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Publication numberUS3628543 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1971
Filing dateAug 20, 1970
Priority dateAug 20, 1970
Publication numberUS 3628543 A, US 3628543A, US-A-3628543, US3628543 A, US3628543A
InventorsBemont Elliott T
Original AssigneeBemont Elliott T
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Cigarette holder and filter tube
US 3628543 A
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United States Patent [72] Inventor Elliott T. Bemont 1,554,353 1/1925 Johnson 131/263 UX RFD 56Kali r R 6, Chilhllm, I 2,005,233 6/1935 Martin 131/207 X 02633 2,153,623 4/1939 Jacobson., 131/207 X [21] Appl. No. 65,634 3,324,861 6/1967 Gainsmanm. 131/215 R X [22] Filed Aug. 20, 1970 3,463,166 8/1969 Bennett et a1 131/223 X [45] Patented 1971 Primary Examiner-Joseph S. Reich Attorney--Harold E. Cole [54] CIGARETTE HOLDER AND FILTER TUBE 6 Chums 4Dnwmg Flgs' ABSTRACT: A hollow cigarette holder has a plug near one [1.8. CI

end which has an opening A filter [ubg movably extends into 5 131/263 said holder, and a partition therein provides two channels, [5 lnt. each containing material either of which may com- [50] FieldofSearch 131/103, municate with Said holder owning w the cigarette is 215 R B, 223, 263 partly consumed, the tube may be rotated a half turn in the holder by turning the partition, and another channel brought [56] References cued into communication with said plug opening, thus presenting UNITED STATES PATENTS fresh filter material to gather the deposit of foul matter as the 840,997 1/1907 DEspinosa 131/207 X remaining part of the cigarette is consumed. Both the holder 1.134.917 4/1915 Sheehan 131/263 UX and the tube may be made from transparent material so that the user may discern the degree of saturation thereof.

as 86 1a 5.2+ e0 3 w 0 5 erg ezfi ea 5 CIGARETTE HOLDER AND FILTER TUBE The principal object of my invention is to provide an inexpensive filter tube for insertion in a cigarette holder, and which will make the filtered foul matter visible through the tube when it is removed from the holder, especially that foul matter that is deposited as the remaining or shorter part of the cigarette is consumed.

The foregoing and other objects which will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, may be accomplished by a construction, combination and arrangement of parts such as is disclosed by the drawing. The nature of the invention is such as to render it susceptible to various changes and modifications, and, therefore, I am not to be limited to the particular construction disclosed by the drawing nor to that described in the specification; but am entitled to all such changes therefrom as fall within the scope of my invention.

In the drawing:

FIG. I is a longitudinal sectional view of my cigarette holder and filter tube as associated in use, a cigarette extending into said holder, being shown in elevation.

FIG. 2 is an enlarged, sectional view taken on the line 2-2 of FIG. 1.

FIG. 3 is an enlarged, sectional view taken on the line 3-3 of FIG. 1.

FIG. 4 is an elevational view showing the cigarette holder partly in section and filter tube apart the latter being ready to be inserted into the holder.

As illustrated, my cigarette holder and filter includes a hollow, elongate, tubular holder interiorly of which, and at the rear half thereof, is a plug 12 having an opening 16 therethrough to permit passage of smoke. A cigarette C, as shown extends into the rear portion of the holder 10 until it reaches said plug 12, and extends outwardly beyond the holder. A slot 24 extends part way into said plug 12, being later referred to. Holder 10 may be transparent.

A filter tube 20 is made of transparent material, such as plastic, and serves as a mouthpiece. As shown, it has a partition 22 that divides the filter tube opening to provide two channels 26 and 30 at opposite sides thereof. Said partition firmly fits in said tube, not being rotatable therein. Each channel is filled with well-known filter material 28 and 32 respectively, preferably of a light color, such as cotton fibers, or other suitable material. Such light-colored material will make visable through the transparent filter tube the deposit from the smoke, drawn through it, of the residue in the tobacco. Thus the smoker can see the foul matter he avoids by filtering the smoke.

Said partition 22 has knob at its rear or outer end whereby it can be grasped easily, and which projects rearwardly of said holder 10 at all times. Said tube is preferably of lesser length than the length of said portion of said holder from said plug to the front extremity thereof, providing a space 34 for the smoker and spacing the filter material from his tongue and mouth.

In use, said partition 22 is inserted into said tube and into said slot 24 in said holder, with one channel 26 or 28 in communication with said plug opening 16. Thus smoke will be drawn through the cigarette C and filter tube 20 as the user draws or pufi's. The foul matter deposited from the smoke on said filter material 28 or 32 will be readily visible through said transparent tube.

When the cigarette is at least one-half consumed, the user should draw said partition 22 outwardly sufiicient to clear said plug 12, and then rotate said tube 20 by means of said partition knob 25 a half turn so that another channel will communicate with said plug opening 16. will give the user fresh or unused filter material, hence the deposit from the smoke, which is greater, comparatively speaking, as the cigarette gets shorter, will be visible, and at the foul matter deposited on the filter material, be even more noticeable.

Said holder and said tube may be made of a suitable plastic, such as lucite.

What I claim is: l. A hollow cigarette holder and filter tube having front and rear ends, said holder comprising a plug fixed interiorly thereof and having an opening therethrough, said filter tube being adapted to hold filter material and to movably extend into said holder and having an opening in communication with said plug opening and being rotatable within said holder and said filter tube having a partition firmly positioned therein extending lengthwise thereof and thus providing two channels either of which is adapted to communicate with said plug opening when in predetermined rotated position.

2. A hollow cigarette holder and filter tube as of claim 2, said tube having filter material therein and being transparent whereby said material is visible exteriorly of said tube.

3. A hollow cigarette holder and filter tube as of claim 2 said tube being shorter in length than said holder from the front end of said plug to the front end of said holder, thereby providing a space between the front ends of said tube and holder.

4. A hollow cigarette holder and filter tube as of claim .2, said holder plug having a slot therein, an end of said partition being adapted to removably extend into said slot in position of use whereby said tube cannot be rotated when in that position.

5. A hollow cigarette holder and filter tube as of claim 2, said tube having a finger grip normally extending forwardly beyond said holder.

6. A hollow cigarette holder and filter tube as of claim 5, said tube being transparent whereby said material is visible exteriorly of said tube, said tube having a finger grip normally extending forwardly beyond said holder.

1 a 1- a m

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