneath 3: or concave side of the' lid .provideam receiver or'. receptacle v.

pouring-positiofl -i v I Qne embodiment; of! the" invention is characterized-bye diameter of theopen mouth or upper end ofthe bucket Orleans .1.

aemupherical ho'odjs approximately. ione haiflthe' ordertto obtainaccess to thecontents ofthe' can; The rim also ernbo diesa -an'r 'v outwardly- .located:= channel which is here described asa bcad zd' anm whose lower edgefiprovides an sarilyiconstructed from moldable plastic having the desired fleitible"and resilient propertiesrequired'by'the manufacturer i m' hkhm m in paint i; ddjg ablejofr andpperhapsgbyfusersi'lltelid in this instance is referred to as being'readily to and ducharged bywayrof thezspouts l'liisforinfof the invention is ofone-piecctmoldableplastie material, The attaching and rre t'ainingmeansais=pliantrandm: capable'of being snapped and place=-by;hand'pres-:

surevon rims ofslightlyvarying sizes.;---

The other form ofthejnvention is characterized by'a diskors. an equivalent fdiacoidal-diaphragm; The diaphragm: 5i! .oflfl diameter to span the part of the bucket openingwhichis iii-' tendedto be covered when the attachmentis in useailheiatsu taching and. retaining meana correspondeto thatusedon. the a; hood-type lid. A vent is provided and a stopperlike pluglcanbe';

utilized in a manner to close the yent-whenit is notbeinguae These together with other.objecta,and-advantageswhich. il1. becomelsubsequently. apparent reside theidetaila iof constructionand operation as more fully;hereinafteredescribedt;-e and:-. imed, reference being. :the1-,accompanying: drawings forming a v part'hereof, whereinflike numeralsreferi't'o likepartsthroughouhandinwhichm r 0 FIG. 1 is aev'iew in perspectiveahowingajragrnentary.po -"'65 tion of a .or buck'etiwithf the rusualtor customary closing lidremoved and with, the attachrnentilid; F aub stitu d thcreforin a-manner to providethe de'sir'edtpaint5...

trappingtimneling' and pouring spout.

FlG:-2 isa'aection taken approximately on the plane of the 'IO F section line 1-3 ofFlG. 1.

1-16.; 3 its sectional viewat right angles'to. FlG-Z, mania? evbbsmin rta-z in a direction from lefttorighh I FIG. .4 is a view on a smailer:scale;with-the attachmentxi; completely and readied for use.

auxiliary and; inore specifically,jis a'half lid and is preferably in :theit'orm wnf a substantially semicircular concave-convex hoodiwhoseekterio'r convex-side is denoted at 30and'whose downwardlylopening channel 42 which constitutes an adapter. I Thevoutergchahnel wallsnapsover thejbead and 'is provided with aturned-in-lip fl-whichis adapted to engage the shoulder 26;;Thre is an'inner semicircular depending flange at 46 which:ia concentricwith thechannel42; This flange 46 eoope'rates with the aforementionedlip-20 and is provided with aisuitably "small lip to interlock with the lip 20 in the v manner shownto advantagein FIGSrZ aiid'3. It is repeated that purpose-of F1655 is to illustrate the flexible and yicldable'properties fromrwhich itwill be seen'that theattachin'g and retaining means can be applied to can and bucket rimsof variabledittside diameters.

it is a matter of common knowledge that there are many brands-of paint aold in cansand'bucket's'andthey vary in diameter'a lt follows-theta lidfrom onebucket-does not 'iatist'actorily fit abucket'containing a different brand of paint. I 1

underneath concaveside is denoted at 32Z-The complemental be necessary to provide prescribed sizes for different makes or sizes of cansand-buckets. it is also within the purview of the invention that the form of the invention herein shown can be sold either-to paint manufacturers or to companies that make paint cansand p'aint buckets. it might well be the practice to employ this type of attachment as a giveaway item if this manner of commercialization is established. With reference now to the embodiment of the invention shown in FIGS; 6 to9 it will be evident in FIGS. 6-and 7 that the bucket 50 comprises a suitable container of requisite capacity or size which is denoted at 52. The bucket has the same structural characteristics as already described in that it is provided with a lid-mounting rim 54 having a channel 56 the inner short vertical wall of which is provided with a horizontal or lateral reinforcing lip 58. The outer wall 60 (FIG. 7) is joinedwith an inverted channel-shaped bead 62 which is secured over the edge of the container in the usual manner. The pourer in this fonn of the invention is denoted by the numeral 64 in FIG. 8 in particular. It comprises a plastic disk also referred to as a discoidal replacement lid 70. The lid is of suitable diameter for the canshown. The attaching and retaining means comprises an inverted outer channel 72 which has a tumed-in lip 74 engaging beneath the shoulder on the bead 62 as shown amply in FIGS 7 and 9. The outer marginal portion which is here designated as the web is denoted at 76 and again its purpose is to span and shield or guard the upwardly opening channel 56. The depending flange 78 is spaced inwardly from and is concentric with the downwardly opening channel 72 This flange is of requisite vertical cross section and isconstructed to cooperatively engage the aforementioned lip 58. it

may be necessary to accommodate different sizes to provide the flange 78 with an vupper encircling rib O and a similar lower encircling rib 82. It is believed that this provision of dual ribs adapts the flange 78 to cooperate either with the lower rib 82 attached or the upper rib attached in a suitably accommodating manner (not detailed). With reference again to FIG. 8 it will benoted that 84 designates a vent to accommodate a pluglike stopper 86. This stopper, or plugis on the outer free end." of a flexible tab or strap 90 having an inner apertured end detachably connected with the headed shank 92 on the horizontal. limb 94 of an L-shaped bracket 96. The vertical limb of the bracket is denoted at 98. This bracket serves not only to accommodate the button-down tab or strap but provides, as is evident, an accessible finger grip which may necessarily have to be resorted to in detaching the attachment lid I0. In this fonn of the invention the discharge opening is denoted at 100 and the integral diagonally disposed pouring spout at 102. The outer end of the spout is nonnally closed by an attachable and detachable closing cap 104. I

The views of the drawings have been chosen to indepen dently and generically disclose the overall subject matter of the invention. The matter of using the domical or hood-type .pourer 28 is shown in FIGS. 1 to inclusive. The construction and mariner 'of use of the second form of the invention is adequately shown in FIGS. 6 to 9. The simplicity of construction is such that all significant aspects of the overall concept should be and are self-evident. Accordingly, a more extended, description is deemed to be unnecessary.

The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the principles of. the invention. Further, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction and operation shown and described,.and accordingly all suitable modifications and equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the invention as claimed.

'What I claim as new is as follows:

l. A paint pourer attachment capable of replacing the usual pry-off lid on an annularlid-mounting rim of a paint bucket, satd attachment comprising a replacement lid-which is applicable to said annular rim when the regular lid is detached and temporarily set aside and provided with a concavo-convex hemispherical hood, said hood being adapted to overhang the receptacle portion of the paint bucket when in use and the concave undemeathside thereof providing a paint trapping and concentrating funnel capable of directing paint to an opening provided in said hood, said hood having a dispensing spout communicating with said opening and projecting beyond the convex surface of said hood, the outer marginal bottom portion of said hood being provided'with hood attaching and retaining means, said means embodying a flat web which is semicircular in plan and of uniform cross-sectional thickness and of a width that it constitutes a shield, said shield being adapted to reside flatwise atop and bridge over said mounting rim and the channel portion thereof, said web having' an outerperipheral edge provided with an elevated resilient snap-tit retainer which is channel shaped in cross section and designed and adapted to retentively snap over a bead which marginally encompasses said rim, the outer wall of said channel having a turned-in lateral lip releasably engageable with a coacting shoulder portion on said bead, said web having an inner peripheral edge provided with 8 depending flange ts; minating at its bottom in an outwardly directed lip capable o= being releasably interlocked with a cooperating lip on an inward wall of the channel of the aforementioned rim.

2. For use ona paint bucket having an openable top provided with an annular lid-mounting rim having a lid-keying channel overhanging the bottom of the bucket and a concentrio encompassing bead fixed and providing an exterior overhanging shoulder, a readily applicable and removable paint pourer attachment capable of replacing the usual bucket closing lid, said attachment comprising an auxiliary replacement lid provided with a dispensing spout alignable and communicable with the receptacleportion of said bucket, said. auxiliary lid having an outer marginal portion provided with attaching and retaining means, said means embodying a web providing a shield, said shield adapted to bridge over and cover the channel of said mounting rim, said web having an outer peripheral edge provided with a resilient snap-fit retainer, said retainer being channel shaped in cross section and designed and adapted to retentively snap over said bead and cooperate with said shoulder in a manner to locate and retain said attachment in its ready to use pouring position, said replacement lid comprising a semispherical hood overhanging and occupying a plane above the open top of said bucket, the underneath concave side of said lid cooperating with the receptacle portion of the bucket and mounting rim and defin ing a paint-concentrating funnel capable of directing paint into the dispensing spout, said attachment being made of one piece of moldable plastic material, said attaching and retaining means being pliant and capable of being snapped and lodged in place by hand pressure and subsequently caught hold of and freed for removal at will, said web being semicircular in plan and having an inner peripheral edge provided with a depending flange commensurate in length with the lengthof said web, said flange terminating at its bottom in a lateral outwardly directed lip capable of being releasably inte'rlocked with an existing lip on a coacting inward wall of the channel of said lip-mounting rim, said-web and said channelshaped retainer being yieldable when manually spread and

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