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Publication numberUS36192 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1862
Publication numberUS 36192 A, US 36192A, US-A-36192, US36192 A, US36192A
InventorsAntonio Mbtjooi
Original AssigneeAntonio Jans
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Improvement in kerosene-lamps
US 36192 A
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A. MEUCCI-l Lampurn'er.

No. 36,192. l Patented A'ug. 12, 1862.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 36, |92, dated August l2, 1862.

y to the accompanying drawings, in whichl Figure l represents an elevation of a small lamp fitted with my improvements and with the Wick-tube edgewise to the spectator. Fig. 2 represents a similar view of the lamp with the wick-tube flatwise to the spectator. Fig. 3 represents a side view of a lamp-top with two Wick-tubes, and Fig. 4 represents a View of the same with the tubes edgewise to the spectator.

The object of myinventionis to enablekerosene and the cognate oils which are rich in carbon to be burned in lamps without chimneys, so that small hand-lamps for burning these oils can be constructed which can be carried about and used to light other lamps. l

To this end my invention consists in com-V bining a plate of platinum or other metal having the same qualities with the wick-tube in such manner that when thelampislightedthe platinum is in Contact with the base ofthe flame, by which means I have discovered that the kerosene will burn without appreciable smoke even when no chimneyis employed.

My invention is embodied in the lamp represented inthe annexeddrawings. In this lamp there is a single fiat wick-tube, a,which is secured to a wooden base, m', that rests on a shoulder formed in the cap B, upon the body ofthe lamp. The upper surface of the wooden base is covered with a thin plate of metal, c, to make a neat finish and prevent the defacement of the wood.A The iiat wick-tube a is fitted with a sleeve of thin platinum, d, whose upper extremity terminates in a pair of tongues or plates, e e, which stand at the opposite sides of the flame and are inclined toward each other. The platinum sleeve is constructed to grasp the wick-tube by the spring of its opposite sides, so that it can be slid up or down to 'adj ust the position of its tongues, and will remain in the position in which it is Set.

When the lamp is to be prepared for use, the sleeve is slid downward and a wick is apkerosene cannotrise freely; The lamp is then filled with kerosene, and the wick is eut off evenly at a short distance-say about one thirty-second of an inch-above the upper end ofthe wick-tube. The lamp is then lighted, and the sleeve is slid upward until its tongues embrace the base of the iiame and are in contact with it a short distance above the wicktube, when it will be found that the flame, which smoked when first lighted, will burn brightly.

It' deemed advisable, two or more dat wiektubes may be used in the samelamp, each fiat Wick-tube being provided With an appropriate sleeve having platinum tongues, as shown at Figs. 3 and 4,Which represent views of the burner of a lamp with two Wick-tubes, andviu place of making the whole sleeve out of platinum it may be made, mainly, of'some cheaper metal, with platinum tongues brazed fast to it. I have also discovered that the desired eiifect can'be produced with a single platinum tongue at one side of the ilame, and that the tongue or tongues may be rounded orpointed at their upper ends. The non-conducting wooden base m effectually prevents the conduction of heat to the body of the lamp,and thus diminishes the chance of explosion. It may be made of cork or other nou-conducting material which is not affected by contact with the kerosene.

I do not confine my invention to the use of platinum, as I believe that some other metals, when combined in the same manner with a flat Wick-tube, will produce the same effect in preventing smoke, although I have not discovered that any other metal is as good in all forth, the said plate being adjustable verti.


In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name.


Witnesses: WM. E. RIDER,


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