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Publication numberUS3625511 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 7, 1971
Filing dateFeb 17, 1970
Priority dateFeb 19, 1969
Also published asDE1908220A1, DE1908220B2
Publication numberUS 3625511 A, US 3625511A, US-A-3625511, US3625511 A, US3625511A
InventorsRennemann Willy
Original AssigneeRennemann Willy
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Miltipurpose exercising device
US 3625511 A
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United States Patent Inventor Willy Rennemann Laws-Street no: 82, 3 Hannover, Germany Appl. No. 12,038 Filed Feb. 17, 1970 Patented Dec. 7, 1971 Priority Feb. 19, 1969 Germany P 19 08 220.3


[1.8. CI. 272/58, 272/84, 272/81 Int. Cl ..A63b 21/06,

A63b 23/00 I Field 01 Search 272/79 R, 81, 84, 58

References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 4/1926 Shank 272/81 UX 3/1953 Barkschat 272/81 X 8/1966 Freshour 272/84 X 9/1967 Gaul 272/58 2/1956 Diego 272/58 Primary Examiner Richard C. Pinkham Assistant Examiner-William R. Browne AMorney-Ostrolenk, F aber, Gerb & Soffen ABSTRACT: A combined sport apparatus including a flat bench, with an inclined arm support, elevated dumbbell supports and a weight-lifting pulley and line arrangement.

MILTIPURPOSE EXERCISING DEVICE This invention relates to a combined unit of sports equipment for body building. Previously, a flat bench and a variety of separate apparatus were required to enable a person to perform certain exercises designed to develop individual muscles and parts of his body. It was, therefore, necessary to construct many individual devices for developing different muscles.

The object of the invention is to provide a multipurpose device which makes it possible to exercise many difierent muscles with one device, rather than requiring many individual devices.

The essential features of the invention will now be explained by means of FIG. I which is a perspective view of the entire sports device; and

Schematic FIGS. A-M which illustrate the manner in which different exercises are performed on the apparatus of FIG. 1.

Turning to FIG. 1, flat bench l is supported on a tubular frame. At the foot end of thebench on respective opposite sides of the bench, post means 3, 4 are detachably secured (e.g. by wingbolts). Post means 3, 4 are each respectively comprised of a vertical tube 3a, 4a. Each tube 311, 4a has two respective rectangular feet 3b, 3c and 4b, 4c at right angles to each other, and two struts 3d, 32 and 4d, 4e at right angles to each other.

From above, into vertical tubes 3a, 4a is inserted upper pulley support 8 and into the post means 3, 4 is telescopically inserted lower pulley support 7. Also telescopically inserted into the tubes of the frame is the inclined support 2. All of these inserted elements may be locked into the tubes on the frame.

Telescopically insertable and lockable into either the horizontal tubes 8a, 8b or the vertical tubes 3a, 4a are the parallel bar dumbbell supports 5, 6.

A pull tackle 11 extends from hand hold Ila, is guided across the pulleys supported by lower pulley support 7 and by upper pulley support 8, and terminates at the crosspiece 12, which may be weighted with various weights.

The operation of this all-purpose sport equipment device and the many possibilities of its use and combinations will now be explained by means of schematic FIGS. A M.

FIG. A illustrates the sport flying." The user lies on bench l and performs the lateral arm movements indicated by arrows p with two dumbbells h.

FIG. B shows a bicep curl. Inclined support 2 supports the upper arm. Dumbbell h is moved in the direction of arrow p.

FIG. C illustrates the knee bend exercise with weighted dumbbell h. Dumbbell supports 5, 6, which carry at their free ends the cross bar of dumbbell h, are inserted into vertical tubes 30, 4a of post means 3, 4. Arrow p again denotes the direction of movement.

FIG. D illustrates bench pressing. The user lies on bench l and moves dumbbell h in the direction of arrow p.

FIG. E illustrates sloping bench pressing, which differs from the bench pressing of FIG. D in that the user also rests on inclined support 2.

FIG. F shows parallel bar pumping wherein the parallel bar supports 5, 6 are horizontally inserted into support tubes 8a, 8b of upper pulley support 8.

FIG. G shows an exercise for developing the triceps and the latissimus dorsi muscles. The user pulls handle lla of apparatus 11, which is supporting a weight on element 12, in the direction of arrow p. According to the position taken by the user, the triceps and latissimus dorsi muscles are affected and developed.

FIG. H illustrates a technique for diagonal chest muscle stretching by performing the exercise illustrated in connection with FIG. G while resting on the inclined support 2.

FIG. J shows a rowing pull, wherein the user sits up on bench l and operates apparatus 11 through handle lla and lifts the weights on element 12 by a rowing motion in the direction of arrow p.

FIG. K illustrates an oblique rowing pull, which is distinguished from the exercise of FIG. .I by the user's reclining on inclined su port 2.

FIG. L s ows a bicep curl exercise, where the apparatus 11 is operated through handle lla with the user's upper arm propped on inclined support 2.

FIG. M shows parallel bar pumping performed as shown in FIG. F, but with weights, using the apparatus 1 1.

Although there has been described a preferred embodiment of this novel invention, many variations and modifications will now be apparent to those skilled in the art. Therefore, this invention is to be limited, not by the specific disclosure herein, but only by the appended claims.


1. A portable sport device for supporting an operator, a bench support of posts positioned at one end of said bench, and inclined support frame for an arm or the like and having posts that are telescopically received in the posts of the bench support, an upright post support positioned at the opposite end of said bench, said upright post support having tubes ex tending over and parallel to the longitudinal axis of the bench, and dumbbell bar supports telescopically receivable in the ends of said tubes for supporting a dumbbell.

2. A sport device as claimed in claim 1 further comprising pulleys positioned on the upper extremities of the upright posts, a weight connected by a line extending over the pulleys, and said line operated on by a user positioned on the bench.

3. A sport device as claimed in claim I further comprising cross-shaped base members, each member being attached to each of the upright posts, and a generally U-shaped pulleysupporting frame whose legs are insertable in the cross-shaped members, said generally U-shaped member positioned between the inclined support frame and the upright posts and extending over and around the bench.

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