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Publication numberUS3635514 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 18, 1972
Filing dateJul 18, 1969
Priority dateJul 18, 1969
Publication numberUS 3635514 A, US 3635514A, US-A-3635514, US3635514 A, US3635514A
InventorsLeland F Blatt
Original AssigneeLeland F Blatt
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Dual grip automation jaw swivel assembly
US 3635514 A
In combination with an automation duel grip jaw assembly having an apertured mounting flange, and a power operated actuating unit for said jaw assembly with an apertured jaw-mounting flange, a jaw swivel assembly including an apertured swivel plate secured to said jaw assembly mounting flange and a swivel body loosely mounted through and retainingly engaging one side of said swivel plate and including a collar adjacent the other side of said swivel plate, said collar being secured to said actuating unit jaw-mounting flange whereby on loosening of the fasteners between said jaw assembly and said swivel plate, the jaw assembly and said swivel plate may be rotatively adjusted.
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[451 land United States Patent Blatt [54] DUAL GRIP AUTOMATION JAW SWIVEL ASSEMBLY Primary Examiner-Edward A. Sroka Assistant Examiner-Douglas D. Watts Attorney-Cullen, Sloman & Cantor [72] Inventor: Leland F. Blatt, 790 Shoreham Road,

Grosse Pointe, Mich. 48236 July 18, 1969 [57] ABSTRACT In combination with an automation duel [22] Filed:

grip jaw assembly having an apertured mounting flange, and a power operated [21] Appl. No.:

actuating unit for said jaw assembly with an apertured jaw- '294/106 285/412 mounting flange, a jaw swivel assembly including an apertured swivel plate secured to said jaw assembly mounting flange and l 1 15; a swivel body loosely mounted through and retainin [52] Int.

h c r a e gly engag- 285/405 413 ing one side ofsaid swivel plate and including a collar adjacent ogllv, mw e d v u u cmdm elmr. n e m d .l y mba e m mh m m bt r. owmh m c mp m m a s a V a .1 n ,flww i m rfi w h m m r mmw D US 2 e WORD S wmfl m ww a ma 0 aUMm s-m w 1 mumw c Mmew S afwae e fhd hC .te t pe. 0 he ttu flfh m s LSOD-fi UXX mum 4 00/ 24 48 22 S m T m m N m m m u m w A m m t u a p m u S m u n "v," m T m m m A Y n s r. Tnuflub k S uoe e D DCR R m I 550 N 837 U mmw 03 1 813 7 4 18% 6 U 23 PATENTEU Jan 1 8 m2 INVENTOR LELAND F, BLATT w wn ATTORNEYS DUAL GRIP AUTOMATION .IAW SWIVEL ASSEMBLY BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Heretofore, in the use of dual-gripping automation jaws and related gripping devices for workpieces, there is normally associated therewith actuating unit for transmitting reciprocal power to the clevis of the automation jaw for effecting opening and closing movements of the jaws. Under some conditions wherein the actuating unit is so supported as to movably position the jaw with respect to a workpiece to be applied to a machine tool or removed therefrom, it becomes necessary to rotate the jaw assembly with respect to the actuating unit for registry with a predetermined gripping plane for a particular job. In the past, it has been possible to provide in the actuating unit and the jaw assembly cooperating apertured mounting flanges and wherein, upon loosening of the respective bolts and disconnecting the flanges, a relative rotation can be achieved between the two parts after which the two flanges must be reconnected and the bolts assembled.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present invention to overcome the time-consuming task of adjustment of the respective parts and to provide interconnected between the actuating unit and the jaw assembly, a jaw swivel unit by which in a simple and expeditious fashion, the jaw assembly may be angularly positioned and secured with respect to the actuating unit.

It is another object to provide between the actuating unit and the jaw assembly, the jaw swivel assembly which includes the rotative swivel plate initially secured to the jaw assembly mounting flange and to provide a swivel body which projects through and retainingly engages a swivel plate on one side and includes an apertured collar secured thereon adapted to retainingly engage the opposite side of the swivel plate and also, adapted for securing to the actuating unit-mounting flange.

It is a further object to provide a jaw swivel unit wherein angular adjustment may be achieved between the jaw body and the actuating unit merely by loosening the securing bolts which join the swivel plate to the jaw body.

These and other objects will be seen from the following specification and claims in conjunction with the appended drawing in which:

FIG. 1 is a fragmentary side elevational view of the jaw body, actuating unit and interposed swivel assembly.

FIG. 2 is a section taken in the direction of arrows 22 of FIG. 1.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION Referring to the drawing, the present dual grip automation jaw assembly generally indicated at 11 and includes jaw body 12, upper and lower jaws 13 and 14 pivoted upon said body at 15 The structure and function of the jaw assembly has been set out in my US. Pat. No. 3,371,953 issued Mar. 5, 1968, and a detail of the function and operation is omitted herein.

It is sufficient to state that the power operated clevis 17 through the linkage described, is adapted to pivotally actuate the respective jaws 13 and 14; the said clevis being connected to a reciprocal power source hereafter described.

ACTUATING UNIT The present actuating unit, FIG. 1, has a body generally indicated at 24"and'includes connected thereto the horizontally disposed support rod 25, fragmentarily shown secured to the actuating unit by fasteners 26.

Said actuating unit also has a bore adapted to receive a portion of the reciprocal piston rod 27, fragmentarily shown which normally projects from a power cylinder and extends into the said actuating unit.

The detail of the present actuating'unit as well as the power cylinder for same does not form a part of the present invention, except to the extent that the present actuating unit includes a body 24, is adapted to receive the reciprocal piston rod 27 and includes jaw swivel unit mounting flange 24.

The structure of the present actuating unit and power cylinder assembly is shown in my copending US Pat. application, Ser. No. 815,658 filed Apr. 141, 1969 and the detail thereof is not repeated herein.

Elongated piston rod end 28 extends through the bore of the actuating unit body 24 and is threadedljy connected and otherwise secured to 29 within the axial bore in the end of the piston rod 27, FIG. 1.

The opposite end of the piston rod end projects from the actuating unit and includes an undercut head 30 which is adapted for the swivel mounting within the T-slot 31 formed within clevis 17.

JAW SWIVEL ASSEMBLY The present jaw swivel unit designated at 32 is adapted to be interposed between the jaw assembly and the actuating unit.

Said swivel unit includes swivel plate 33 which adjacent the four comers thereof at its periphery has a series of threaded apertures 34 adapted to receive the cap screws 35 or other fasteners which extend through corresponding apertures in the jaw assembly mounting flange 16.

This construction provides a means of fixedly anchoring the jaw unit 11 to the swivel plate 33.

Said swivel plate includes the central bore 36 terminating in a counterbore 37. 1

Swivel body 38 loosely extends through the swivel plate 33 and includes an annular flange 39 which nests within said counter bore and projects axially outward a slight distance from the face of the swivel plate 33, as best shown in FIG. I.

The other end of swivel body 38 extends into unit body mounting plate 40 and is fixedly secured thereto as by the weld 41. Mounting plate 40 is spaced adjacent theopposite I side of swivel plate 33 and includes adjacent its periphery the plurality of spaced apertures 42.

Said apertures are similar to the threaded apertures in the swivel unit mounting flange 24', FIG. 1.

Fasteners 43 in the nature of capscrews project through the plate apertures 42 and are threaded through the corresponding apertures in the said swivel unit mounting flange 24'.

The forward side of the swivel body 38 projects axially of corresponding side of swivel plate 33 for engagement with jaw assembly mounting flange 16 to thus, define a limited annular space at 45 between flange l6 and swivel plate 33.

OPERATION With the fasteners 35 tightly drawn up and threaded into corresponding apertures 34 of said swivel plate, two functions are achieved:

1. the jaw body 12 is fixedly secured to swivel plate 33 for mounting the same thereon;

2. the swivel plate snugly and tightly engages the swivel body 38 so that swivel plate is secured against relative rotation with respect to said swivel body unless and until the fasteners 35 are loosened.

When it is desired to change the angle of the gripping plane of the jaws 13 and 14, all that is necessary is to merely loosen partly the respective fasteners 35. When this is done, then the jaw body assembly and the connected swivel plate 33 may be rotated to the desired angle after which the fasteners are again tightened.

Having described my invention, reference should now be had to the following claims.

l In combination, a first hollow body and a second hollow body; t

with each body having a peripheral flange provided with f bolt holes and fastening bolts;

means for axially coupling said first body to said second body in a manner to enable the two bodies to be relatively rotated a slight distance axially; said means comprising a first ring between the flanges and adjacent the first body flange and having bolt holes for receiving the bolts of the first body flange; a second ring between the first ring and the second body flange and having bolt holes receiving the bolts of the second body flange;

the two rings having their central clear areas axially aligned;

a cylindrical collar inside the aligned clear areas of the two rings; with its rear edge welded at the rear to the second ring; and its forward edge outwardly flanged to seat in a counterbore of the front face of the first ring;

the weld and flange enabling the collar to interlock the two rings axially, while pennitting the two rings and their peripheral body flanges bolt-fastened to the two rings to rotate slightly with respect to each other, when the bolts of the first ring and first body flange are released somewhat.

i 1! t i I

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U.S. Classification294/106, 294/115, 285/412, 294/202
International ClassificationB23Q7/04, B23B31/18
Cooperative ClassificationB23Q7/043, B23B31/18
European ClassificationB23Q7/04C, B23B31/18
Legal Events
Jan 9, 1989ASAssignment
Effective date: 19880901