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Publication numberUS3601598 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1971
Filing dateFeb 25, 1969
Priority dateFeb 25, 1969
Publication numberUS 3601598 A, US 3601598A, US-A-3601598, US3601598 A, US3601598A
InventorsHorn Donald N
Original AssigneeVicon Ind Inc
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Adjustable lamp
US 3601598 A
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United Sta 3 010111 [72] Inventor Donald Horn Huntington, NY. [211 App1.No. 802,107 [22] Filed 181213.25, 1969 [45] Patented Aug. 24, 1971 [73] Assignee Vicon 1ndustrics,lnc.

Plainview, NY.

[54] ADJUSTABLE LAMP 3 Claims, 7 Drawing Figs.

[52] U.S. C1 .1 240/52 R, 240/73 81,240/81 R, 248/278, 339/7 [51] 1nt.C1 1. F21s1/12 [50] Field Search 240/52,73, 73 B], 73 JC, 81, 81 BC, 81 BE, DIG. 5; 339/4, 7; 174/86; 248/278, 282, 284; 285/321 [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 277,641 5/1883 Weston 174/86 X 277,642 5/1883 Weston 240/73 (BASC) 490,903 1/1893 Gartland. 174/86 X 2,000,743 5/1935 Cohen 240/7.1

2,519,933 8/1950 Rouault 174/2121 2.545.939 3/1951 81611811518111 174/2121 2,673,966 3 1954 Larkin .1 339/7 3,143,845 8/1964 131111616. 285/321 3,229,234 1/1966 16161611.... 174/86 3,355,695 11/1967 Overesch... 174/86 3,479,068 11/1969 Brittain 285/321 FOREIGN PATENTS Primary Examiner-John M. Horan Assistant Examiner-Alan Mathews Artorney- Stoll and Stoll ABSTRACT: A lamp having a plurality of tubes connected at joints which permit full rotation adjustment while maintaining electrical continuity from a plug source at one end to a light bulb at the opposite end. Each joint has two cylinders rotatably coaxially joined by a rivet with a conducting sleeve. Each tube has a central contact which is spring-urged against the sleeve to provide a part of the circuit The tubes and cylinclers provide the remainder of the circuit and are insulated from the contacts and sleeves,


2. Description of the Prior Art Prior hereto, lamp fixtures had mechanical adjustability and movement severely limited by wires running through the fixtures.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides extraordinary flexibility and adjustability in a lamp fixture while removing completely wires together with the lack of flexibility associated therewith. The present invention, for example, permits continuous rotation of part with respect to the remainder of the unit without fear of wire fatigue and breakage.

Briefly, and not by way of limitation, the present invention provides a plurality of conducting tubes with a spring-urged contact within, insulated from and at the ends of each. Joints consist of two cylinders coaxially secured by a rivet so as to permit mutual rotation about the rivet. Each cylinder has a side opening through which a tube is fitted, the contact of the tube bearing against a conducting sleeve about the rivet.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING FIG. I is a top view of an adjustable lamp made in accordance with the present invention.

FIG. 2 is a side view of another adjustable lamp made in accordance with the invention.

FIG. 3 is a perspective of still another adjustable lamp made in accordance with the invention and showing adjustable features thereof.

FIG. 4 is a side view of an adjustable lamp made in accordance with the invention shown in a collapsed configuration.

FIG. Sis a cross-sectional view taken across line 5-5 of FIG.

FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view taken across line 6-6 of FIG.

FIG. 7 is a cross-sectional view taken across line 7-7 of FIG. 6.

DESCRIPTION OF PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS OF THE INVENTION Referring to the drawing, adjustable lamp 10 is provided with a plug end tube 12, at least one intermediate tube 14 and a light bulb tube 16 connected by at least one adjustable joint 20.

Each adjustable joint 20 is comprised of two cylinders 22 rotatably joined and coaxial'with a rivet 24 or other common securing means such as a bolt and nut. A conducting sleeve 26 around each rivet 24 extends between the joined cylinders 22 but is insulated from the cylinders by an insulating sleeve 28, and by nonconductive washers between the heads of the rivet and the cylinders. Cylinders 22 may be spaced by a conducting washer 30 and the cylinders themselves are electrically conductive.

Each cylinder 22 is provided with a circular hole 32 formed radially thereof and exposing conductive sleeve 26 therethrough. A tube, which may be either plug tube 12, intermediate tube 14 or light bulb tube 16, is inserted into each hole 32 and is secured to cylinder 22. Securement may be either fixed, as by welding, as shown in FIG. 5, or may permit rotation axial of the tube as shown in FIGS. 6 and 7 in which case two pins 34 or an equivalent C-clip engage the annular groove 36 at the end of the tube. Pins 34 prohibit removal of the tube but permit axial rotation thereof.

Each tube is a hollow assembly enclosing a compression spring 40 joined, as by welding. to a rod contact 42 which is spring-urged outwardly of each end of each tube and into electrical contact with conductive sleeve 26. Each spring and rod assembly is insulated from its tube by insulating sleeve 44. Each tube is itself conductive and in electrical contact with its cylinder 22.

It will be seen that there have been described two distinct electrical paths. A first electrical path continues from plug tube 12 to its cylinder 22, through washer 30 to adjustable cylinder 22, through intermediate tube R4 to the next cylinder 22, the next washer 30 and the last cylinder 22, and to light bulb tube l6. A second electrical path returns from the rod contact and spring assembly in light bulb tube 16 through conductive sleeve 26, through the rod contact and spring assembly of intermediate tube 114, through the next conductive sleeve 26 and to rod contact 42 of plug tube 12. Plug tube 12 constitutes, together with the inner end of its rod contact 42, a standard plug for insertion in standard commercial outlets. Light bulb 50 connects in the ordinary manner with its tube 16 on the one hand and rod contact 4-2 on the other hand. A complete electrical circuit is accordingly maintained throughout adjustable lamp 10in all its positions.

Clearly, if the entire adjustable lamp ll0 is not insulated, low voltage should be employed to prevent injury to an operator. Such low voltages will usually be 5 volts or less and may commonly be 1 /2 volts.

To provide additional securement by rivet 24 of cylinders 22, a lock washer 52 may be employed beneath each head of each rivet and, for the sake of clean design, may be recessed within each cylinder 22. If lock washer 52 is conductive, it should be insulated to prevent shorting between the rivet and cylinders. The drawing shows insulating T-shaped washers 54 by way of pertinent example.

The foregoing is illustrative of preferred embodiments of the invention and it is clear that other embodiments and modifications may be had. For example, any common plug-in system may be utilized. Also for example, any number oftubes and cylinder assemblies may be used but it is apparent that the construction of the lamp lends itself to extremely compact dimensions for close-quarter and precision illumination over a wide range of adjustability. Further, light bulb 50 may be replaced by whatever electrical element may be desired.

The following materials have been found useful for the lamp of the present invention. The tubes may be aluminum, the cylinder brass and the insulating materials nylon or other resin compound such as TFE and FEP of which E. I. duPont de Nemours and Co., Inc.s Teflon is an example.


l. An adjustable lamp, comprising:

a. a plurality of hollow electrically conductive tubes;

b. spring-urged contacts within said tubes, said spring urged contacts being electrically insulated from said tubes;

c. at least one adjustable joint, each said adjustable joint ineluding independent inner and outer electrical paths, said tubes being secured to said joints such that said tubes are in electrical communication with each other through said outer electrical paths and such that said spring-urged con tacts are in electrical communication with each other through said inner electrical paths, each said adjustable joint comprising:

i. a plurality of electrically conductive cylinders, said cylinders being joined rotatably and coaxially by a rivet;

ii. each said cylinder having formed therein an opening to i receive one of said tubes in electrical communication therewith;

iii. a conducting sleeve on said rivet, said conducting sleeve extending between said cylinders and electrically insulated therefrom, said spring-urged contacts of said tubes being in electrical communication with said sleeve;

iv. said cylinders being in mutual electrical communication;

at least one said tube is rotatably secured to said adjustable joint.

3. An adjustable lamp in accordance with claim 2, wherein:

said rotatably secured tube is provided with an annular groove at its secured end for rotatable engagement with pins secured to said adjustable joint

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International ClassificationF21V21/14, F21V21/26
Cooperative ClassificationF21V21/26
European ClassificationF21V21/26