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Publication numberUS3623571 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 30, 1971
Filing dateNov 13, 1970
Priority dateNov 13, 1970
Also published asDE2145743A1, DE2145743B2, DE2145743C3
Publication numberUS 3623571 A, US 3623571A, US-A-3623571, US3623571 A, US3623571A
InventorsFrench Alan
Original AssigneeAvid Corp
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US 3623571 A
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United States Patent Primary Examiner-Stephen J. Tomsky Attorney-William Frederick Werner ABSTRACT: This specification discloses a stethoscope comprising a frame including a pair of arms providing short legs at one end and longer legs at the other end. The longer legs are pivotally connected with a ratchet associated with the pivotal connection to yieldably maintain an adjusted position of the arms. The arms are of plastic and are of an open channel construction provided by a closed U or box cross section. A sound tube of rubber is positioned on the channel of each arm and projects from the end of the short leg with the projecting end carrying an ear piece. The sound tubes enter the channels of the arms at the pivotal connection and there are no sharp or abrupt turns in the tubes from their point of entry to the ear pieces.

PATENTEUNBV 30 ml IIIIHH INVENTOR FRENCH ALAN ATTORNEY 1 STETHOSCOPE plied to the ears of a user and which includes a sound tube that is free of sharp and abrupt turns.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION In US. Pat. No. 3,444,954 there is disclosed a stethoscope OBJECTS OF THE INVENTION With the foregoing conditions in mind, the invention has in view the following objectives.

1. To provide a stethoscope comprising a frame and sound tubes carried thereby in which the frame consists of two arms sharp turns or bends in the sound tubes.

in a stethoscope of the kind arms of closed U or box cross section which above noted ideas in a practical embodiment will in part become apparent description of the invention proceeds.

plane ofline 4-4 of FIG. 2; IS a perspective illustrating the elements of the sidewall 18, an 20. As shown in FIG. 2 a provided in each outer wall 19 adjacent to end Each frame arm 10 and 11 IS provided with a hinge tongue 22 which is integral with the arm and projects from end wall 17 of that arm as shown in FIG 3. Each tongue 22 IS formed passed through aligned openings 23. Its clinched, or spread outwardly, retaining flange 28. Flanges 27 and 28 are spaced apart a Each tube 29 extends through a short leg 13 and projects thereof as shown in lcation in which the peripheral wall In use tubes 29 are positioned in the channels of arms and 11. These arms may be swung into the closed position depicted in FIG. 1 or into the open position of F IG. 2. They also uncomfortable condition.

While preferred specific embodiments of the invention are 1. In a stethoscope:

a. a frame comprising a pair of rigid arms,

. each of said arms being of closed U or box cross section defining an open channel having an inner wall, an outer wall and face walls,

c. each arm including a main body, a short leg integral with said body and joined thereto by a bend of long radius, and a long leg integrally joined to said body by a bend of long radius,

d. an end wall at the end of said long leg of each arm, said outer wall of each arm being formed with a recess adjacent to the end wall of that arm,

e. a hinge tongue integral with each arm and projecting from the end wall of the arm on which it is formed, said tongues being in overlapping relation and formed with aligned openings,

f. a pivot member passing through said aligned openings,

g. yieldable holding means associated with said tongues and pivot member for mounting said arms in an adjusted position,

h. a flexible sound tube in the channel of each arm, said sound tube passing through the recess in the outer wall of the arm in which it is received, the long leg, bend joining the long leg to the body, the body, the bend joining the body to the short leg, and through the short leg from which it projects, and

i. an earpiece on the projecting end of each sound tube.

2. The stethoscope of claim 1 in which the arms of the frame are of plastic and the sound tubes are of rubber.

3. The stethoscope of claim 1 in which the pivot member is a hollow rivet.

4. The stethoscope of claim 1 in which the yieldable holding means takes the form of interengaging radial ribs formed on inner faces of said tongues.

5. The stethoscope of claim 1 together with abutment means for limiting relative swinging movement between said arms.

6. The stethoscope of claim 5 in which the abutment means takes the form of a projection on the tongue of one arm which cooperates with a shoulder at the end of the end wall of the other arm.

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U.S. Classification181/135
International ClassificationA61B7/00, A61B7/02
Cooperative ClassificationA61B7/026
European ClassificationA61B7/02D
Legal Events
Apr 11, 1983AS02Assignment of assignor's interest
Effective date: 19811214
Apr 11, 1983ASAssignment
Effective date: 19811214