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Publication numberUS361248 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1887
Filing dateOct 28, 1885
Publication numberUS 361248 A, US 361248A, US-A-361248, US361248 A, US361248A
InventorsHenry D. Winton
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Holder for metal articles
US 361248 A
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No. 361,248. Patented Apr. 12, 1887.

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No. 361,248. Patented Apr. 12, 1887.

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Patented Apr. 12, 1887.

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HOLDERl-OR METAL .Anr'ipu-zs.

SPECIPICATIQNjorming part of Letters Patent. No. 361K248, dated April 12, 1887.

Application filed October as, 1885. Serial No. 161,205. (so model.)

-' States, haveinvented a new and useful Improvement in Holders for Metal Articles, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact descr ptiomreference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, in explaining its nature.

The object of the invention is to provide means for holding metal articles in a manner 'to enable them to be readily placedand removed from the holder, and also so that they may be arranged to have any desired position thereon, and it comprises magnetized bars, or a magnet and a holding device or frame for the same; and in the drawings I have represented various applications of the invention, all 1of which, however, embody the same princip e.

Ref rring t0 the drawings, Figure 1 representsihe use of the invention for holding a class of larger articles, such as screw-drivers, chisels, and other tools. Fig. 2 represents the same resents in elevation the use of magnetized bars iirlieu of a horseshoe-magnet, and the holder also has a-pin-cushion, upon which the magnetized bars are arranged. Fig.4 shows in perspective the magnetized bars, their holder in this case being in the form of a box. Fig. 5 shows the bars depending from the holder, instead of being arranged horizontally thereon, and the holder as also provided with studs for the reception of spools, &c. The holder in this figure is also represented as provided with apin-eushion. Fig. drepiesents substantially arranged above the magnetic holder.

the same 'form of holder as represented in Fig. 3, with the exception that the pin-cushion is Fig. 7 shows the magnetic. holder and its support provided with a pin-cushion, and with'a tray or receptacle for holding a sponge. This form of holder is more especially adapted for use in holding pins.

In all thefigures, A represents the magnet,

and B its holder or support. In Fig. 2 a horseshoe magnet is represented, and in the other figures magnetized metal bars; and when magnetizcd metal bars are used I prefer to useat least two,and to arrange them parallel to each other, with their-1,.poles oppositely placed, so

that the article or articles which they hold shall form armatures, as represented in the various figures, and in Figs. 3 to 7, inclusive, a represents these magnetized bars. They may be arranged in pairs, as represented in Figs.

3, 4, 6, and 7; or a greater number may be employed, as represented in Figs. 1 and 5.

This magnetic supporting device may be used with a holder only, as represented in Figs. 1 and 4; orit may have in addition a pin-cushion, 0, as represented in Figs. 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 or holders for spools, 850. as representedin Fig. 5'; or a tray or cup or a sponge, as represented in Fig. 7, or any other desirable or useful device or article of a similar character.

In Figs. 2 to 5, inclusive, I have represented thev magnetic holderas supporting needles, in

Figs. 2 and 5 in horizontal groups, in Fig. 3 in vertical groups, and in Fig. 4 in a box. In Fig. 6 I represent the holder as supporting hairpins, button-hooks, and scissors, and in Fig. 7 as supporting pens and pen-holders,

The magnetized bars may be secured to their holder or back in any desirable manner.

The uses to which this magnetic holder can be put are very many, and-among them I will mention its use for supporting or holding needles, small surgical instruments, dentists instruments, button-hooks, glove-fasteners, bodf kins, steel pens, small tools, &c., arranged either'in the form represented in Fig. 4, or to be suspended or hung either with or without a pin-cushion orother article of daily usesuch, for instance, as thermometers, calendars, match -boxes', mirrors, postage stamp holders, postal-card holders, '&c.

It is obvious that this device is not only useful for household purposes, but that it afl'ords also a'desirable manner of displaying goodsin stores, &c., because it permits of the ready arrangement thereof in any desired form, and

also of the removal of anyone or more articles without interfering with or disturbing other.

articles held or suspended thereby.

It will be seen that the magnet holder or carrier in each instance, excepting in Fig. 4,

is provided with means whereby it may be se-' cured or attached to a support.

I am aware of Patent No. 93,931 to Wescott lbracopy-holder,whichdeseribesamagnetsup ported by a stand or base and adapted to hold or carry a copy-holder; but as my magnetic holder is not supported by a stand, and is not 5 intended for a copy-holder, but is attached to a back or support adapted to be suspended upon nails or'hooks, I consider that the said patented device does not contain the spirit of my invention.

Having thus fully described my invention, I claim and desire to secure by Letters lfatent of the United States-- 1. As a new article of mannilicti'u-e, a magnetic holder for suspending and holding in 15 place iron or steel implements, consisting of one or more magnets and asuspending or inclosing l'rame firmly attached to said magnets, and the whole constituting a single article of manulaeturc, substantially as described.

2. As a new article of manufacture, a mag- 20 netic holder for suspending and holding in place iron or steel implements, consisting 01' one or more magnets, a sus mnding 0r inclosing frame,apincushion, and a shelter bracket, all firmly fastened together and constitutinga 25 single article of manufacture, substantially as described.



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