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Publication numberUS3628191 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1971
Filing dateJun 8, 1970
Priority dateJun 8, 1970
Publication numberUS 3628191 A, US 3628191A, US-A-3628191, US3628191 A, US3628191A
InventorsDouglas Bobby E
Original AssigneeDouglas Bobby E
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Headgear for wrestlers
US 3628191 A
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llnlted States Patent 1 3,628,191

[72] Inventor Bobby E. Douglas 3,327,316 6/1967 Pukish,Jr. 2/3 R 8 Boyd Avenue, Bridgeport, Ohio 43912 3,513,482 5/1970 Holden 2/3 R [21] App]. No. 44,345 3,l86,004 6/l965 Carlini 2/3 R {22] Filed June 1970 Primary Examiner-James R Boler [45] Patented Dec. 21, 1971 Atmmey Mon0n S- Adler [54] g gggi igigfi g gg ABSTRACT: A unitary headgear for wrestlers made entirely from elastic or resilient material. This headgear includes an in- [52] US. Cl 2/3 R tegral head and chin fitting harness together with protective [Ill-Cl A42!) 0 ear pads and by virtue of the elastic characteristics of the [50] Field of Search 2/3, 5, 6, 9, material used, it is capable of a, snug but comfortable form fit 209 on different sizes and shapes of heads which is accomplished without the use of any adjustment clamps, buckles, laces or [56] References C'ted similar adjustment devices that are susceptible of becoming UNITED STATES PATENTS loose or that would be likely to cause injury to the opponent of 2,869,133 l/l959 Garbellano 2/202 X the wearer- PAIENIEDnEc21 mn 352 191 l/Y VENTOR. fiaaar E. 00064 4:

HEADGEAIR FOR WRESTLEIRS BACKGROUND OF THE/ INVENTION This invention relates ,to improvements in a headgear for a wrestler.

In the sport of wrestling, headgears are worn primarily for the protection of the ears and as presently used, a variety of head harness and chin strap arrangements are provided for holding protective ear pads in place. To maintain such headgears in place, various adjustment means are utilized which include such items as clamps, laces and buckles. These items, however, not only tend to come loosened but are highly susceptible to producing an abrasive effect if contacted by the body of an opponent.

Experience has demonstrated that the tendency of presently used types of headgears for wrestlers to slip and move frequently fail to provide the desired protection for the ears with the result that injury to the ears is a common occurrence. Also, adjustable chin and head straps have a tendency to break and in general, present types of headgears are not wholly satisfactory for withstanding the contact and pressures to which they are susceptible in wrestling competition.

Accordingly, one of the important objects of the present invention is to provide a headgear for wrestlers that is of unitary construction of elastic material so as to be snugly form fitting, comfortable to wear and which can be easily cleaned, stored or transported.

Another object herein is to provide a headgear of the above class which is completely free of any clamps, buckles, laces or the like which can become loosened or cause injury to an opponent of the wearer.

SUMMARY The present invention is a unitary item including a head harness portion and integral chin strap portion that is made from a highly resilient or elastic material such as rubber or the like. Included as a part of the head harness is a pair of suitable ear protecting pads and the entire item, when worn, snugly fits on the wearers head and conforms to the shape thereof. No adjustment buckles, laces or the like are used and there are no metal or other rigid portions that could be a source of injury to an opponent. The complete elasticity or resiliency of the entire headgear provides a snug and tight fit which is extremely comfortable to wear and which reduces to a minimum the possibilities of any slippage or movement.

The objects of this invention together with details of its construction and use as outlined and the advantages of the same will be more fully described and developed in relation to the more detailed description of the accompanying drawings.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. I is a perspective view showing a preferred embodiment of this invention,

FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken on the line 2-2 of FIG. 1,

FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken on the line 3-3 of FIG. 1, and

FIG. 4 is a reduced perspective view illustrating this inven tion when being worn for use.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Referring to the drawings, this new headgear is designated generally by the numeral and comprises a unitary or one piece helmet or harness made from any suitable elastic or resilient material. The headgear 10 as seen in FIG. 4 is adapted to be worn on the head of a person represented by the numeral 12 so that the opposed side portions 14 and 116 will suitably cover the person's ears. Integrally connecting the sides 14 and I6 is the relatively wide forward strap 18 adapted to lie against the forehead of the person 12. Rearwardly from strap 18 there is provided the integral spaced strap members 20, 22, 24, 26 and 28 which are arranged successively across the top of member If and down the back thereof to the lower extremity 30 so as to bear against the top and back of the wearers head.

Also integral with sides M and 16 and with strap lb are the forwardly and downwardly extending face strap portions 31 and 32 that define the arcuate chin strap member 3% which is split to form the upper strap portion 36 and the lower strap portion 38. By this arrangement, with member worn as seen in FIG. 41, the upper chin strap portion 36 will contact the wearer between his chin and lower lip and the lower chin strap portion 38 will engage the underside of the chin to provide substantially a horizontal and vertical two directional resistance force. It will thus be appreciated that helmet It) will remain snugly in place by the cooperation of the elastic straps across the top and back of the wearers head and the chin strap portions 36 and 38. Thus, the :side pieces MI and 16 are snugly held against the ears and the ears cannot become exposed and injured.

Preferably, a pair of cushioned ear pads 40 of foam rubber or the like are suitably bonded to the inside of the respective sides 14 and 116 so as to cover and encase the ears of the wearer for additional protection. The ear pads are provided with suitable apertures or openings 42 which register with the auditory ear openings of the wearer so as to not interfere with the hearing of such wearer during the time the headgear 10 is worn. Likewise, a suitable arrangement of openings M in the face straps 31 and 32 and the forehead strap W are provided for purposes of permitting appropriate ventilation.

By the construction of this headgear 10 as a unitary member of elastic material, it is able to be worn with a high degree of comfort and because of the elasticity of the material and the snugness of the fit across the top, back and side of the head of the wearer as well as about the face and chin portion, the difficulty encountered with prior devices of this type in slipping and becoming loose has, for all practical purposes been eliminated. It is pointed out specifically that the elasticity of material serves as the sole means for holding this headgear appropriately in place and that the use of laces, adjustment buckles and the like for tightening and adjusting a headgear of this type has been completely eliminated together with the problems inherent in such adjustment means becoming loose or broken and also the possibility of injury which they can cause in the intensive action encountered in wrestling competition. Accordingly, from all of the foregoing it is thought that the construction and use of this headgear will be understood and its advantages appreciated.

I claim:

1. As a new article of manufacture, a headgear for a wrestler comprising a one piece helmet member of like material to snugly fit the head of the wearer and including:

opposed sides to overlay the ears of the wearer,

top and back portions provided with a plurality of spaced cutouts to define a plurality of spaced straps extending at the front from the wearers forehead across the top of his head and down the back thereof, and

said helmet being provided with a cutout for the face of the wearer forwardly of the forward-most head strap to define a chin engaging strap extending between said opposed sides.

2. A headgear as defined in claim 1 including said helmet member being entirely of stretchable material by reason of which it is snugly form fitting on the wearer.

3. A headgear as defined in claim I including relatively small spaced openings in said helmet member adapted respectively to register with the auditory ear openings of the wearer.

4. A headgear as defined in claim ll. including:

a pair of spaced cushioned ear pads secured respectively to said sides for registration with the ears of the wearer, and

a relatively small opening through each ear pad adapted to register with the auditory ear opening of the wearer.

5. A headgear as defined in claim 4 including said ear pads being secured to the respective inner surface of said sides so as to be in direct contact with the ears of the wearer.

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