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Publication numberUS3601498 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1971
Filing dateOct 23, 1969
Priority dateOct 23, 1969
Also published asDE2052138A1
Publication numberUS 3601498 A, US 3601498A, US-A-3601498, US3601498 A, US3601498A
InventorsSchroeder Earle E
Original AssigneeAllis Chalmers Mfg Co
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Centrifugal pump
US 3601498 A
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United States Patent References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 9/1929 Hause et a1. 8/1959 Anderson et 11 3/1961 Jassniker 3/1963 Lipe et al 10/1966 Ruppet a1. 3/1970 Eberhardt Primary Examiner-Henry F. Raduazo AttorneysJohn P. Hines, Robert B. Benson and Arthur M.

Streich ABSTRACT: A centrifugal pump having front and rear apertures each of a size to permit removal of the impeller and the shaft seal therethrough. The rear cover assembly provides a support for the shaft seal housing and can be removed through either aperture.

CENTRIFUGAL PUMP I more particularly to an in-line centrifugal pump having means to remove the pump impeller and shaft seal from either end of the pump casing.

ln-line centrifugal pumps have aligned inlet and discharge nozzles which are connected to the process fluid conduit line. It is desirable that provision be made to permit adjustment or replacement of wearing parts within the pump casing without disturbing the connection of the pump to the fluid line. Depending on the space available these adjustments or replacements may be more easily accomplished either from the top or bottom of the pump casing in those applications where the pump is vertically mounted. In some instances the drive motor is supported by the pump casing which further complicates the ease of repair and replacement of the internal working parts of the pump.

It is therefore the intention and general object of this invention to provide an in-line centrifugal pump with means to permit the easy removal of the impeller from either end of the pump casing.

An additional object of the subject invention is to provide an in-line centrifugal pump wherein one end cover for the pump casing supports the drive shaft seal housing and which can be removed from either end of the pump casing.

These and other object of the subject invention will become more fully apparent as the following description is read in light of the attached drawing which shows a centrifugal pump in cross section with attached drive motor constructed in accordance with the invention.

Referring to the drawing, the centrifugal pump of the subject invention comprises a pump casing generally designated 6 having an inlet nozzle 7 and a discharge nozzle 8. For purposes of illustration only the pump is herein shown vertically mounted. Each of the nozzles 7 and 8 are provided with mounting flanges 9 and 11, respectively, for connection'to a process fluid line. The pump casing 6 defines top and bottom apertures 12 and 13, respectively. A suction cover 14 is releaseably connected to the pump casing 6 in any conventional manner such as by studs 16 and nuts 17 to close the bottom aperture 13. The suction cover 14 defines a passageway which connects the inlet nozzle 7 with the eye of the impeller 18.

The top aperture 12 is closed by means of a top cover assembly generally designated 19. This top cover assembly 19 is comprised of a top cover plate 21 which closes the aperture 12 and an annular axially extending seal housing 22 in which is contained a mechanical seal generally designated 23. The top cover assembly is supported to the pump casing 6 in a manner to permit removal thereof with the attached seal housing 22 through the bottom aperture 13 after the suction cover 14 is removed. This is accomplished by providing a plurality of circumferentially spaced studs nd nuts 24 in the outer surface of the cover plate 21. These studs pass through a ring 26 which is supported in an annular groove 27 provided in the upper outer surface of the pump casing 6. The ring 26 is maintained in position by means of a spacer housing generally designated 28 which is provided with a groove 29 which seats on the upper surface of the rig 26. The spacer housing 28 is connected to the pump casing 6 by means of circumferentially spaced studs and nuts 31. It should be understood that the ring 26 could be made an integral part of the spacer housing and the spacer housing could be an integral part of the motor housing without departing from the spirit of the invention. Pump drive means shown herein as an electric motor 32 is connected to the spacer housing 28 by means of mounting bolts 33. The motor drive shaft 34 extends through the seal housing 22 and the upper cover plate 21 into the interior of the pump casing 6. The impeller 18 is removably connected to the end of the drive shaft 34 in any conventional manner such as by the threaded connection shown herein for purposes of illustration.

The mechanical seal 23 is adjusted by means of the stud and nut 35 and this also provides a fastening means in conjunction with the stud 24 between the cover assembly 19 and the motor 32.

With the above-described structure it can be seen that the pump impeller 18 and the seal housing 22 can be easily removed through the front or lower portion of the pump casing. This is accomplished removing the suction cover 14 from the bottom of the casing 6 and unscrewing the impeller 18 from the end of the drive shaft 34. The nuts are then removed from the studs 24 permitting removal of the top cover assembly 19 with the seal housing 22 through the lower aperture 13.

If it is impossible due to a lack of sufficient space to remove the impeller and seal housing through the lower portion of the pump casing, it is possible to remove the motor and pump impeller with the shaft seal through the top of the pump casing. This is accomplished by merely removing the nuts from the studs 31 and lifting the motor upward removing the impeller and the cover assembly 19 therewith.

From the above it can be seen that a simplified inexpensive pump structure has been described. With this arrangement, means are provided to mount the motor on the pump casing and to remove the pump impeller and shaft seal either from the lower portion of the pump casing or from the upper portion of the pump casing.

The embodiments of the invention in which an exclusive property or privilege is claimed are defined as follows:

1. The combination comprising: a pump casing defining a pumping chamber having an impeller positioned for rotation about an axis within said chamber, said casing having a pair of axially aligned apertures opening to the exterior of said casing on opposite sides of said impeller and each being of a size to permit removal of said impeller therethrough; an inlet and an outlet opening into said pumping chamber; a suction cover releasably attached to said casing and closing one of said apertures; a cover assembly closing the other of said apertures and both of said apertures being of a diameter to permit passage therethrough of said assembly; walls defining a shaft opening through said cover assembly; shaft sealing means connected to said cover assembly, aid sealing means being of a size to permit passage thereof through said apertures; a drive shaft extending through said shaft opening and said shaft sealing means; means releasably connecting said pump impeller to said shaft for rotation therewith; and fastening means releasably supporting said cover assembly to said pump casing whereby removal of said fastening means and said suction cover permits removal of said impeller and said cover assembly through said one of said apertures and said shaft sealing means through both of said apertures and whereby removal of said fastening means permits removal of said impeller and said cover assembly through the other of said apertures.

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U.S. Classification415/201, 417/360, 415/230
International ClassificationF04D29/60, F04D29/62
Cooperative ClassificationF04D29/628
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Jul 26, 1985ASAssignment
Effective date: 19850522
Owner name: WOODS, KATHLEEN D.
Jul 12, 1985ASAssignment
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