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Publication numberUS3638789 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1972
Filing dateJan 26, 1970
Priority dateJan 26, 1970
Publication numberUS 3638789 A, US 3638789A, US-A-3638789, US3638789 A, US3638789A
InventorsTuszewski Marian Stanislak
Original AssigneeTuszewski Marian Stanislak
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Disposable finger protecting cleansing mitt
US 3638789 A
A mitt or glove is provided with a sponge or pad on one face thereof and is detachably sealed within an envelope in a sterile condition. The finger engaging cuff of the mitt extends from the envelope so that the mitt can be engaged over the finger of the user wherefrom the protective envelope can be peeled back and removed.
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O United States Patent [151 3,638,789 Tuszewski Feb. 1, 1972 [54] DISPOSABLE FINGER PROTECTING 3,412,851 11/1968 Coulombe ..206/63.2 CLEANSING MITT 3,447,181 6/1969 Coker et al. ..15/10494 [72] Inventor: Marian Stanislak Tuswewski, 915 49th FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS Calgary Albem Canada 534,879 1/1955 Belgium ..15/227 [22] Filed: Jan. 26, 1970 1,200,067 6/1959 France 15/227 [2]] App]. N03 5590 1,397,340 3/1965 France ..401/7 Primary ExaminerDanie1 Blum [52] 11.8. CI. ..206/63.2 R, 15/ 104.94, 15/227, Attorney-Kent and Ade 206/47 R [51] Int. Cl ..A47k 7/03, A61b 19/02 [57] ABSTRACT [58] Field of Search A mm or glove is provided with a Sponge 0r pad on one face thereof and is detachably sealed within an envelope in a sterile condition. The finger engaging cuff of the mitt extends from [56] Rete Cited the envelope so that the mitt can be engaged over the finger of UNITED STATES PATENTS the user wherefrom the protective envelope can be peeled back and removed. 1,495,389 5/1924 I-Ieimer1.... ..15/227 3,409,010 11/1968 Kron ..206/63.2 X 10 Claims, 10 Drawing Figures PATENTED FEB H972 SHEET 1 0F 2 INVENTOR BY M/ ATTORNEY DISPOSABLE FINGER PROTECTING CLEANSING MI'I'I This invention relates to new and useful improvements in disposable, finger protecting cleansing mitts with peel-back envelopes or covers to maintain them in a sterile condition untilused.

The invention is designed to allow for the cleansing and wiping up and washing of offensive, corrosive or other matter without contaminating ones fingers or hands in the process and is furthermore designed to be disposable in a conventional flush toilet.

The mitt is designed for use in wiping up and washing off fecal matter or other material of an offensive, dirty, caustic, corrosive or staining nature without contaminating one's hands in the process.

It is designed for use especially in the following circumstances.

Firstly, it is of particular use in the nursing care of patients incontinent of feces and/or urine in hospitals, nursing homes, institutions for the mentally retarded, in private homes or the like.

Secondly, in the care of children who are not yet toilet trained both in hospital and institutional nurseries and in private homes.

Furthermore, it can be used in place of ordinary toilet paper by patients sufiering from hemorrhoids, recurrent infections of the urinary bladder, vaginitis, various forms of pruritus or other conditions in which thorough cleaning of the perineum is desirable.

Another use is in the place of ordinary toilet paper for use by personnel in institutions and occupations in which very strict cleanliness of the hands is desirable, for example, by members of operating room staffs in hospitals, by personnel engaged in packaging drugs and medicines, by food handlers in hospitals and restaurants.

It is also of particular use as wiping up and cleansing cloths in laboratories or industrial establishments and workshops for spilled acids, alkalies, and any caustic, corrosive, staining or offensive substances which one would rather not have contaminating ones hands.

However, the principal object and essence of the invention is the application of a disposable finger-protecting cleansing mitt which utilizes a peel-back envelope packaging for the following purposes:

I. as a means of packaging an amount of impregnation or medication suitable for a single application;

2. for assuring that the mitt or glove and attached sponge pad do not become contaminated by foreign substances;

3. for assuring bacteriologic sterility of the mitt or glove and attached sponge where such sterility is desirable in medical or surgical applications.

With the foregoing considerations and such other or further purposes, advantages or novel features as may become apparent from consideration of this disclosure and specification,

' the present invention consists of, and is hereby claimed to reside in, the inventive concept which is comprised, embodied, embraced, or included in the method, process, construction, composition, arrangement of combination of parts, or new of any of the foregoing, of which concept, one or more specific embodiments of same are herein exemplified as illustrative only of such concept, reference being had to the accompanying Figures in which:

FIG. 1 is a top plan view of one embodiment of the device.

FIG. 2 is a section substantially along the line 2-2 of FIG. I but with the envelope removed.

FIG. 3 is a view substantially along the line 33 of FIG. I, but without the seam.

FIG. 4 is an isometric view reduced on scale from the remaining views, showing the device on a hand.

FIG. 5 is a view along the line 5-5 of FIG. 1.

FIG. 6 is a top plan view of an alternative embodiment of the device.

FIG. 7 is an isometric view of the preferred embodiment with the envelope in place.

FIG. 8 is an end view of FIG. 7.

FIG. 9 is a front elevation of the device with the envelope partially peeled from the mitt.

FIG. 10 is a side view of FIG. 9.

In the drawings like characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the different figures.

Proceeding therefore to describe the invention in detail, the mitt comprises a substantially rectangular pad 10 of absorbent flexible and soft material commonly known as cotton batting although the material may be manufactured from organic or inorganic material. In any event, it is a soft absorbent, fluffy material well known and readily available.

Secured to one face 11 thereof is a pocket 12. This pocket or envelope 12 is preferably made of relatively thin, flexible plastic material such as polyethylene sheeting and is in the form of an envelope being closed around the major edge .13 thereof but open at the end 14 for the insertion of the fingers of the user.

The edge 13 may be heat sealed if the envelope is formed from two sheets of material, an upper sheet 12a and a lower sheet 12b.

This envelope or pocket 12 is secured to the surface or face 11 of the pad 10 adhesively as indicated by reference character 15 and it is desirable that this adhesive be flexible so that it does not harden when dried.

The open end 14 is preferably turned back to form a cuff 16 which tends to prevent any liquid being wiped by the device, from running onto the hand and wrist of the user.

It is also an alternative form of construction to form at least one seam 17 in the pocket or envelope either by heat sealing or adhesive, thus forming a plurality of finger engaging compartments l8, 18.

In the embodiment shown in FIGS. 1 to 5 inclusive, the pocket is substantially semicircular when viewed in plan with the open end 14 being cut straight across as clearly shown.

Alternatively, the pocket may be rectangular as shown in FIG. 6 and the lower panel 12b may extend a distance beyond the cuff 16 formed on the upper surface only.

The embodiments shown are relatively small and can easily be disposed of in conventional flush toilets.

However, it will be appreciated that larger pads can be manufactured if desired.

FIG. 4 shows the hand 19 of a user with fingers 20 inserted within the pocket and being protected thereby.

Due to the flexibility of both the pad and the pocket, the pad is easily manipulatable by the fingers to facilitate the cleansing action.

If desired, the pad 10 may be suitably impregnated with a soap, detergent, or a solvent, or alternatively, may be medicated with an antiseptic, emollient, or astringent or any other medicinal agent. Furthermore, it may be scented or perfumed in any suitable way as required.

After use it is easily disposed of without the fingers of the user becoming contaminated by the material on the pad.

Reference character 21 in FIG. 4 shows an enlarged version of the mitt, in phantom, in which the pocket extends almost to the wrist. The pad 10 also extends over more of the palm thus making a larger unit.

The preferred embodiment shown in FIGS. 7 to 10 inclusive includes an envelope generally designated 22 used to enclose the mitt or glove hereinbefore described and illustrated in FIGS. 1, 2, 3 and 6.

The envelope may be manufactured from moistureproof paper, aluminum or other metal foil, polyethylene film, or other similar material.

The sponge or pad 10 is impregnated with the desired solution, chemical or substance. Where this invention is to be used for purposes of preoperative antiseptic skin preparation, this solution is one similar to the commercially available brands sold under trade mark PhisoHex," loprep," Hexachlorophene" or Betadine," or the like.

The envelope 22 is preferably made from a substantially rectangular sheet of material 23 folded as at 24 to fonn the bottom seam of the envelope.

The edges 25 may be adhesively secured together or, alternatively, other conventional ways of manufacturing may be used.

The upper side edge 26 of the envelope is open and the portions 27 are folded downwardly to form folded-down cuff portions. The mitt or glove hereinbefore described, is inserted within the envelope with the cuff portion 16 extending through the open side edge 26. This side edge is then sealed adhesively to the cuff and to itself as indicated by the dotted lines 28 thus sealing off completely the pad and the remainder of the mitt within the envelope. It is essential that an airtight and moisturetight seal be provided along the lines 28 thus maintaining the interior of the envelope in a sterile condition until used.

In use, the fingers or hand are inserted within the cuff 16 of the mitt or glove whereupon the opposite hand is used to grasp one of the turned-down cuff portions 27 of the envelope. This side may then be stripped downwardly to the position shown in H6. 9 whereupon the fingers may grasp the opposite turned-down cuff portion 27 and the envelope may be stripped completely from the mitt which is then ready for use in the sterile condition without having being touched by the user up to this point.

Although a single mitt is shown in FIGS. 1, 2, 3 and 5, it will be appreciated that it could also be a glove with four fingers or four fingers and a thumb (see FIG. 9).

Together with the advantages recited hereinbefore, other advantages become obvious from the following in which is listed a number of steps which an operating room nurse would save by the use of a disposable preoperative skin prep sponge packaged in this way.

Under normal conditions the nurse would proceed as follows:

1. Nurse opens package of sterile sponges.

2. She places same on a table.

3. She opens a package of sterile gloves.

4. She places the gloves on a table.

5. Nurse gets ready a sterile basin.

6. She gets ready a bottle of solution and pours the solution into the basin.

7. Nurse dons sterile glove.

8. She takes a sterile sponge into the gloved hand and clips the sponge into the solution.

In addition, once the skin prepping is completed, the use of this invention further eliminates the following steps:

9. Nurse tidies up bottle of solution.

10. Nurse tidies up basin with left over solution.

1 1. She disposes of left over (wasted) solution.

12. She tidies up gloves or disposes of disposable glove.

13. She disposes of sponges.

14. Another employee washes and resterilizes basin.

Thus the use of this invention substitutes three steps for 14 steps and also saves on wasted solution, extra sponges, gloves, expenses of sterilizing basins, storing all items, and the like.

Apart from the foregoing, this invention will be useful for application of all manner of substances which are either sterile, or which are staining, dirty, poisonous, corrosive or offensive and which one would rather not touch with unprotected fingers. By its means all of these substances can be packaged in amounts suitable for single applications. Examples are:

medicinal ointments, lotions and creams,

cosmetics, furniture polishes, paints, greases,

acids, herbicides, insecticides, industrial poisons, and the like.

Various modifications can be made within the scope of the inventive concept which is herein disclosed and/or claimed.

What I claim to be the present invention is:

l. A disposable finger protecting mitt comprising in combination a flexible absorbent pad, a finger engaging pocket adhesively secured upon one side of said pad, said pocket being flexible and adapted to enclose the major portion of the fingers of the user and having a finger inserting open end, and a protective envelope surrounding and enclosing said mitt, the

said finger inserting open end of said mitt extending outwardly from said envelope, means to detachably secure the enclosed mitt portion and pad in a sterile sealed condition within said envelope, said envelope including a pair of opposite folded cuff portions adjacent to and extending from said finger inserting open end to facilitate peeling back and removal of said envelope from said mitt when used.

2. The device according to claim 1 in which said means includes an open side edge to said envelope, said finger engaging portion extending through said open side edge, said envelope being adhesively secured to each side of said finger engaging portion adjacent said open side edge thereof, thereby sealing the remainder of said mitt within said envelope.

3. The mitt according to claim 1 in which said pocket is provided with at least one dividing seam to separate said pocket into at least two finger compartments.

4. The mitt according to claim 2 in which said pocket is provided with at least one dividing seam to separate said pocket into at least two finger compartments.

5. The device according to claim 1 in which said finger inserting opening is provided with a cuff portion around the edge thereof, said cuff being folded outwardly.

6. The device according to claim 2 in which said finger inserting opening is provided with a cuff portion around the edge thereof, said cuff being folded outwardly.

7. The device according to claim 3 in which said finger inserting opening is provided with a cuff portion around the edge thereof, said cuff being folded outwardly.

8. The device according to claim 1 in which said pad is formed of relatively soft batting, said pocket being formed from relatively thin flexible moistureproof plastic material.

9. The device according to claim 2 in which said pad is formed of relatively soft batting, said pocket being formed from relatively thin flexible moistureproof plastic material.

10. The device according to claim 5 in which said pad is formed of relatively soft batting, said pocket being formed from relatively thin flexible moistureproof plastic material.

=l i t

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