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Publication numberUS3601353 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1971
Filing dateMar 27, 1970
Priority dateMar 27, 1970
Publication numberUS 3601353 A, US 3601353A, US-A-3601353, US3601353 A, US3601353A
InventorsDale Vernon F
Original AssigneeDale Vernon F
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Adjustable target holder
US 3601353 A
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United States Patent Inventor Vernon F. Dale Onalaska. Wis. 54650 Appl. No. 23,293 Filed Mar. 27, 1970 Patented Aug. 24, 1971 ADJUSTABLE TARGET HOLDER 5 Claims, 3 Drawing Figs.

US. Cl. 248/470, 248/124, 248/156, 248/165, 248/157, 273/102, 160/327 Int. Cl ..A63b 69/00, A45j 3/44 FieldofSeareh 248/124,

[56] Reference Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 554,857 2/1896 Bond et al 243/125 699,971 5/ 1902 Poschmann 248/307 X 1,674,565 6/1928 Peterson 40/128 UX 1,781,277 1l/l930 Gammeter. 40/125 H X 2,538,118 l/l951 Miller 248/156 X 2,722,420 11/1955 Adamson 273/102 S Primary Examiner-William H. Schultz Attorney-James E. Nilles ABSTRACT: An adjustable holder for replaceable targets and which is adapted to be set into the ground or alternately, hung from an overhead support. The holder has an extension for its main leg and by means of which targets of varying heights can be accommodated. A secondary leg is spaced from the main leg so as to prevent inadvertent swinging of the target and a pair of vertically spaced rods are provided and have clamp means which accommodate targets of various widths.

ADJUSTABLE TARGET HOLDER BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Various adjustable target holders have been proposed by means of which targets of varying sizes could be accommodated. These prior art holders however, have had several shortcomings, for example, they lacked versatility as to how they could be supported and they furthermore, did not adequately provide for targets of widely varying sizes. In addition, these prior art devices were rather cumbersome and difficult to assemble and disassemble and transport and store when not in use.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides an adjustable target holder having a main leg including an extension therefor and also including two laterally positioned, parallel and vertically spaced supports having clamp means for quickly attaching and detaching targets between said laterally extending supports. The lower laterally extending support also has a ground engaging leg so as to prevent inadvertent swinging of the target when the latter is hit or due to the wind.

A more specific aspect of the invention relates to means for suspending the entire target holder from an overhead support. The entire device can be quickly disassembled and compactly packaged for transport and storage.

These and other objects and advantages of the present invention will appear hereinafter as this disclosure progresses,

reference being made to the accompanying drawings.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. I shows a target holder made in accordance with the present invention;

FIG. 2 shows the holder of FIG. 1, but having an extension leg secured thereto for accommodating larger targets; and

FIG.3 is a side view of the arrangement shown in FIG. 1.

DESCRIPTION OF A PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The target holder provided by the present invention includes a main leg 1 formed of a steel rod having a sharpened lower end 1a, which can be inserted into the ground G from which it extends in a generally vertical direction. A pair of laterally extending supports 2 and 3 also in the form of steel rods are adjustably positioned along the height of the vertical leg 1 by means of their large apertured ends 4 and 5, respectively, which can slide along leg 8, and through which ends the adjustable thumb screws 6 and 7 threadably extend, respectively, so as to engage the leg 1 and thereby secure the supports 2 and 3 rigidly to the leg 1 in any desired position. The lower support 2 has a downwardly extending outer end 2a which is square in cross section and is adapted to be received by the square hole 8b in the enlarged end 8a of the leg 8. End 8a is rigidly formed with the rest of leg 8 as by being welded thereto. A thumb screw 10 threadably extends through the enlarged end 8a for engagement with the downwardly turned end 2a of the lateral support. Thus, the lower end of the leg 8 can also be inserted into the ground and rigidly holds the laterally extending support 2 from swinging.

The legs I and 8, as well as the supports 2 and 3 are noncircular in cross section, and are shown as being square in cross section.

Supports 2 and 3 can be adjusted relative to one another along the length of the leg 1 and locked in any desired position to accommodate targets T of various heights. The targets are the spring clamps 14 can be adjusted so as to accommodate targets of various widths within the limits defined by the len ths of the supports 2 and 3.

eans are provided for suspending the entire target holder from an overhead support such as a clothes line or a branch of a tree and this means includes a large hooklike member 20 extending upwardly from the support 3 to which it is attached by a sleeve 21. Sleeve 2l'can be slid along the length of the support 3 so as to be able to balance the target holder to thereby insure that it hangs in the proper position.

If a larger target is desired to be accommodated than that shown by the device of FIG. 1, an extension leg 22 has an enlarged upper end 23 secured thereto as by welding, and end 23 has a square hold 23a therein for the reception of the complementary shaped end la of leg 1, thus forming a socket connection. A threaded thumb screw 24 is threadably engaged in the enlarged end 23 and can be screwed against the leg 1 to rigidly hold the leg 1 and extension leg 22 in assembled relationship. When the extension leg is used, it will be noted that the lower support 2 is positioned on the extension leg 22 so that the secondary, shorter leg 8 can be engaged in the ground to thereby also prevent the target from swinging laterally about the main leg, as in the FIG. 1 arrangement.

Due to the noncircular shape of the cross section of the legs, supports and holes 8b and 23a, relative turning of the leg 1 and portion 2a relative to legs 22 and 8, respectively, is prevented.

It will be noted that with the device of FIG. 2, a much higher target can be accommodated.

The entire holder can be readily and quickly assembled and along said laterally extending supports for supporting a target between said laterally extending supports, and a secondary leg adapted to be attached to the lower of said laterally extending supports and engageable with the ground so as to prevent swinging of said supports and target around said main leg.

2. The device as recited in claim 1 further characterized in that said means for holding said target includes clamp means for releasable engagement with said target to be held between said supports.

3. A target holder including a main leg adapted to be inserted into the ground or the like and extending in a generally vertical direction, a pair of laterally extending supports adjustably secured to and along the height of said main leg and in vertically spaced relationship to one another, means for supporting a target between said laterally extending supports, a secondary leg adapted to be attached to the lower of said laterally extending supports and engageable with the ground so as to prevent swinging of said supports and target around said main leg, and an extension leg having attaching means at its upper end for attachment to said main leg whereby said extension leg can be inserted in the ground.

4. The holder set forth inclaim 3 wherein said attaching means includes a socket of noncircular cross-sectional shape.

5. The holder as defined in claim 1 including means on said upper support for suspending the entire holder from an overhead support.

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U.S. Classification248/470, 248/157, 273/407, 248/156, 248/165, 160/327, 248/124.1
International ClassificationF41J1/10, F41J1/00
Cooperative ClassificationF41J1/10
European ClassificationF41J1/10
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