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Publication numberUS3617693 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 2, 1971
Filing dateJun 19, 1970
Priority dateJun 19, 1970
Publication numberUS 3617693 A, US 3617693A, US-A-3617693, US3617693 A, US3617693A
InventorsShimosawa Ron
Original AssigneeShimosawa Ron
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Combined dining and cooking table
US 3617693 A
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United States Patent Ron Shimosawa 230 East Ontario St., Chicago, 111. 60611 47,642

June 19, 1970 Nov. 2, 1971 [72] Inventor Appl. No. Filed Patented COMBINED DINING AND COOKING TABLE 9 Claims, 7 Drawing Figs.

U.S.C1 219/218, 99/446,108/25, 108/150 References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS Primary Examiner-C. L. Albritton Attorney-Max R. Kraus ABSTRACT: A table which is used for both cooking and dining, characterized by a generally outer annular tabletop which serves as the dining portion of the table and a centrally positioned electrically operated cooking unit positioned inwardly of the outer annular tabletop, said table being constructed so that the people sitting around the table are equidistantly spaced from the center of the table.

PATENTEDHOV 2 m 8,617, 693

SHEET 1 UF 2 Inventor RON SHIMOSAWA Wad/ 46742440 ATTY One of the objects of this invention is to provide acombined dining and cooking table in which the tabletop portion which serves as the dining area is the outer portion and of annular shape, with a central opening to receive an electrically operated heating .unit for cooking the food, and wherein the upright portion which supports the tabletop is centrally positioned so that the people sitting ,-around the table are equidistantly spaced from the center of the table and -are not interferedwith by the upright supporting portion of the table.

Another object of this invention is to provide a table of the foregoing character in which the electrically operated heating unit has means for varying the heat to various heat positions.

Another object of this invention is to provide'a table ofthe foregoing character which is attractive in appearance and which is easy and economical to produce and operate.

Another object of this invention is to provide a table of the foregoing character which has means through which the refuse may be disposed of.

BRIEF DESCRIPTIONOF TIIE DRAWINGS In the drawings: a FIG. I is a plan view of adining table showing a centrally located cooking unit and a control switch for controlling the cooking unit.

FIG. 2 is an elevation of the'table with parts broken away.

FIG. 3 is a plan of the cooking unit. v

FIG. 4 is a circuit diagram showing the connections between the cooking unit, the control switch and the power source.

FIG. 5 is a plan showing the structural supports of the table. FIG. 6 is a sectional view taken along the lines 6- -6 of FIG.

FIG. 7 is a view of a door for closure of a cavity housing a receptacle.

Most broadly and generally described, the dining and cooking table, generally indicated at 1, comprises an outer annular tabletop 2, having a central annular opening 3 which accommodates and receives an electrically operated cooking unit generally indicated at 4. The table also has a hollow downwardly and inwardly inclined body, generally indicated at 5, which rests on a base assembly 6, more specifically a pedestal 7. 1 a

The construction of the table of the foregoing character permits each of the persons seated around the table to be seated equidistant from the center of the table and equidistant from the central cooking unit. The annular dining portion 2 of the table permits the persons to be properly spaced relative to each other, and the shape of the supporting structure of "the body 5 eliminates all interference with the legs ofthe person dining around the table. I

The table is used in connection with a ventilating unit, only the hood 8 of which is shown in phantom lines in FIG. 2, which is positioned over the cooking unit of the table in spaced relation thereto and which serves to suck up the heat and odors emanating from the table and withdraw them from the room. The ventilating unit forms the subject matter of a coper'idin'g application. -J

The cooking unit 4 includes anannula'r iron plate 9 to which are imbedded a plurality of heating elements 14 which are imbedded in a conventional manner. The plate 9 has a drain opening for the purpose to be hereinafter described. A control switch 15 is operative to control the heat of the cooking unit. A thermostat (not showniis also included in the cooking unit to prevent overheating of the heating unit.

The table 1 has insulating means 17 which is placed between the outer cover I8 and a -series of asbestos plates 19 which line the interior of the cavity 20 of the body 5. This arrangement of lining the cavity and insulating the cavity of body 5 provides a great factor of safety and comfort for persons dining at the table.

A removable receptacle 21 is located within the cavity 20 of body 5 and is supported between the drain opening 10 and platform rails 46 for'thepurpose of receiving the fat and cooking residue accumulatedjon the plate 9 of cooking unit 4. The receptacle 21 is removable througha doorway 22 for periodic emptying and cleaning. Shown in FIG. 7 is a door 23, as seen from the lines 7-7 in FIG. 2, which closes the opening 22 and may be latched in this position by means of the-turn bolts 24 and 25. The turn bolts 24 and 25' are received behind the two angles 26 and 27 mounted in the doorway 22 and effect the securement of the door in place.

The structuralelements of the table are best shown in FIGS. 5 and 6 and include the base assemb|yj30, comprising a foot 31 and secured thereto is the upright pedestal 7 and a supporting plate 33. The supporting plate 33 is bolted to the pedestal 7 by thebolts 41, and welded to the piate'33at the several points 34 are the upright angles 42. The angles 42 support at their upper-ends a circular ring 44 which is welded at the points 45 to the angles 42.

A basestructure is provided for supporting the receptacle 21, said base structure comprising a'pair of laterally spacedap'art'angles 46 located above the plate 33 and welded at each end to the adjacent upright angles 42. At the'rear end of the angles 46 there is secured a crossm'ember 47 to limit the movement ofthe receptacle 2! toward the rear of the cavity 20. A plurality of laterally directed struts '48 are secured to the upper ends of the angles 42 and provide support on which rests the annular table top 2.

The cooking element 4 is placed in the 'openingJ and the necessary wire connections therefrom'are made to the control switch 15 and to the power source 60, as will be hereinafter described. A mounting plate 50 is provided in the recess '49 of the annular tabletop 2 upon which is mounted the control switch 15 which is located in the aperturesl.

Referring to FIG. 4, the heating elements 14 are connected to the control switch 15 and to the power source 60. It is noted that the'heating-elements 14 are divided into two sections 14a and 146, and 'for the purpose of'explanation these elements are shown repeated for each position of the control switch 15, which switch is also shown for each position, i.e., off," low, meditlt't'i,""and high."

, In the leftha'nd or off position, no connections in the switch 15 are made from the power source 60 to the elements 14a and 14b. b b

In the "low" heat position 15L a connection is completed from the conductor 61 byway of the elements 14b, Me, the switchblade 15a to the conductor 62, the conductors 61 and 62 being connected to the power source 60. Thus, with the elements 14a and 14b connected in series, low heat is produced in the cooking unit 4. g g

In the medium heat position 15M, a connection is completed from the conductor 61 by way of the element 14b, switchblade 15b and conductor 62, thereby energizing only the element 14b which produces the'mediu'm heat in the cook.- ingunit 4 I i I In the high heat position 15H, a connection is completed from the conductorfl by way of the element 14b, switchblade 15c to the conductor 62. A parallel connection is also completed from the conductor 61 by way of the blade 15d, element 14a and blade to the conductor 62. The connecting' of the two elements 14a and 14b in parallel produces high heat in the cooking unit 4. l

To prevent the temperature of the cooking unit 4 from overheating, a thermostat, not shown, is provided in the unit in a conventionalmanner.

What is claimedfis:

l. A combiried dining and cooking table comprising, a stationary outer annular horizontal tabletop'for dining purposes, I

the tabletop, said metal plate forming the cooking and heating unit, electrical heating elements positioned below the top surface of said metal plate for heating said annular metal plate so that a food product placed directly. on the plate may be heated or cooked on said plate, a centrally positioned hollow upright member positioned between a floor and the tabletop and on which said tabletop is supported, said centrally positioned hollow upright member positioned inwardly of the perimeter of said annular tabletop to permit persons to be sated around the major annular portion of the tabletop equidistant from the center of the tabletop without the persons feet being interferred with by said hollow upright member, electrical control means for controlling said heating elements, said control means being positioned adjacent the front portion of the tabletop, said metal plate having an opening, a receptacle positioned within said hollow upright member in alignment with said opening for receiving fat and cooking residue accumulated on the metal plate during the heating and cooking process.

2. A table as set forth in claim 1 in which the electrical heating elements are imbedded in the annular metal plate.

3. A table as set forth in claim 1 in which the hollow upright member is provided with insulating means for insulating the upright member.

4. A table as set forth in claim l in which the receptacle within the upright is removably supported so that it may be removed from the upright.

5. A table as set forth in claim 1 in which the outer annular tabletop has a recess adjacent the front thereof with a mounting plate positioned and supported in said recess and with the control means supported on said mounting plate.

6. A table as set forth in claim 1 in which the electrical heating elements have means for varying the heating temperature of the metal plate.

7. A table as set forth in claim 1 in which the upright member includes a plurality of spaced inclined members which are secured at their upper ends to a circular ring on which the tabletop is supported, said inclined members inclined inwardly towards their lower ends with the lower ends of said members secured to a pedestal, and covering means surrounding and enclosing said spaced inclined members, with said covering means inclined inwardly from the top towards the bottom.

8. A table as set forth in claim 7 in which the covering means includes insulating means.

9. A table as set forth in claim 7 in which the circular ring has a horizontal flange on which the horizontal tabletop is supported.

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International ClassificationH05B3/68
Cooperative ClassificationH05B3/68
European ClassificationH05B3/68