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Publication numberUS3597742 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1971
Filing dateSep 20, 1968
Priority dateSep 20, 1968
Publication numberUS 3597742 A, US 3597742A, US-A-3597742, US3597742 A, US3597742A
InventorsLouis E Philipps, Eugene A Stanis
Original AssigneeMedelco Inc
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Data handling system
US 3597742 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

United States Patent lm'fllwl's "I'll ABSTRACT: The application discloses a hospital data han- A dling system which transmits and receives all message inl'or- '8"" l'l mation normally required in hospital operations and automati- [21 ppl. No 761.043 cally withdraws from the transmitted messages all data neces [22] Fi P sary for establishing such items as bed status data, inventory I palellwd l- 1971 records. patientcharges, etc. The system input is derived from (73] Assignee M dt t In rp r permanent punch cards containing all necessary message and WM i control information and disposable punch cards containing variable data, such as patient identifying cards made, for instance, when a patient is admitted. A printer and a card reader are located at each message originating location or station in DATA HANDLING SYSTEM the hospital to provide messages which are placed in a delay 13 45 l U- line input storage shared by a group of card readers. As the [52] US. Cl. 340/1725 delay data is "ansferred a core storage unit hand by 511 00613100 readers 8 Primer select checks message 501 Field at Search 340/1125, Primr and a checks F |'15|'|52. |54;235/|57,6L661 7 operation to be performed on the message. If only output recording is required and if all addressed printers are availa- [56] Reference Cited ble, the message is cleared from the delay line storage and UNITED ATES PATENTS read out from the core storage unit to the printers through ina 014 654 I2/l96l Wilser et .1 340/172 5 x divldual a drum a "967 s'one uolfiz 5 nat1vely, if all the printers are not available. the message is l3 allgfig Wiley eta] 340/1723 retalned In the delay line until the printers are available. If the Primary Examiner- Raulfe B. Zache Attorney-Mason, Kolehmainen, Rathburn and Wyss control decoding indicates that data operations are to be performed on the message, the message is sent from the core storage unit to the drum in the central processor.

in: mm mw' 2552- 5dr PATENTED AUG 3 I971 SHEET H \J RWR 955 QWM A III'IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIl'llc'llllll'll PATENTEUAUG 3mm sum on HF 36 SHEET 11 0F 36 PATENTEU AUG 31971 Q3? hvb hhk PATENTED AUG 3197i SHEET 12 0F 36 NN S SHEET QQM a kwsmv PATENTED AUG 3:911

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PATENTEU AUG 3 ran sum 1n or 36 wk WW m u 11 Max E 1 w .9 Q F A MW WNY PATENTEU AUG 3 I871 sum 15 or 36 Mto kWhWNm $QN ave

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U.S. Classification235/375
International ClassificationG06F19/00, G06F17/40, G06Q10/00
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