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Publication numberUS3627216 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1971
Filing dateSep 3, 1969
Priority dateSep 3, 1969
Publication numberUS 3627216 A, US 3627216A, US-A-3627216, US3627216 A, US3627216A
InventorsEkuan Kenji
Original AssigneeEkuan Kenji
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Rolled paper receptacle
US 3627216 A
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[Juil [c ,n s [l Inventor llenji llliunrn 308-11 llnmiul'mlnrlli, Nrlmn-Ilm, Toliyo, .limpian Appl. No. @54,823 Filed Sept. 3, w69 Patented Dec. 114, T971 RUELLED [PAPER RECIEIWACLE 4 (Ruime, Jl lDmv/ng lim.

U.S.Cll 242/5554, 206/52 R, 22S/39 lm. [CII 447k 110D/22 242/5553,

[56] [References Clued UNlTED STATES PATENTS 3,150,808 9/1964 Vensel 206/58 X 3,523,653 8/1970 Hansen 242/5553 FOREIGN PATENTS 304,363 9/1968 Sweden 242/5554 Primary .Examiner-George F. Mautz Attorney-Moonray lKojima A'llllACT: A rolled paper receptacle comprising a cylindri cal container in which may be placed a coreless roll of paper, and a cover in the shape of an inverted funnel with an opening aligned with the axis of the container, through which the paper may be removed continuously from the inside of the roll.

ROLLED PAPER RECEPTACLE This invention relates to receptacles for tissue papers and the like.

ln the prior art, rectangular paper boxes were used to hold sheets of tissue paper which were folded and interleaved in such a manner that withdrawal of one sheet would expose the next sheet to a like accessible position. There are many disadvantages to such prior art receptacles or containers. For example, the cost of interleaving and folding the sheets is more than desirable. Also, removal of one sheet may not always bring the next sheet into position for withdrawal. ln that case, the user must reach into the box and grab the next sheet, which is inconvenient. `Y

One object of this invention is to eliminate the aforementioned disadvantages by employing an entirely new type of container and system of paper withdrawal.

ln the present invention, a circular cylindrical container is provided with a cover in the shape of an inverted funnel. The cover is provided with a circular opening whose axis is aligned with the axis of the cylindrical container. inside the container is provided a circular coreless roll of tissue paper which can be unrolled from the inside. The paper may be withdrawn through the opening. The paper is continuous and perforated into sections such that individual sections may be torn from the continuous layer and the next section be made available for removal and tearing. A feature of the invention is the provision of a circular cylindrical container having a cover and within which a continuous roll of tissue paper may be provided which is removable from the inside of the roll and through the cover opening.

These and other objects, features and advantages will become more evident from a consideration of the following detailed discussion taken together with the one sheet of drawing which depicts in sectional elevation view an illustrative embodiment of the present invention.

ln the drawing, there is depicted a receptacle l, comprising a circular cylinder 2 having a closed bottom and covered by cover 3 which is shaped like an inverted funnel and which is tightly fitted over a lip portion 6 of the container 2. The cover 3 has a circular opening 5, whose axis 7, is aligned with the axis 7 of the cylinder 2.

The cylinder 2 is shown to be of metal, and the cover is shown to be of transparent plastic. However, any other suitable material may be used for either or both, such as, for example, wood, plastic, metals, paper, etc. Moreover, advantageously, the container and cover may both be decorated with different designs and colors.

Within the cylinder, there may be inserted a replaceable roll of tissue paper 4 or the like. The roll does not have a core and hence the paper may be unrolled from the inside out, and withdrawn through the cover opening 5.

Accordingly, since it is contemplated to remove the tissue paper from the inside of the roll, rather than from the outside of the roll, the outside diameter of the roll need not be precisely determined, but need only be sufficient to fit tightly into the cylinder. Since tissue paper tends to expand, it is easier to insert a roll of any dimension approximately equal to the diameter of the container and the roll will tend to hold itself within the container due to the friction of the [paper against the inner wall of the cylinder. Also, since the tissue is light weight, the roll will tend to remain stable as the paper is being withdrawn from the inside of the roll. The cover 3, also, assists to hold the roll in position for the greatest ease of paper removal.

The paper is continuous and incomplletely cut or perforated at periodic intervals to define sheets or sections of approximately the same size or length. Thus, pulling of the paper will cause one sheet or section after another to be withdrawn continuously through the opening until a desired number of sheets or sections is obtained. Thereafter, the desired sheets may be removed from the continuous layer by tearing at the perforation. The next sheet is then available for removal and is in the same position as the t'lrst sheet to be withdrawn.

Although this description is in terms of tissue paper, it would be evident that other forms of textiles, and materials mabe u sed in the container.

hat is claimed is:

l. Receptacle for a coreless roll of continuous tissue paper perforated into sections, or the like, comprising (a) a hollow cylindrical container having an axial length at least equal to the width of said paper and a diameter substantially equal to the outer diameter of said roll and a closed bottom permanently attached thereto, for contacting and holding said roll with said paper being removable from the inside of said roll, and (b) a removable cover tightly fitting the open end of said container, said cover being shaped like an inverted funnel with a circular opening therein, said opening having an axis aligned with the axis of said roll and said container and located at a distance from said roll, whereby said sections of said paper may be freely withdrawn through said opening in a continuous manner and torn to desired number of said sections.

2. Receptacle according to claim l, wherein said container comprises metal and said cover comprises transparent plastic.

3. Receptacle according to claim ll, wherein said container comprises plastic.

4. Receptacle according to claim ll, wherein said container comprises paper.

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U.S. Classification242/593, 225/39, 242/588.3
International ClassificationA47K10/24, A47K10/38, A47K10/32
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