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Publication numberUS3626931 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1971
Filing dateJun 26, 1969
Priority dateJul 1, 1968
Also published asCA920466A, CA920466A1, DE1791066A1, DE1791066B2, DE1791066C3
Publication numberUS 3626931 A, US 3626931A, US-A-3626931, US3626931 A, US3626931A
InventorsBireswar Bysakh
Original AssigneeBireswar Bysakh
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Vibrator device for application of vibration to erotic parts of female genitals
US 3626931 A
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States Patent lnventor Bireswar Bysakh 127, Raia Dinendra Street, Calcutta 4, India Appl. No. 836,899 Filed June 26, 1969 Patented Dec. 14, 1971 Priority July 1, 1968 Great Britain 31,237/68 VIBRATOR DEVICE FOR APPLICATION OF VIBRATION T0 EROTIC PARTS OF FEMALE GENITALS 5 Claims, 2 Drawing Figs.

US. Cl 123/32, l28/79 Int. Cl A61h 1/00 [50] Field of Search 128/79, 32, 50-52, 44

[ 56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,0l8,328 10/1935 Smith... l28/79 UX 3,362,401 H1968 Katz l28/44 Primary Examiner-L. W. Trapp Attorney-Watson, Cole, Grindle & Watson ABSTRACT: A vibrator device for vibrating the erotic parts of the female genitalia including a human organ-engaging vibratable applicator element generally comprising an outwardly tapered sleeve and an extension for contacting the female erotic parts, and power means for vibrating said element.

VIBRATOR DEVICE FOR APPLICATION OF VIBRATION TO EROTIC PARTS OF FEMALE GENITALS This invention relates to a device for application of vibrations to erotically sensitive regions of female genitals during copulation by way of supplementary stimulation for attaining orgasm.

Experts in the field of medicine and specially of psychology are unanimous in their views that when relationship as to sexual union between two human beings of opposite sex are often or always unsatisfactory, they suffer from strong neurotical tensions which may develop into psychic diseases as also may cause to beget various domestic and/or social calamities, like adultery, prostitution, divorce, spread of venereal diseases, etc.

Statistical and/or scientific-cum-medial investigations have revealed:

i. that in course of copulation the average female needs a longer period of time to attain orgasm than the average male partner to attain ejaculation;

ii. that ideal copulation is consummated with obvious completeness of mutual gratifications and soothening effects on nervous system of both the partners when female orgasm and male ejaculation are simultaneously attained with reciprocal gestural responses,

iii. that in the instances of earlier male ejaculations due to erectile firmness of penis being abated female partner is very likely to fail in attaining orgasm, which causes mental and nervous strains to both the partners,

iv. that mental effort by male partner to delay his ejaculation not only mars the erotic aspect but also causes a nervous strain to him,

v. that any disturbing interruptions during copulation causes substantial fallback of progress of female excitement towards orgasm, while progress of male excitement leading towards ejaculation does not suffer such setback,

vi. that the clitoris which is located beyond the urinary passage at a distance from vaginal entrance differs from person to person so that susceptibility of female stimulation differs widely,

vii. that in imparting relative stroking movements mutually between male and female genitals, progress towards male ejaculation is hastened,

viii. that during copulation erotic sensitiveness of the female is focused on the clitoris and other erotic parts of her genitals such as the labia located on the sides of entrance of vagina,

ix. that vibrations applied to female genitals and in particular to erotic zones causes very highly thrilling sensation, so that erotic excitement of the female in attaining orgasm is progressively quickened at very fast rate,

x. that with an advance towards old age, the sexuality curvature of the average female does not drop towards indifference at as quick a rate as that of the average male,

xi. that the region in the vicinity of the base or body-end of the penis is not as erotically sensitive as the remainder thereof be vibrated and, if it be vibrated, his excitement towards ejaculation is not hastened to any appreciable extent,

xii. that firmness of an erotically erected penis is caused due to an inrush of blood into the blood vessels inside the penis, and

xiii. that according to principles of scientific massage vibrations subjected to most parts of the human body causes a rejuvenating and/or strengthening effect due to improved blood circulations.

Some of the aforesaid investigational findings suggest that ideal copulation which is consummated only when female orgasm and male ejaculation are simultaneously attained with reciprocal gestural responses, is difficult and uncertain to be achieved, which attributes to one of the root causes of nervous and psychological ailments including mental illness.

It has also been determined by statistical investigations that disharmony in sexual aspects between conjugal partners is one of the root causes due to which various psychological, physical, domestic and social ailments or/and calamities are developed which often lead to adultery, divorce, prostitution, spread of venereal diseases, etc.

lt is also observed from biographies that even some personalities of great achievements and reputation in various fields of knowledge such as science, literature, etc., were subjected to mental sufferings due to conjugal disharmony, which even culminated in divorce, in spite of the absence of any apparent cause/s in other aspects. It has been explained and made obvious that since the mental setup of such ambition inspired personalities are usually focused towards their unlimited goal of ambitious achievements, they usually do not have bent of mind or/and their heavy preoccupations do not permit them to be fully aware of the sex-techniques and cultures or/and so as to be able to devote much time adequately towards expectations of their conjugal partners.

A number of devices are already known, aiming at supplementing the stimulation of the female partner during copulation. These devices are designed to be placed in touching contact with the erogenic parts of the female genitals during copulation. Having no motion of their own, these devices have produced erotic stimulation only when moved and felt by the mutual relative movements between male and female genitals, so that the efiectiveness of these devices are dependent on the skill of actuating such mutual movements. On the other hand, in actuating such movements, male excitement leading towards ejaculation becomes accelerated. Hence, probability of attaining orgasm is still left uncertain.

Vibrator devices in the shape of a penis meant for female stimulation are already in existence but they cannot be used during copulation proper. They may be used either for masturbation or for precoital stimulation. Therefore, these devices do not pertain to the presently devised vibrator device. Moreover, interruption necessary for changeover from precoital stimulation to proper copulation, may cause female excitement to fall back, thereby rendering attainment of orgasm uncertain.

The problem which forms the basis of this invention consists indeveloping an appliance which will have its own motion and can be placed in touching contact by its different surfaces with the erotically sensitive parts of female genitals during the act of copulation proper, so as to cause stimulation of female excitement independent of relative movements between male and female genitals engaged in copulation.

Based upon the observation that highly increased excitement of female is caused by vibrations being applied to the clitoris and labias, whereas vibrations imparted to body-end of penis do not appreciably progress excitement in the male towards ejaculation, a solution of the problem has been found with the use of a vibratable appliance to be engaged around the penis near the its base or body-end, so that, surfaces of the appliance may contact the erotic parts of female genitals when fully engaged with the penis during copulation.

The principal object of this invention is to produce a vibrator device to be used during copulation proper whereby orgasm of the female can be attained easily and without uncertainty and whereby the root cause of the aforementioned calamities may be reduced and resultant beneficial effects may be individually achieved and may socially prevail.

Other objects are that by utilizing and/or popularizing the use of the present vibrator device, the following results are obtained:

a. occurrences of nervous ailments and instances of social evils and/or calamities like adultery, prostitution, divorce, venereal diseases, etc., will tend to be reduced and/or remedied;

b. already happy married couples may retain their past happy conjugal relations, with heavenly bliss, in spite of disrupting causes like male impotency or female frigidity due to illness and/or old age, body deformity such as a protuberant belly movement-painfulness such as rheumatism, which only tends to mar their partially enjoyed mutual happiness;

c. psychiatric doctors may carry out experimental researches on prevention and cure or remedy of mental and/or nervous illness.

d. functions and/or physical conditions of sex-zone organs of the users, like prostrate glands, firmness of erected penis,

contracting power of the ring-muscles around the entrance of vagina, etc., will have rejuvenating and/or strengthening effects.

A further object of this invention is to produce a vibrator device which if used by personalities of great achievements will reduce the probability of their conjugal unhappiness and allied mental strains, and will tend to enhance their conjugal and/or domestic peace, so that, with a tranquil brain their genius may contribute to society.

The principal feature of this invention is that a penis-engaging applicator element of resilient material and of annular structure is so fitted in combination with an interconnected power unit during copulation proper that different vibratable surfaces on the applicator element are made to touch the erotic parts of female genitals, in particular the clitoris and labias so that, when vibratory motions, generated by a power unit are transmittedly reproduced on to the surfaces of the applicator element, erotic parts of female genitals are imparted with vibratory impulses.

An important feature of this invention is the tapering hollow of the applicator element due to which a short length near the smaller end of the hollow, ending to a thin brim, is fitted on to the penis, while the larger end remains floatingly loose, so that, vibratory impulses can be transmitted without any retarding effect.

Another feature of this invention is the tongue-shaped extension of the flange of the applicator element which when mounted fitted in position during copulation, a surface of the tongue-extension will touch with the clitoris.

Another feature of this invention is the substantially conical outer surface around the hollow of the applicator element which in its inserted position is sidewisely pressed sidewise in the manner of a wedge against, and comes into intimate contact with, the labia majora and the labia minora, so that, vibratory impulses are effectively imparted onto those parts of the female genitals,

With the above and other objects in view, a specific embodiment of the present invention will now be described merely by way of example, with reference to the accompanying drawing thereof.

In the said drawing:

FIG. I shows by continuous line sectional end-view of one form of the applicator element 1, sectioned through the line XX of FIG. 2 but with the clamp 24 being removed, showing as well an outline of relative positions of male and female sexzone organs adjacent to the vicinity of the applicator element as fitted during copulation indicated by the chain-dotted lines 17 for male and by dotted lines 18 for female. The portion 7 indicates an optional U-shaped cut, to accommodate individual need in cases of the urethral tube being substantially raised, as indicated by chain-dotted line 9, underneath the penis 5.

FIG. 2 shows perspective front view of the same applicator element 1 as also a schematic arrangement of a one form of combination assembly connected with a power-transmitting shaft 19 and a power unit 16.

As shown in the drawing:

In FIG. 2, 8 shows the tapering hollow inside the annular structural 11, the axis of which being substantially normal to the flange-face 2, and may be inclined to fit according to individual bodily configuration. A substantially thin brim 4 is provided at the small end of the hollow so that, when fitted onto the penis imperceptibly smooth entry into the vagina is made possible. By so fitting a tapering annular gap 21 increasing towards the flange-face 2 is formed between the outer surface of the penis 5 and the inner surface 26 of the tapering hollow 8, so that, though the applicator element contacts the penis over a short length near its thin brim-end, but it remains floatingly movable over the rest of its length up to its flange 6. Thereby, movement near its large end being not restricted or retarded by the shaft of the penis, intensity of vibrations is fully felt by the touched parts of the female genitals during copulation.

An integrally formed tongue-shaped extension 20 on one side of the flange of the applicator element 1 is so formed and sized according to individual needs that when fitted in position, its outer surface will contact the clitoris 3 during copulation. Simultaneously, the outwardly tapering surfaces 22 of the annular structure 1 l are pressed sidewise against erotically sensitive parts at the entrance of the vagina similar to a wedge.

U-shaped dotted line 14, as shown in FIG. 2, indicates a nature of cut as indicated by 7 in FIG. I, which may be necessary in cases of the urethral tube of any individual being substantially raised as shown by chain-dotted line 9 in FIG. 1.

24 shows the fastening device of the power transmitting shaft 19 onto one of the lugs 12 of the applicator element 1.

The power unit 16 in FIG. 2 has only been shown in representative outline, while a projecting part as shown by 25 indicates a provision for stopping or starting the power unit. Indication by thumb 15 though suggests manual operability although the scope of this invention also includes operation by automatic means as well. A plurality of lugs 12 have been shown in FIG. 2 with the center being connected to shaft 19 of the vibrator although, by using a different lug, direction of vibration can be altered. Also, more than one lug may be connected by means of a plurality of power-transmitting shafts l9 simultaneously.

l0 Indicates an optional stiffening means with a skeleton of tougher material, integrally embedded for vibrations being more effectively transmitted throughout.

As an optional provision, the applicator element 1 may be split on any suitable side of its periphery, as shown by the dou ble-dotted lines 23 in FIG. 2, so that the applicator element may be taken out without disengaging the male and female genitals from copulating union. The split may also be on the lug-side so as to split the lug into two halves.

In a vibrator according to this invention may be included one or more of the below-mentioned features:

a. Power unit/s may be driven by any type energy source, like electricity including battery, spring reserve, pneumatic, etc.

b. Vibrations produced by the power unit/s may be adjustable with regard to amplitude and/or frequency and/or intensity and/or rhythmic sequences and/or duration of impulse-continuity either continuously or intermittently.

c. The surfaces of applicator element which are meant to come into contact with erotic parts of female genitals may be of any desired surface-texture and/or configuration viz rough or smooth or the like.

d. A skeleton of tougher material may be embeddedly incorporated in the applicator element for efficient conduction of vibrations.

e. A through split may be provided across the annular wall including the flange of the applicator element at any desired location of the periphery.

f. A cut of U-shape may be provided on the lug-side of the thin brim of the annular structure of the applicator element, so as to relieve construction in cases of the urethral tube of the penis being significantly raised.

g. The applicator element may be provided with buttons or the like suspending arrangement/s, so that, the same be possible to be locatedly held in position in anticipation, even prior to erotic erection of the penis.

h. The applicator element may be incorporated, either attachingly or integrally with any or other already known contraceptive devices.

What I claim is:

1. A vibrator device for vibrating the erotic parts of the female genitalia during copulation comprising in combination:

a human male organ-engaging vibratable applicator element of resilient material comprising an open-ended annular hollow sleeve, the exterior surface of said sleeve being outwardly tapered from its inner end toward its outer end, an integral annular flange at said outer end, said inner end having a smaller diameter than said outer end and said sleeve being substantially conical in cross section whereby said inner end only is made to contact the human male organ, an integral tongue-shaped extension on the upper side of said flange, at least one integral lug member on said flange located on the lower side thereof opposite said extension;

a vibratable power unit operably connected to said lug member; and

means for connecting said power unit to said lug member thereby vibrating said applicator element whereby said outwardly tapered exterior surface and said tongueshaped extensions are caused to vibrate the various erotic parts of the female genitalia.

2. The device according to claim 1 wherein said sleeve is tapered so as to converge from said outer end toward said inner end.

3. The device according to claim 2 wherein said tongueshaped extension lies in a plane which is substantially perpendicular to the axis of said sleeve.

4. The device according to claim 3 wherein a plurality of lug members are provided at said flange lower side, said connecting means being connected to one of said lug members.

5. A vibrator device for vibrating the erotic parts of the female genitalia during copulation comprising a vibratable sleeve element of resilient material of annular open-ended construction and being substantially conical, the exterior surface of said sleeve tapering outwardly from its inner end toward its outer end, an integral annular flange at said outer end and a thin rim at said inner end which is smaller in diameter than said outer end, an integral tongue-shaped extension on one side of said flange, a plurality of lugs on the other side of said flange opposite said extension, said outwardly tapering exterior surface and said tongue-shaped extension contacting the various erotic parts of the female genitalia during copulation.

i t I 1U i

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