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Publication numberUS3638940 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1972
Filing dateJul 2, 1970
Priority dateJul 2, 1970
Publication numberUS 3638940 A, US 3638940A, US-A-3638940, US3638940 A, US3638940A
InventorsThomas M Mehaulic
Original AssigneeThomas M Mehaulic
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Portable spring-biased indoor jogging machine
US 3638940 A
Spring-loaded platform provides a workload for jogging in place. The platform is attached to an upright post and to a counter positioned in the post at visible level. The counter only operates upon a predetermined jog stroke length. The post is foldable and the platform pivotable into a handy carrying case. A horizontally positioned diaphragm provides a limit stop for the platform.
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in i, United States atet [151 3,638,940 Mehaulic 1 Feb. 1, 1972 [54] PORTABLE SPRING-BIASED INDDOR 3,007,280 11/1961 Berberich ..46/59 JOGGING MACHINE 3,295,847 1/1967 Matt ..272/s70 [72] Inventor: Thomas M. Mehaulic, 32 East Wine St., primary Examiner Richa|-d pinkham Unlontownv |54O1 Assistant ExaminerWilliam R. Browne [22] Filed: July 2 1970 Attorney-Laurence R. Brown [21] Appl. No.2 51,892 [57] ABSTRACT Spring-loaded platform provides a workload for jogging in [52] US. Cl. .272/83 R, 272/DlG. 4, 272/DIG. 5, place, The platform is attached to an upright post and to a 2/ counter positioned in the post at visible level. The counter [51] Int. Cl. ..A63b 21/00 only operates upon a predetermined jog stroke length. The [58] Field of Search... ..272/57 D, 57 R, 70, 69, 83, post is foldable and the platform pivotable into a handy carry- 272/82, 79 R, DIG. 5, DIG. 4; 46/59 ing case. A horizontally positioned diaphragm provides a limit stop for the platform. [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS Bierly ..272/70 6 Claims, 7 Drawing Figures PATENIEU FEB I I97? FIGZ FIG4C ATTORNEY PORTABLE SPRlNG-BIASED INDOOR JOGGING MACHINE This invention relates to exercising equipment and more particularly it relates to jogging machines.

It is desirable to provide an in place indoor jogging machine, but it is difficult to simulate outdoor conditions, particularly in absorbing the shock of the joggers motion and providing a bottoming effect.

Accordingly it is an object of this invention to provide a jogging machine that can be used indoors in place to simulate outdoor jogging conditions.

Therefore in accordance with the invention there is provided a spring-loaded pivoted platform which has a taut elastic sheet bottoming stop to absorb the shock of a joggers motion. The platform is so constructed to fold into a portable assembly, and has an upright post assembly to bring a counter dial and operating assembly into view. The counter is so arranged to produce counts only when an acceptable jog stroke of the order of 8 inches is attained.

These and further features, advantages and objectives of the invention will be described throughout the following detailed description, with reference to the accompanying drawing, wherein:

FIG. I is a side elevational view, in section of a jogging machine provided by the invention;

FIG. 2 is a front elevation view of the jogging machine;

FIG. 3 is a side elevation view showing ajogger in position on the spring-loaded platform; and FIGS. 4a to 4d show successive positions of the jogging machine as it is folded into a portable suitcaselike assembly.

Referring now to the drawing, a jogging machine is shown with a boxlike frame elevating ajogging platform 11 above the base level 12. The jogging platform 11 is pivotally mounted at one end 14 to move between an upper position as shown in FIG. 1 to a lower limiting position as shown in FIG. 3 in response to the weight ofa jogger 15 on the platform. The platform 11 is loaded for a work function by coil springs l6, 17 which are removably positioned in wells 18, 19 so they can be replaced with different strength springs or stored in the frame when the assembly is folded as shown in FIGS. 4a to 4d.

With the springs alone the jogging machine does not bottom properly to effect a proper work load or a proper simulation of outdoor jogging on the ground. Thus a taut elastic diaphragm 20 is positioned in the horizontal plane which platform 11 reaches and there serves as a resilient but definite stop to the downward jogging stroke. Appropriate strips may be used or apertures may be provided for springs 16 and 17 to extend through the diaphragm 20. It is attached to post 21 by fasteners (not shown) in such a way that when it is pivoted into frame 10 about pivot pin 22 it will fold into the boxlike frame assembly and let the two sections 24 and 23 of the upright post fold into place as shown in FIGS. 4a to 4d, with platform 11 on top. A carrying handle can be supplied if desired on one side of the frame 10.

The post comprises a hollow channel member with a guiding eyelet 25 positioned to receive therethrough cord 26 affixed at one end to eyelet 27 in the platform 11, and at the other end to the stroking arm 28 ofa counter 29, which may be for example one constructed such as a golfers tally counter. The counter thus has a dial or display window 30 positioned within the easy view of jogger 15 so that he can keep his eyes off the deck" while viewing the count. In addition for purposes of balance the post 21 may be grasped at the upper end when required. To hold it in place when upright a strap 31 may be used and removed when folding into portable position. Also a latch (not shown) may be used at the framework box 10 to prevent pivoting toward the jogger about pin 22.

The cord 26 is made a part of the leverage system to permit gauging a stroke of predetermined length before a count is registered on the dial 30 as the counter lever arm 28 is pulled downwardly against spring 33. It is desirable for example to count only for full strokes of the order of 8 inches.

In operation the jogger as shown in FIG. 3 bottoms the platform 11 when his weight is applied, and during the jogging motion both feet leave the platform 11 to permit it to attain theupper position of FIG. 1 and engage the ratchet of counter 29 to register a count if a full length stroke is taken.

it is evident therefore that the jogger can tally points by reference to the counter when he takes a proper stroke length. Also the work function can be changed with different springs for different weight joggers and different amounts of work per stroke. The elastic bottoming function is important in cushioning the jogger to prevent shock to the runners leg as encountered with a hard stop and to permit a definite rather than spongy bottoming to simulate actual outdoor jogging.

What is claimed is:

1. A jogging machine comprising in combination, a frame with a pivoted platform attached thereto for movement upward from a substantially horizontal plane, spring means coupled between said frame and the pivoted platform having such strength and placement to permit the pivoted platform to move between an upper position to a lower position in said horizontal plane with impact of the jogging weight of a person, a taut elastic diaphragm disposed beneath the platform in a horizontal plane that engages said platform at the pivot point of the platform and provides a limit stop for said platform at the termination of a jogging stroke, and said spring means passing through said diaphragm.

2. A machine as defined in claim 1 wherein the spring means comprise removable coil springs and the frame has wells for receiving the removable coil springs.

3. A machine as defined in claim 1 including counter means coupled with said platform counting for each jogging stroke of said platform.

4. A machine as defined in claim 3 wherein said counter means is coupled to respond only to jogging strokes exceeding a predetermined distance greater than 4 inches.

5. A machine as defined in claim 3 wherein a vertical post is positioned in front of said platform and said counter means is positioned in said post and includes a dial display at the upper region of said post in view of a person jogging in place on said platform.

6. A machine as defined in claim 5 wherein said post is formed in foldable sections and-said frame is dimensioned to receive said post therein.

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