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Publication numberUS362611 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1887
Publication numberUS 362611 A, US 362611A, US-A-362611, US362611 A, US362611A
InventorsWilliam E. Davis
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US 362611 A
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3 Sheets-Sheet,` 1..


(No Model.)

Patented MayvlO, 1887.A

W' ses. Inv/629%?? WZZz'amZwz/ee N. PETERS. Phololjlhugmphw. Washnghan, D

(No Model.) 3 Sheets-Sheet 2.

. W. R. DAVIS.


DTe-362,611. Patented Mey l0, 1887.

N. Pneus. wowumngnprwr, Wimmer. D. C.

(No Model.). 3 Sheets-Sheet 3.



@2g-22611. Patented May 10, 1887..




SPECIFICATION forming partiof Lettersl Patent No. 362,611, dated May 10, 188'7.

Application filed April 17, 1886.

To aZZ whom it may concern.:l

Be it known that I, WILLIAM R. DAVIS, a citizen of the United States, residing at New York, in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented new and useful Improvements in Game-Tables, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to game-tables, andthe purpose thereof is to provide a new construction and convenient arrangement of parts, whereby the table may be used as a receptacle for game implements as well as an essential instrumentality or factor in the prosecution of games of various kinds. v

It is also a purpose of my invention to provide means which shallform a portion of the structure and which may Subserve various uses conducing to the comfort and convenience of the players using the table, and at'the same time promoting cleanliness and enabling the table-surface to bekept free from the various objects not directly employed in the game.

It is also my purpose to combine in a single structure, in a simple and convenient manner, a receptacle for miscellaneous articles, two or more removable drawers for containing game implements, a series of drop-tablets for scoring the game, a series of adjustable or removable receptacles for various uses not connected with the game, and having within the single structure complete facilities for the prosecution of a number of different games, preferably those played with cards.

My invention consists in the several novel features of construction and combinations of parts, hereinafter fully set forth, and definitely pointed out in the claims annexed to this speciiication.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a vertical section, taken substantially in the plane m x, Fig. 3. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the tabletop, the cover being removed. Fig. Sis a plan view of the cover. Fig. 4 is a detail plan of one of the hinged leaves. Fig. 5 is a detail section of one edge of the top or cover. Fig. 6 is a horizontal section of the standard or pedestal on the line y y, Fig.- 1. Fig. 7 is a detail plan view of one of the drawers. Fig. 8 is a detail plan view of one of the 5o drawers of the lower tier.

In the said drawings, the reference-numeral Serial No. 199,247. (No model.)

1 designates the base piece, from which rises the standard or pedestal 2. Thislattcr is composed of four corner posts, 3, between which are supported partitions 4, inclosing a space, 5, within the pedestal. This space may be divided by a shelf, 6, and is adapted to receive any substances for which storage-space is required.

Upon the upper end of the pedestal 2 is mounted a plate, 7,` connected with the posts 3 by dowels 8, and upon said plate is mounted the bottom 9 of the tabletop, which may be either round or square, but which in the present description is square.

Upon the'four edges of the square bottom 9 are hinged four leaves, 10, in such manner that they may be turned down at pleasure into the position shown in Fig. 2. Upon the inner face of each of these leaves is formed a series of apertures, 11, adapted to receive countingpegs, and these apertures may be of any desired number and arrangement to adapt them for use in the prosecution of any kind of game.

Upon the bottom or iiooring piece 9 rest four drawers, 12, each of which occupies one half of the frontage on each side of the square top. Each drawer is provided with a pull, 13, and lies within and is concealed by the hinged leaf 10. The other half of the frontage on each side is formed to imitate the drawerfront, as shown in Fig. 2.. These drawers 12 are divided interiorly into a number of compartments, 14, containing or adapted to contain different game implements-such as cards, counters, or checks,chessn1en, checkers, cribbage-pegs, and other devices. These drawers 12 are of such a depth that they occupy about one-half of the depth of the table-top.

Above the lower tier of drawers, 12, are mounted two wide drawers, 15, sliding in opposite directions and supported by cleats 16, formed on or attached to the vertical Sides 17 of the table-top. These drawers each are dividedjnto compartments of any desired size and number, as shown in Fig. 7, to contain varied game implements or other devices.

Above the upper tier of drawers,15,is placed a board'formed in two separate and similar sections, 18, each sliding upon. cleats 19, having stops 20, to prevent the sections being IOO may be provided with a checker-tablet,or with one-half thereof, so that when placed together the two parts will form a complete board, and cach may also have upon or near the margin a Cribbage-board, 21, the construction being such that the sections may be drawn out and detached from the table to enable them to be either placed together or used separately.

Above the sliding sections 1S I place the immovable table-top 22, which engages with dowels 23, to which it may be glued. rIhis top may be ornamcnted in any suitable manner, and preferably contains a board, 24, for chess or checkers.

At each angle of the top is formed a quarternewel, 25, for ornament, and beneath the end thereof, and sliding diagonally toward the eenter of the standard, is placed a tray or auxiliary drawer, 26,11avingafaeing, 27, corresponding in shape with the quarter-newel. These trays each contain a compartment, 28, for matches, and aspace, 29, for cigar-ashes, having a wi re, 30, crossing the same to facilitate the removal of the ashes from the end of the cigar. Near the outer end of each tray orslide is also formed a groove, 3l, to receive and retain the Cigar at times when it cannot be convenient-ly held between the lips or in the hand. As these trays slide diagonally, as shown in Fig. 2, they do not interfere with the drawers 12, nor do the latter strike the trays as they are pulled in or ont. y

The leaves l0 are fastened in vertical position by hooks 32, pivoted upon the under side of the table-top 22 and engaging with a pin, 33, upon the edge of the leaf.

The space 5, within the pedestal 2, is rendered accessible by apanel, 34., swinging upon dowels 35, the panel being fastened by a hook,

36, similar to that fastening the leaves l0. The other panels are solid, but are each furnished with a knob, 37, to give a uniform appearance.

rI`he trays 26 are each provided near the outer end with a knob, 3S, by which they may be withdrawn, and at or ucar the inner end is placed a thumb-screw, 3),whieh may be caused to engage with the bottom 9 of the tabletop, thereby locking the trays in place.

By my invention I provide in a single structnre a table which is capable of snbserving a great variety ofpurposes, containing a storagereceptacle for liquors or cigars, a single or double series of drawers having each a series of compartments for various gameimplcments, game-keeping apparatus, game-boards of different kinds, and adjunet's of a game-table for convenience, the whole being arranged with regard to economy of space, convenience in use, and beauty ofinish.

Vhat I claim isl. In a game-table, the combination, with a square top, of two tiers of drawers, one tier containing four drawers and the other two, and hinged leaves conccalin g Ithe drawer-fronts and having a suitable game or registering delineation upon their inner faces, substantially as described.

2. In a gaine-table, the combination, with a square top containing drawers, of a quarternewel at each angle, and hinged leaves closing upon the drawer-fronts on all four sides, substantially as described.

3. Agame-table having a rigid top, a drawerspace beneath said top, a sectional game-board sliding between the top and the drawers and removable from the former for separate use, drawers sliding outward upon all four sides, a pair of drawers above sliding in two directions, and hinged leaves containinggame facilities upon their inner faces and turning up against the d rawer-fronts, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.



JaMns L. Nonnis, Jos. L. Goonies.

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