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Publication numberUS3603551 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1971
Filing dateMay 20, 1969
Priority dateMay 20, 1969
Publication numberUS 3603551 A, US 3603551A, US-A-3603551, US3603551 A, US3603551A
InventorsPeterson Darwin H
Original AssigneePeterson Darwin H
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Toolholding device
US 3603551 A
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DARWIN H. PETERSON ATTORNEY State's Pateni inventor Darwin 11. Peterson 1212 North 13th, Boise, Idaho @3702 Appl. No. 826,166 Filed May 20, 1969 Patented Sept. 7, 11971 TOOLHOLDIWG DEVICE 2 Chime, 5 Drawing Figs.

U5. 1C1 2418/3111, 211/60 R, 211/89 11m. CIL A4717/(M1 Fieinoisearch 211/60,6O T, 60 S, 62, 63, 65, 66, 67, 89, 69, 45; 248/309, 1 10, 1 1 1, 314

[56] Reierenees Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 56,377 7/1866 Cordis 3,063,569 11/1962 Huber 3,298,531 1/1967 Wilcke 3,365,761 1/1968 Kalvig FOREIGN PATENTS 415,033 9/1946 Italy 147,120 5/1936 Austria Primary Examiner-Franklin J. Foss Attorney-John N. Randolph ABSTRACT: A device for yieldabiy gripping long slender shanks of tools or implements of different cross-sectional sizes and shapes for demountably supponting the tools or implements in a stored position and without the use of magnets.

TOOLHOILDIING DEVICE SUMMARY A primary object of the invention is to provide a toolholder which may be mounted in a horizontal, vertical or inclined position for supporting a plurality of stored tools or implements.

Another object of the invention is to provide an holder capable of yieldable gripping long slender tool shanks of different cross-sectional sizes and shapes for supporting the tools on the holder, and wherein each tool shank is yieldable grasped to cushion vibratory forces exerted upon the tool, as where the holder is mounted in an area subject to such forces.

Another object of the invention is to provide a toolholder in which the tools are yieldably supported for protecting fragile or readily damaged edges or points of tools.

Another object of the invention is to provide a toolholder which uses no magnetic attraction, to avoid magnetizing tools supported by the holder and to avoid imparting magnetic fields to electronic circuits located adjacent the tool holder.

Various other objects and advantages of the invention will hereinafter become more fully apparent from the following description of the drawing, illustrating presently preferred embodiments thereof, and wherein:

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING FIG. 1 is a fragmentary perspective view illustrating a preferred embodiment of the toolholding device;

FIG. 2 is an enlarged cross-sectional view taken substantially along a plane as indicated by the line 22 of FIG, 1;

FIG. 3 is a fragmentary perspective view of a slightly modified form of the toolholder;

FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view thereof, partly in elevation and partly broken away, taken substantially along a plane as indicated by the line 4-4 of FIG. 3, and

FIG. 5 is a fragmentary perspective view of another modified embodiment of the toolholder.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Referring more specifically to the drawing and first with reference to FIG. 1 and 2, the toolholder in its entirety is designated generally 7 and includes a rigid support member 3 and a resilient strip 9.

The support member 8 includes a channel portion 10 composed of a top or outer wall 11, sidewalls 12 and 13 and bottom flanges 14 and 15. The bottom flange 14 extends inwardly from the bottom edge of the sidewall 12. The sidewall 13 has a depending extension 16 which is turned inwardly and back upon itself to provide an inner ply 17 from the upper edge of which the bottom flange 15 extends. The extension 16 and its ply 17 form a depending mounting flange 18 having spaced openings 19 to receive conventional fastenings 20 for mounting the holder 7 on a wall or other supporting surface 21. The outer or top wall 11 is shown provided with spaced openings 22 which align with the space 23 between the spaced apart inner edges ofthe bottom flanges 14 and 15.

The strip 9 is of substantial thickness and formed of a resilient material, such as natural or synthetic rubber, is of a length substantially corresponding to the length of the support member 8 and is of a cross-sectional size and shape to fit snugly in the channel portion 10. The strip 9 has cross slits 24 at spaced intervals which align with the openings 22 and which intersect at right angles with one another and intermediate of their ends to provide corresponding segments 25.

The slender shank 26 of a tool or implement may be inserted through one of the openings 22, at approximately the center thereof, to force the segments 25 to be spread apart, compressed and partially deflected through the space 23 for yieldably gripping the shank or stem 26 for supporting the tool, of which said shank forms a part, on the holder 7. The

holder 7 may thus engage tool shanks or stems of various cross-sectional sizes and shapes; When the tool shank or stem 26 is disengaged from the holder 7 by being displaced upwardly from its position in FIG. 2, the resilient segments 25 are further compressed in attempting to follow the upward travel of the shank 26 and will pass partially through the hole 22 before disengaging the tool shank.

FIG. 3 and 4 illustrate a slightly different embodiment of the toolholder, designated generally 27, and which includes a rigid support member 23 and a strip 29 of resilient material. The support member 23 includes a channel member 30 having a top or outer wall 31, corresponding sidewalls 32 and 33 and corresponding bottom flanges 34 and 35 which extend inwardly from the bottom edges of the walls 32 and 33, respectively. The top wall 27 has openings 36, corresponding to the openings 22. The support member 213 thus differs from the support member 8 in that the mounting bracket 13 is dispensed with and, in lieu thereof, angle brackets 37 are secured to the channel member 30 and each includes a leg 33 which extends across the outer side of the wall 31, between two of the openings 36, and a leg 39 which extends downwardly on the outer side of the wall 33 and which has an opening 40 disposed there below to receive a conventional fastening 41 for mounting the holder 27 on a wall 42. The strip 29 corresponds to the strip 9 and has cross slits 43 which align with the openings 36 and form segments 44, corresponding to the segments 25. The holder 27 is utilized in the same manner as the holder 7.

FIG. 5 illustrates a third embodiment of the toolholder designated generally 45 and which includes a resilient strip 46, corresponding to the strips 9 and 29, which is interposed between and suitably secured to plates 47 and 48 to provide a laminated construction. The plate 47 has openings 49 which align with openings 50 of the plate 48 and with cross slits 51 of the strip 46 to provide an holder which functions in substantially the same manner as previously described in reference to the holder 7. The plate 48 is thicker than the plate 47 to accommodate spaced bores 32 which extend transversely thereacross to receive suitable fastenings, similar to the fastenings 20 and 41, for mounting the holder 45 on a wall or the like.

It will be understood that the holders 8, 27, 45 may be mounted in horizontal, vertical or inclined positions or, in fact, in inverted positions, such as, on the underside of the top of a workbench; and that the members 8 and 28 and the plates 47 and 48 may be formed of metal, plastic, or other rigid materials.

Various other modifications and changes are contemplated and may be resorted to without departing form the function of scope of the invention.

I claim as my invention:

ll. A toolholding device comprising a substantially rigid sup port member and a thick resilient member carried by the support member; said support member being of one-piece construction including a top wall and depending sidewalls, one sidewall having an inwardly extending bottom flange, the other sidewall having a depending extension provided with an inwardly turned back ply, said extension and ply have aligned apertures adapted to receive driven fastenings for mounting the support member on a supporting, surface, said ply having an inturned flange at its upper end disposed coplanar with the first mentioned flange and spaced therefrom to provide a space between the flanges, said top wall having an opening aligning with said space; said resilient member having intersecting cross slits disposed in alignment with said opening, said cross slits extending through the resilient member and forming corresponding inwardly tapered segments adapted to yieldably grip a long slender shank or stem of a tool or implement when inserted through the opening and the slitted portion of the resilient member and through said space for yieldably supporting the shank in the toolholding device.

2. A toolholding device as in claim 1, said top wall, sidewalls and flanges defining a portion of channel-shaped cross section in which said resilient member is confined.

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European ClassificationB25H3/04, A47F7/00C1