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Publication numberUS3619598 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 9, 1971
Filing dateFeb 27, 1969
Priority dateFeb 27, 1969
Publication numberUS 3619598 A, US 3619598A, US-A-3619598, US3619598 A, US3619598A
InventorsHermanson Merril
Original AssigneeMr Christmas Inc
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Decorative light ornaments
US 3619598 A
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Unite States Patent [72] Inventor Merril Hermanson New York, N.Y.

[21] Appl. No. 803,011

[22] Filed Feb. 27, 1969 [45] Patented Nov. 9, 1971 [73] Assignee Mr. Christmas, Incorporated New York, N.Y.

[54] DECORATIVE LIGHT ORNAMENTS 5 Claims, 7 Drawing Figs.

[52] US. Cl 240/10 T, 240/10 R, 339/176 L [51] Int. Cl A47g 33/16 [50] Field of Search 240/10, 10

T, 151,153, 52, 78 D; 339/144, 145, 176 L, 126 R, 61 L,59L; 161/12,28

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,518,076 12/1924 Kleinman 240110 T 1,732,364 11/1929 Jacobson..... 240/10T 1,791,533 2/1931 Parmele 240/10 T 2,984,813 5/1961 Bossi 339/176 L X 3,004,238 10/1961 Damon 339/126 J X 3,104,924 9/1963 Capel r 339/176 L X 3,283,286 ll/l966 Webb et al.. 339/145 X 3,286,088 1 H1966 Ahroni 240/10 3,354,302 1 H1967 Greasley 240/52.1 X

3,500,287 3/1970 Health 339/176 L X FOREIGN PATENTS 931,324 7/1963 Great Britain 240/10 1,001,424 8/1965 Gl'eat Britain..... 339/176 L 1,014,681 12/1965 Great Britain..... 161/28 1,050,252 12/1966 Great Britain..... 240/10 Pn'mary ExaminerJohn M. Horan Assistant Examiner-Alan Mathews AttorneyKarl W. Flocks ABSTRACT: A decorative ornament formed with lights mounted on a shaped plastic holder having tapered holes therein with the socket press fitted from one side of the holder while the bulb is plugged in from the opposite side of the holder, in addition with the base portion of the bulb shaped to retain deflectors and washer as an aid for retaining socket and bulb in the holder.

PATENTEDN V 9 |97| INVENT OR MERRIL HERMANSON ATTORNEY DECORATIVE LIGHT ORNAMENTS The present invention relates to decorative ornaments having lights and in particular to a plastic holder in combination with sockets and light in a group to form various designs for decorative purposes, particularly for the use on Christmas trees and other decorations during that season of the year.

Although decorative light groupings are in common usage, the present ornamental sets are of simple construction and will allow different decorative designs to be realized whether or not the lights in the ornamental sets are lit or not, thereby presenting their decorative effect both at night and during the day when the lights are out.

Also, the present ornamental sets are of such construction as to be easily hung in place and removed, especially if repairs to the lights should be necessary. Just as easily, due to the construction involved, most any repairs may be quickly done without the usual difficulties which may be encountered with other forms of decorative lights.

Also, each of the ornamental sets is so connected electrically that a common defect, such as a burned out bulb, which may be easily replaced in these units, does not affect other ornamental sets connected thereto. And as stated, should such defect occur, the ornamental design is not destroyed since these sets present a pleasing appearance whether electrically connected or not.

Furthermore, due to the construction of the holder and the socket in combination with a bulb, there is a tendency for the lights to remain in place on the holder in a better manner than many of such prior art devices.

These, as well as further advantages which are inherent in the invention, will become apparent from the following description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing wherein:

FIGS. 1A through 1B illustrate ornamental sets of decorative lights having various different designs with lights removed in some instances to clarify the construction;

FIG. 2 is an enlarged partially sectioned view of one of the ornamental lights in its socket mounted in the holder, along line 2-2 of FIG. 1A;

FIG. 3 is an enlarged section view along line 3-3 of FIG. 2; and

FIG. 4 is an exploded perspective view of a section of the holder and the bulb and socket with accessories fitted thereto with the relationship of other sockets and end connections shown therein.

Referring first to FIGS. 1A through 18, there is shown therein various designs which may be used such as, for example, with Christmas decorations, wherein the ornamental light sets respectively form patterns to depict a snowflake, a star, a bell, and a candy cane. In each of FIGS. 1A and 1C, two of the lights and accessories attached thereto have been removed, exposing the plastic holder to view. To each of the ornamental sets there is a plug 11 and a socket 12 connected by wires to supply the electric power for the bulbs mounted in holder 10. An enlarged light installation is shown in a partially sectioned view in FIG. 2 and in an exploded view in FIG. 4. In these views the plastic holder 10, at each light installation, has a circular opening with downward extending flange having upwardly and inwardly tapering inner walls 16. Constructed so as to fit within these upwardly and inwardly tapering walls 16 is a socket 20 having inwardly tapering outer wall 21 designed for a press fit within surrounding wall 16.

As shown in the sectioned view of FIG. 3, socket 20 has a rectangular opening 22 having contacts 23 forming a pair of opposite sides of rectangle 22. A wire 24 is connected to one of contacts 23 and a wire 25 is connected to the other of contacts 23. Another wire 26 passes parallel with wires 24 and 25 but does not connect to the socket 20.

A light bulb 30 is formed having a glass bulb portion 31 with filament 32 therein rising amid a leaf shaped portion 33 formed integral with the bulb 31. Beneath decorative leaf portion 33 is a shoulder 34 having a diameter of small enough dimension to just fit within the inner diameter of the upper portion of socket 20. Extending below shoulder 34 is a rectangular base 35 with beveled edges 36, out of which extend the ends of filament 32. This rectangular base 35 is adapted for fitting in rectangular opening 22 in socket 20. The ends 36 of filament 32, extending outside and up along base 35, are positioned so as to be pressed against contacts 23 of socket 20. A pair of silver foil or other shiny foil material shaped as a garland of leaves 38, with an opening 39 through the center, is mounted so as to fit around the base of decorative leaf portion 33 and be held thereon by washer 41 which fits tightly around the base portion of leaves 33.

In the course of the electrical connections of wires 24, 25 and the nonconnection of wire 26 to socket 20, the bulbs 30 of each group or ornamental set are connected in a series relationship, thereby allowing a smaller current to be used, with of course an inherent disadvantage of series connection whereby one bulb in a set burning out will cause all bulbs in that set to go out. But, since an ornamental set may be easily disconnected at 11 and 12, this disadvantage is easily overcome and replacement of a bulb is easily accomplished. But, if a bulb in a set is burned out, only the bulbs in that set will go out since each of the sets is connected in a parallel relationship to the adjacent set and does not affect the lighting in that adjacent set.

In an assembly of the present invention, a plastic holder 10 having a desired decorative shape, has sockets 20 press fitted within the openings therein with tapered walls 21 fitted within similarly tapered walls 16. Light bulb 30 with wreaths of leaves 38 fitted about the base of decorative leaves 33 and held thereon by washer 41, which may be of a stretchable plastic material, has its rectangular base 35 fitted into opening 22 of socket 20 with filament ends 36 contacting contacts 23 therein. A replacement of light bulb 30 may thus easily be made and the decorative effect, both when light bulb 30 is lit and at times when it is not lit, is easily apparent.

Besides the use of a combination of numerous different designs for plastic holder 10 upon'which the light bulbs 30 may be mounted, a great variety of colors of bulbs with integral leaf formations 33 and either matching or contrasting leaf formations 38 may be used. Leaf formations 38 also may match or have different colors combined therewith; such combinations are limited only by the imagination of the designer but will all fall within the spirit of the present invention.

What is claimed is:

l. A decorative light ornament having a holder with sockets fitted into one side of the holder and bulbs fitted into the sockets from the opposite side of the holder comprising the holder in the form of a decorative shape having a plurality of spaced holes with walls therein tapered outwardly toward the sockets,

the sockets each having outer tapered portions located at the top portion of said socket tapering inwardly toward the edge and press-fitted into said tapered wall of each of said spaced holes of said holder,

each said socket having a rectangular hole therein with walls outwardly tapered toward said top portion,

the bulbs each having a filament enclosed in the upper portion of said bulb, and a rectangular base tapered inwardly toward its base end with ends of said filament extending therefrom adapted to fit the rectangular hole in said sockets,

and electrical connecting means connecting each of said sockets and including electrical connectors connected thereto.

2. The decorative light ornament of claim 1, further characterized by beveled edges on the bottom of said rectangular base of said bulb with said filament ends extending from said beveled edges.

3. The decorative light ornament of claim I, further characterized by each of said bulbs having decorative leaf formations integral with said bulb,

decorative means having an opening therethrough fitted around the base of said decorative leaf formations,

and retaining means fitted to the base of said decorative leaf 5. The decorative light ornament of claim 2, further characformations to hold said decorative means to said bulb. terized by 4. The decorative light ornament of claim 3, further characaid ulb having a flanged portion extending between the terized by bottom of its decorative leaf formations and its rectangusaid retaining means being a plastic washer tightly fitted to 5 base and adapted Pfess fit into Said Socketsaid base of said decorative leaf formations.

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION Patent No. 3 619 598 Dated November 9 197 l Inventor(s) Merril HERMANSON It is certified that error appears in the above-identified patent and that said Letters Patent are hereby corrected as shown below:

Column 1, line 9, should read as follows:

5 Claims 4 Drawing Figs Signed and sealed this 18th day of April 1972.

(SEAL) Attest:

EDWARD M.FLETCHER ,JR ROBERT GOTTSCHALK Attesting Officer Commissioner of Patents ORM PO-1050 (10-69) USCOMM-DC O0376-P59 Q U S GOVERNMENY PHFNYING OFFICE I968 0-J6633l

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International ClassificationA47G33/08, A47G33/00
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European ClassificationA47G33/08F
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May 1, 1987AS06Security interest
Effective date: 19870407
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