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Publication numberUS3605327 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1971
Filing dateMar 3, 1969
Priority dateDec 23, 1968
Publication numberUS 3605327 A, US 3605327A, US-A-3605327, US3605327 A, US3605327A
InventorsRonald A Jones
Original AssigneeRonald A Jones
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Whirling balls toy
US 3605327 A
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p R. A. JoNEs 3,605,327

WHIRLING BALLs ToY 3 sheetsSheet 1 Fi1ed !arch 3. 1969 sepL 20. 1'"

A. JoNEs wHIBLING BALLs oY 3 sheetsSheet 2 11ed nBrch sl 1969 p 1971 R. A. JoNEs 3,60s,327

wHIRLING BALLs To Pi1Qd uarh 3. 1969 v 3 sheetSsheet s United stateS Pate11t F 3,605,327 vvHIRLING BALLS ToY ffon31d A. Jones, LovaL Quebec, Canada (470 Cafn bffdge Sfl 401 oaWo, K1S4H8, ()nfafio, Caoada) Fi1ed Mof. 3, 19o9, Sef. No. 803,o45 claimS pffofify, appHcooonoda, Dec. 23, 1068,

Inf. cL o3h f/,2

UIS. cL 4o-s1 8 claimS ABSTRACT of THE DfSCLoSURE ThiS invenfion felateS to a toy and nfofe pafticulafly to a nlanuany opefated toy having banS fixed to a Stfing fof vvhifling Inotion.

Thefe afe knovvn in the aft nunlefouS toyS including one of fIfofe baHs attached to a Stfing. Thefe is a1so known a toy compfising a hoop attached at the end of a stfing of a Stick and adapted to peffofm a Whifling n1otion.

It is an obiect of the invention to pfovide a new toy of tho Stfing and baHS type Whefein the baHs afe fixed to the stfing and afe adapted to peffofn1 a vvhifling Inotion. Anothef obiect of the invention iS to pfovide a toy of the Stfing and banS type whefein the bans afe SyInnletficany xed at one end of the stfing lengthWiSe thefeof.

A nlofe specific obiect of the invention is to pfovide a SfIan uneven n11fflbef of banS fixed to a Sffing and adapted to peffoffn a Whifling n10tion upon enefgization thfough a WfiSt action.

The invention Wi11 be descfibed in detail by fefefence fo the foHowing descfiption and appended dfawingS Whefein iS inustfated a pfefeffed fofIn of the invention and in Which:

FIG. 1 is an elevation vievv of one embodin1ent of the toy in the motionless State.

FIG. 2 is an elevation vievv of the toy of F1(} 1 aS Seen in an affested poSition of the noffnal opefation State.

FIG. 3 is a p efspective view of the same embodin1ent of the t0y fhis tinle, as Seen ffom the top vvhen in Inotion.

The toy illuStfated cofnpfiSes a stfing of cofd 1 on wvhich afe fnoI1nted and fixed a nuInbef of baHs Z, 3 and 4 aS Shown in the dfaWingS. As wn1 be undefstood lafer, the nun1bef of ba1S is not lifnited to five as in the dfovvingS. The end offhe stfing 1 femote ffom the banS iS thfeaded thfough a bofe 5 extending thfough the boftom of a hoHow handlo 15 and a knot 7 at the end of the Stfing 1 fetains the lattef in the bofe 5 of the handle 6. The Sffing 1 should be vefy Hexible and ffee to fotate in the bofe 5 of the handle 6. In ofdef to do so, the knot 7 should b nlade sfflal1 enough to fotate inSide the holloW han d e 6.

The fvhifling bans toy is opefated by hoIding the handle 6 in a SUbsfantiany veftical position With one hand, the banS and the stfing hanging down vefticany ffom the handle and by inlpa^fting a fofafy fffotion to the handle and the bal1S. Aftef the baHS have gathefed some Whif1- ing speed, they n1ove tovvafd a hofizonta1 position in the plane of the highest ban, in thiS inSfance, the uppef ball 4. At that moment, as inUStfated in FIG. 2, a vefy SHght IIlotion of the hand of 1ngefS iS suHicient to cause the 3,605,327 Pafenfed sepf. 20, 1971 ballS to adopt a planaf WhifHng of ofbfting notion. That is, the baHS all fotate in the safne plane pasSing fhfough the Uppeffnost balL undef the action of the centfifugal fofco acting on the fotating banS to pfodnce a dynaInic eqlIilibfiufn. In FIG. 2, the ban caHed the uppefInost ba11 is the ball 4 located on the left that is, flle ban cloSest to the handle 6 1engthWiSe of the stfing 1.

In ofdef to funy undefstand the pafticulafities of the invention, I shall novv descfibe ceffain chafactefistics felated to the balls. AS Stated eaflief, the numbef of ballS iS not necessafily lin1ited to five. Any numbef of balls nlay be l1Sed, pfefefably an uneven nun1bef should be used and the numbef Selected should be felatively low, Such as 3, S, 7 of 9.

Five ba11S appeaf to pfoduce the ()ptiIInfn peffoTInance. An Uneven nufnbef is pfefeffed fof vvheflin vvflifling fffo tion, t11e n1iddle baIL ban z, stayS Snbstantially fnotioIf- 1eSS compafed to the othef banS Which peffofm an of biting fnofion afound the said n1iddle balL This appafent SubStantially fnotionless ffliddle ball pfoduceS a beautiful and amazing effect specially When 1Tfulti-coloufed ballS afe 11Sed. Anothef chafactefistic Telated to the balls iS theif disposition along tho stfing and theif choice. BaSic ally, easily suStainable Whifling fnotion vin be obtained if the banS and symn1etfically affanged 1engthWiSe of the stfing in othef wofdS if the bans afe symn1etfically diS posed and balanced felative to a n1iddle position detef' mined inteffnediafe and eSpective to the gfoup of balls. Fof oXan1plo, if an uneven n11Inbef of balls is 11Sed, the ballS Should be located symInetficany fespective to the ban in the n1iddle of the gfoup. The ballS do not need to be an of the same weight but the banS oquany Spaced ffom the fniddle ban of the point of Symmetfy Should be of the San1e Weight in ofdef to achieve a unifofm and stable whifling of the banS. Fof example, in the pafticulaf embodiInent illuStfated anddeScfibed, the fwo ballS 3 Should have the Sanle veight and ShoI1ld be equally Spaced ffon1 the middle ban 2 and the same appHes to the two ba11s 4.

The ballS Should pfefefably be n1ultico1oufed. The bans afe pfefefably Inade of fffbbef of othef fesilient nlatefial to avoid ininfy to the uSef of the byStandef. Tho balls collld eqIlany vve11 be nlade of any othef figid of Semffigid nlatefial such as wood, plastics and nletals. A bofe exfendS dian1etfically acfoSS each ba11 and sefveS to thfead the Stfing thefethfough. The bans afe adapted to gfip the Stfing in ofdef to fxedly position the balls on the lattef. In the caSe of fubbef aod plastic ballS, the bofe may be made Smanef than the stfing in ofdef to pfovide the gfipping action.

Any commonly uSed matefial Such as Wood of plastic may be osed fof the handle 6. The stfing of cofd 1 mUSt have SubStantial fleXibility and n1uSt pfefefably be fotatably attached to the handle o. In the embodiment inus tfated, the knot 7 iS 1()oSely insefted in the bofe of the honow handle 6.

AS can be seen in the dfaWingS Which ill11Stfate a pfe feffed eInbodinlent of fhe invention, the ban closest to the handle along the sf ing iS pfefefably positioned fflid- Way betWeen fhe ends of the stfing.

vvhile a pfofeffed oInbodin1ent of the invention haS been specifically disclosed it is undefstood that the invention iS not lifnited thefeto asITlany vaTiationS vvin be Teadily appafent to those skined in the aft and the in vention iS to be given its bfoadeSt possible intefpfeta tion Within the tefmS of the fonowing clainlS.

What I clain1 is:

1. A Whifling bans toy compfising a stfing, a handle attached to one end of said stfing, and a plufality of bans thfeaded in Spaced apaft felationship onto said Sffing lengthWise thefeof, Said Stfing paSsing diafnetfically thfongh each ban and the centfe of gfavity thefeof, each ball ffictiona11y gfipping the stfing to fetain a Spaced aTt xed position along the latter, Said baHs being con centTated at the opposite end of said StTing Telative to the handle and being constructed and arfanged Whereby a fotary n10tion imparted to the handle can cauSe the de pendin banS to whiT1 in a coIntlon and subStantiall hoTizontal plane.

2. A WhHn banS to as deHned in claim 1, Wherein the ban cloSeSf to fhe handle along the st1ing iS poSi tioned substantiaH midvva between the tW() endS of the St1ing.

3. A WhiTHng bans foy aS dened in clain1 1, WheIein Said baHS are SymmetficaHy attached along Said opposite end of said StTin 4. A WhiTling bans toy aS deHned in clain1 3, Wherein the number of baHs in uneven and Telatively low such that one baH is ositioned in the n1iddle with Tes ect to fhe otheI' banS lengthWiSe of the string.

5. WhHng bans toy as defined in claim 4, Wherein each ba11 on one side of the middle ban haS the same Weight aS the corTeSponding ban located on the othe1 Side of the middle ban at the same diStance from the latter.

6. A WhiTHn ballS toy aS denned in clain1 5, vvheTein a11 the balIS are substantiany equally Spaced ond offho same Weight.

7. A Whirlin balls t()y as dened in claiIn o, WheTein the stTing is Totatably attached to the handle,

8. A WhiTing bans foy as denned in claim 7, Wherein there are ve bans and the latte1 a1e made of feSilient Inaterial Whereby the TesiHency of the InateIial of the banS assuTes ri in of the String portions extendin in side Said bans.

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