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Publication numberUS3613995 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 19, 1971
Filing dateMar 18, 1970
Priority dateMar 18, 1970
Publication numberUS 3613995 A, US 3613995A, US-A-3613995, US3613995 A, US3613995A
InventorsNeil G Kane
Original AssigneeRain Bird Sprinkler Mfg
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Adjustable sprinkler head
US 3613995 A
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n H mm m 0 C I E mwuw cTk mn A 0 e 0 SS flTmmbn S be D 3 l R TCG. n462 770 Umww 225 1 a 584B 588 ,3 739a 579m 6 ll U. P D

M c l M a m 0 29 HD. m wmw h oo hm Gm7 5r. ca 38 c ..l NHZMQRG I 0 e m N m m n L ng e emfl V p naS .m AFPA l. 11]. 2 253 7 2247 [lilil Assistant ExaminerEdwin D. Grant Attorney-Lyon & Lyon ABSTRACT: An adjustable sprinkler head formed of two injection molded plastic or die cast metal parts, including a body member arranged for connection to a riser and having a ring of upwardly directed water passages, and a nozzle member capping the passages and having a central outlet; the noule member being rotatably adjustable to control the volume of water discharge and the radius of the spray pattern.

OJQZJ 0 3 i 9 1 3 5 25 8 3B3 .4 mW m m3 m7 m2 m3 D m m A m m E "M "B H "9 u "3 R m we m m m n m M NO m u 8 m ml P.m m m0 SW E? m R0 ,5 m "m m "WW Sm m mm m DC 5 .w A5 U F l l l. 4 2 0 5 5 5 PATENTEnnm 19 l97l INVENTOR. /VE/L K it Mu ATTORNEYS ADJUSTABLE SPRINKLER HEAD BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION A common type of sprinkler for lawns which has been in use for many years involves a metal body which receives a screwthreaded nozzle member. The nozzle member is screwthreaded into or out of the body member to regulate the water discharge. Attempts to duplicate this construction using plastic materials have not been satisfactory, partly due to the lack of strength in the fine threads required for adjustment and the probability of cross threading and partly due to the high cost of the mold as well as the long mold cycling time due to the need of casting screw threads of different pitches in the same part, or the need to resort to secondary operation.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to an adjustable sprinkler head which is summarized in the following objects:

First, to provide an adjustable sprinkler head which may be constructed from two injection molded or die cast parts so arranged as to minimize molding or casting time, thereby permitting manufacture at a minimum price.

Second, to provide a sprinkler head which is easy to assemble and adjust, even by an unskilled person, and which is easily cleaned without removal of the sprinkler from its riser.

DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of the adjustable sprinkler head.

FIG. 2 is a side view thereof, with a portion broken away and in section.

FIG. 3 is an enlarged sectional view thereof, taken through 3-3 of FIG. 4, with portions shown in plan.

FIG. 4 is an enlarged partial sectional, partial side view thereof, the section being taken through 44 of FIG. 3.

FIG. 5 is a fragmentary view, with the body member shown in section, taken through 55 of FIG. 4, the view being in the opposite direction to that of FIG. 3, with the nozzle member in bottom plan.

The adjustable sprinkler head includes a body member l and a nozzle member 2, both of which may be injection molded of plastic material or die cast of metal.

The body member includes a base portion 3, adapted for screw-thread connection at the upper end of a riser forming part of a sprinkler system. The base portion forms an inlet cavity 4, closed at its upper end by a web 5. Extending upwardly from the periphery of the web 5 is an annular wall 6, in the radially inner side of which is formed a set of flow channels 7, which are open radially inwardly except for their portions which pass through the web 5. The flow channels communicate between the inlet cavity 4 and the region above the web 5.

The body member also includes an upwardly directed diverging outer wall 8, joined to the base portion 3 outwardly from the wall 6. The upper extremity of the outer wall 8 terminates in a peripheral flange 9.

Formed in the outer wall 8 is a pair of diametrical slots 10. Each slot includes a vertical portion 11 and a horizontal or circumferentially extending portion 12. Each vertical portion 11 is bordered by a radially outward wall as well as a wall at one circumferential side, the opposite side communicating with the corresponding horizontal portion 12. The upper side of each horizontal portion l2 forms a bearing surface 13.

The nozzle member 2 includes a downwardly directed radially outer skirt M and a corresponding inner skirt 15, which form therebetween an annular channel dimensioned to receive the annular wall 6. The inner skirt 15 is provided with a set of inlet ports 16, corresponding in number to the flow channels 7. The inlet ports 16 are adapted to register with the flow channels. The nozzle member is provided with a central nozzle port 17.

The space within the skirt 15 and below the nozzle port forms a mixing or swirl chamber 18. The inlet ports 16 are disposed tangentially with respect to the inner skirt so that the inflowing water tends to swirl in the chamber 18.

the arms 19 and vertical portions ll of the slots 10, whereu- 1 pon the nozzle member is turned, placing the arms 19 in the horizontal portions 12, with their upper surfaces in bearing relation with the bearing surfaces T3. The fit between the upper extremity of the annular wall 6 and the confronting portion of the channel formed between the skirts 14 and 15 as well as the confronting surfaces of the outer skirt l4 and the annular wall provide a seal fit which is maintained by the bearing pressure between the arms 19 and the bearing surfaces 13.

By rotating the nozzle 2 relative to the body 1, the effective areas of the passages formed by the channels 7 and ports 16 may be adjusted to control the volume of water discharged.

It will be noted that flow channels 7 and the slots 10 are so arranged that the two parts of the mold or die employed to form this part may be readily separated by axial movement. If conventional screw threads are employed at the bottom of the body member ll, special provision must be made. However, it should be noted that such screw threads may be omitted and the body member, if made of plastic material, arranged for attachment by cement to a plastic riser.

The present embodiments of this invention are to be considered in all respects as illustrative and not restrictive.

I claim:

1. A sprinkler head, comprising:

a. a body member including an inlet end having means for attachment to a riser, and means above the inlet end forming a central web and an upwardly directed annular wall surrounding the web and having a set of upwardly directed flow channels communicating with the inlet end;

b. and a nozzle member including means forming an annular channel receiving the annular wall, a set of inlet ports corresponding to the flow channels and a central outlet opening in communication with the inlet ports;

c. the nozzle member being rotatable to move the inlet ports with respect to the flow channels thereby to vary the flow of water therethrough for discharge through the outlet opening.

2. A sprinkler, as defined, in claim 1, wherein:

a. the body member is provided with laterally directed slots outwardly of the annular wall;

b. and the nozzle member includes lateral arms received in the slots to secure the nozzle member over the annular wall.

3. A sprinkler head, as defined in claim 1, wherein:

a. the body member further includes a second, outer, up-

wardly directed wall, the outer wall terminating in a peripheral flange, the outer wall having a pair of diametrically disposed slots including vertical portions accessible from the upper end of the body member and horizontal circumferentially extending portions;

b. the nozzle member further including diametrically disposed arms dimensioned to be received in the slots and turned in the horizontal portions thereof to effect flow adjustment.

A sprinkler head, comprising:

a. a body member including an inlet end, a web terminating the inlet end, an upwardly directed annular wall surrounding the web, a set of flow passages extending from the inlet end through the periphery of the web and forming flow channels in the radially inner surface of the wall;

b. a nozzle member including an annular skirt fitting within the wall, a central discharge aperture confronting the web, and inlet ports formed in the skirt positioned to register with the flow channels for flow of water into the nozzle member and discharge through the aperture, the nozzle member being circumferentially movable to change the register of the inlet ports and flow channels thereby adjusting the rate of water flow from the aperture;

c. and means for securing the nozzle member in sealing engagement with the body member.

5. A sprinkler, as defined in claim 4, wherein:

extending portions, and diametrical arms extending from the nozzle member and dimensioned to be received in the vertical portions of the slots and turned in the horizontal portions thereof to effect adjustment of the water flow.

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