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Publication numberUS3613904 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 19, 1971
Filing dateSep 12, 1969
Priority dateSep 12, 1969
Publication numberUS 3613904 A, US 3613904A, US-A-3613904, US3613904 A, US3613904A
InventorsBlatt Leland F
Original AssigneeBlatt Leland F
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Vacuum holder and control assembly
US 3613904 A
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iliiited States Patent Inventor Appl. No. Filed Patented VACUUM HOLDER AND CONTROL ASSEMBLY 3 Claims, 3 Drawing Figs.

US. Cl 214/1 BV, 294/64 A Int. Cl B65g 47/91 Field of Search 214/ 1 BS, 1 B; 294/64 A References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 3,174,789 3/1965 Scherr 214/1 BS4 X 3,181,563 5/1965 Giffen 3,507,403 4/1970 Moore Primary ExaminerRobert G. Sheridan Assistant Examiner-George F. Abraham Att0rney-Cullen, Sloman & Cantor 294/64 A UX 214/1 B4 PATENTEUUBT 19 mn sum 10F 2 INVENTOR LELAND F. BLA BY g 1 427 ATTORNEYS VACUUM HOLDER AND CONTROL ASSEMBLY BACKGROUND OF INVENTION I-Ieretofore, vacuum-operated workpiece-engaging and holding cups have been provided for gripping and transporting a workpiece with normal power means for locating the vacuum gripper with respect to a pair of right angularly related planes such as shown in my U.S. Pat. No. 3,349,927, dated Oct. 31, 1967 entitled Material Handling Equipment.

Heretofore, there have been provided vacuum-operated workpieceengaging cups with a venturi control such as shown in my copending patent application, Ser. No. 814,687 filed Apr. 9, 1969 entitled Vacuum Cup Type Work Gripping Means.

It is an object of the present invention to provide an improved vacuum cup workpiece gripper with power operated pivotal boom assembly for positioning the vacuum cup gripping device in workpiece-engaging position and for pivotally retracting the same to a secondary position effecting corresponding movements of a work piece connected thereto.

These and other objects will be seen from the following specification and claims in conjunction with the appended drawing in which:

FIG. 1 is a side elevational view of the present vacuum gripper and boom assembly partly broken away for illustration.

FIG. 2 is a fragmentary end elevational view thereof.

FIG. 3 is a plan view thereof.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION Referring to the drawing, the present vacuum gripper and boom assembly includes jaw assembly II with connected actuating unit 12, boom assembly 13, bracket assembly 14 and vacuum cup assembly 15.

The aforesaid jaw assembly includes jaw body 16 having at one end apertured mounting flange 17 which employing fasteners 18 is adjustably secured to a corresponding flange 19 of the actuating unit 12.

The rod end 21 or end portion of a piston rod forming a part of power-operated cylinder and piston assembly, axially extends through the actuating unit 12 with the end portion of said rod end as in FIG. 1 secured to reciprocal clevis 22.

Said clevis is guidably positioned for reciprocal movements within a corresponding internal slot 22' shown in FIG. 2.

An upper jaw plate 23, or a pair of said plates spaced apart by suitable spacers are pivotally mounted as at 24 upon said jaw body project forwardly thereof.

One or a pair of links 25, FIG. 1, pivotally connected at 26 to one end of clevis 22 and at their respective other ends are pivotally connected at 27 to an end portion of jaw arms 23.

In the illustrative embodiment there is shown schematically, an inactive lower jaw 28 similarly pivoted or otherwise connected to the jaw body 16 as at pivot 24. An additional set of corresponding links 25 are adapted to pivotally interconnect between said clevis and end portions of the secondary or lower jaw element 28 in the same manner as the pivot 27.

Upon the reciprocal movements of the piston rod end 21 in a manner forming no part of the present application, there is effected a corresponding reciprocal movement of clevis 22 in turn efiecting pivotal movements of the jaw arms 23 as in the arc designated at 29.

Boom assembly 13 upon the forward end of arms 23 includes a clamp 30 slit at 31 and by fasteners 32 adapted to adjustably engage one end of the boom rod 33. Said rod extends forwardly of arms 23, longitudinally thereof and at its outer end, mounts bracket arm 34. Said bracket arm, split at 35, employing fasteners as at 36, adjustably mounts spreader bar 37.

One or a pair of vacuum cup assemblies are adjustably mounted upon the spreader bar 37. One of such assemblies is described with respect to FIGS. 2 and 3. Mounted upon spreader 37 is the bracket assembly 14, FIG. 2. A venturi cup body mount 38 includes a tapered or cone assembly 39 which projects within a corresponding bore in bracket assembly 40 and is adjustably secured thereto as by fastener 41.

The venturi cup body assembly also includes the venturi assembiy 42 including pressure air inlet port 43 adapted for connection to a source of air under pressure, suitable outlet 44 to atmosphere and a passage 45 for communicating low-pressure condition to the interior of the vacuum cup 47.

A suitable adapter assembly 46 is adjustably mounted with respect to the cup body 38 for mounting the vacuum cup 47 and for establishing vacuum communication thereinto.

The detail and construction of the vacuum cup body and venturi structure is itself, not a part of the present application, and is disclosed in the aforesaid copending patent application.

OPERATION In a conventional manner, the actuating unit 12 employing its support rod 20 may be movably positioned longitudinally through the piston rod 21 which after a predetermined longitudinal feed, is adapted for operating the actuating unit 12 which in turn, controls reciprocal movements of the clevis 22.

Said clevis connected by links 25 to the arms 23 is adapted on reciprocal movement to effect corresponding arcuate power adjustments of the boom assembly arm 33.

With the vacuum cup assembly suitably bracketed and secured to the outer end of the boom construction, it appears that the boom assembly 33 may be tilted to a workpiece-en gaging position shown at 29 so that the vacuum cup, when properly activated, will engage and secure to a workpiece. The boom assembly 33 is thus adapted to be pivoted upwardly to the position shown in FIG. I for movably positioning the workpiece secured thereby.

A pair of said vacuum cup assemblies may be employed as shown in 15, FIG. 3, for the purpose of more effectively engaging a workpiece to be transported or removed to and from a machine tool or other jig or assembly.

Having described my invention, reference should now be had to the following claims.


1. In combination with a material-handling apparatus, a jaw body having an internal longitudinally extending guide slot;

a jaw arm within and pivotally mounted on said jaw body around a fixed pivot axis and projecting from said jaw y;

a boom assembly extending forwardly of said arm and adjustably secured thereto and including a bracket arm;

a spreader adjustably secured to said bracket arm;

a venturi containing cup mounting body adjustably secured to said spreader;

a vacuum cup assembly including an adapter secured to said venturi-containing cup mounting body;

a clevis longitudinally movably positioned within said jaw body guide slot and adapted for connection to a reciprocal power source; and

a link pivotally connected at one end to said clevis around a pivot axis lying in a plane containing said fixed pivot axis, the other end of said link being pivotally connected to said jaw arm rearwardly of and offset from said fixed pivot axis whereby reciprocal movement of said clevis effects corresponding pivotal movement of said jaw arm around said fixed pivot axis by displacement of said link pivot axis along said plane containing said fixed pivot axis.

2. In the combination of claim I, said boom assembly including a clamp secured upon one end of said jaw arm;

a rod adjustably secured to said clamp and extending longitudinally outward of said arm at its end and mounting said bracket arm.

3. In the combination of claim 2, the mounting of said venturi containing cup mounting body including a bracket adjustably secured to said spreader.

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U.S. Classification414/737, 294/64.2
International ClassificationB65G47/91
Cooperative ClassificationB65G47/915
European ClassificationB65G47/91G
Legal Events
Jan 9, 1989ASAssignment
Effective date: 19880901