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Publication numberUS3619326 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 9, 1971
Filing dateApr 16, 1968
Priority dateApr 17, 1967
Publication numberUS 3619326 A, US 3619326A, US-A-3619326, US3619326 A, US3619326A
InventorsBurbidge Kenneth
Original AssigneeBurbidge Kenneth
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Dispensers for tape-conveyed articles such as labels
US 3619326 A
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United States Patent Inventor Kenneth Burbidge 73 Hustle Ave., Mangere Bridge, Manakau, New Zealand Appl. No. 721,856 Filed Apr. 16, 1968 Patented Nov. 9, 1971 Priority Apr. 17, 1967 New Zealand 148051 DISPENSERS FOR TAPE-CONVEYED ARTICLES SUCH AS LABELS 24 Claims, 53 Drawing Figs.

u.s.c1 156/384, 1 156/577, 156/584, 221/73 Int. Cl 321 341m Field of Search 156/384,

References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 8/1964 9/1968 l/ l 966 8/ 1966 9/ 1967 l/l969 2/ 1969 Silverstein lkelheimer Satas Kind et al.

Loeffler Kaplan Voigt et al.

FOREIGN PATENTS Great Britain Primary Examiner-Samuel Feinberg Attorney-Waters, Roditi, Schwartz & Nissen ABSTRACT: In a label dispenser of the kind in which self-adhering labels are lightly adhered to a roll of tape which is drawn step-by-step over an edge member to cause the labels to become partly peeled, one after the other, from the tape, there is incorporated means acting automatically to compensate for any slackness that may develop in the tape as a result of a label being plucked therefrom, thus ensuring accuracy of delivery.

PATENTEDunv 9 IHII SHEET 01 0F 32 PATENTEmmv 91911 3,619,326

sum 02 OF 32 PATENTEDuuv 9 Ian SHEET 03 [1F 32 PATENTEDNHY'. 9 ml 3.619.326

' SHEET [17UF32 PATENTEDNBV 9 WI 3.619.326

sum 09 or 32 v PATENTEDunv 9 ISYI SHEET 12 0F 32 PATENTEU V I 9 3,619.326

SHEET 13 [1F 32 SHEET 1n [1F 32 PATENTEDN 9 PATENTEDHUV I 9 I97| SHEE 18 HF 32 9 we 2: 3m one o 30 3 o? 5 0* on: 3. n9


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U.S. Classification156/384, 221/73, 156/577
International ClassificationB65C11/02, B65C9/08, B65C9/18, B65C11/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65C9/1892, B65C11/0278, B65C9/1869
European ClassificationB65C9/18B2, B65C11/02B2B8D, B65C9/18C