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Publication numberUS3639930 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1972
Filing dateAug 14, 1970
Priority dateAug 14, 1970
Publication numberUS 3639930 A, US 3639930A, US-A-3639930, US3639930 A, US3639930A
InventorsMiller Gary E
Original AssigneeMiller Gary E
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Humidity tent
US 3639930 A
A bed with folding integral corner posts for holding a privacy screen or an oxygen tent and equipped with a sectional, invalid-type mattress and has integral storage provisions for said privacy screen and a conventional bed pan.
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United States Patent Miller [4 Feb. 8, 1972 [54] HUMIDITY TENT 1,764,568 6/1930 Kenny.... ..5/330 X 2,301,511 11/1942 Boyce ..5/362 [72] Invent 1 Nmh 2,615,175 10 1952 Corakas ..5/90 x Filed? 1970 Primary Examiner-Bobby R. Gay 2 Appl No; 3 77 Assistant Examiner-Andrew M. Calvert [52] US. Cl ..5/330, 5/90 TRA T [51] Int. Cl. ..E03d 11/10, A47c 21/00 [58] Field of Search ..5/90, 91, 1 13, 324, 330, 329, A bed with folding integral comer posts for holding a privacy 5/362 screen or an oxygen tent and equipped with a sectional, in-

valid-type mattress and has integral storage provisions for said [56] References Cited privacy screen and a conventional bed pan.

UNITED STATES PATENTS 3 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures 324,775 8/1885 Jones ..5/324 X PATENYEUFEB 81912 4 3083933 GHQ/i T l/LLemJ HUMIDITY TENT BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION One of the urgent requirements in hospitals and sickrooms is finding storage space for all the accessories needed to care for the bedridden.

At the present time privacy screens for the most part are expensive drape type panels moveably suspended on tracks, or are independent caster supported panels which are rolled into place and when not in use must be stored out of the way.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is therefore an object of this invention to provide a bed with integral folding comer supports for holding a privacy screen or an oxygen tent.

It is also an object of this invention to provide a bed with a storage shelf in the hitherto wasted spaced area under the frame.

It is also an object of this invention to provide a bed with a sectional invalid type mattress containing an aperture with a removable plug so constructed that a conventional bed pan can be stored in the space below the aperture, under the plug, and the top surface of the plug will remain flush with the top surface of the mattress.

DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS A better understanding of the invention may be obtained from the following drawings and description forming a part of this application in which:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the bed showing the privacy screen and plug in place. Also the vertical to horizontal movement of the support posts is indicated.

FIG. 2 is an enlarged view taken along line 2-2 in FIG. 1 showing the bed pan stored beneath the plug.

FIG. 3 is an enlarged view of the hinge, leg and support post.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT As shown in FIG. 1 a bed comprising a headboard 11, side walls 12, footboard l3 and legs 14 has a storage shelf 15 positioned under the body of the bed and suitably secured for support to the legs 14.

Located on top of each leg 14 and flush with the side walls 12 are the support posts 16. Each support post 16 is attached by a hinge 17 to the leg 14.

The support posts 16 move from a vertical position through 90 of arc to a storage position horizontal to the sidewalls 12.

The support posts 16 are provided with suitable means for locking in the vertical position.

Enclosed within the walls of the bed 10 is a box spring unit of conventional configuration 18.

Above the box springs 18 is an invalid type mattress 19 containing an aperture 20.

Suitably fitted within the aperture 20 is a plug 21.

The plug 21 is constructed similarly to the construction of the parent mattress except for its thickness.

Stored inside the aperture 20 and resting on box springs 18 is a conventional hospital bed pan 22.

The plug 21 is inserted into the aperture 20 and slid down to rest on the bed pan 22.

The thickness of the plug 21 is made to allow the plug to rest on the bed pan 22 and the top surface of the plug 21 to be flush with the top surface of the mattress.

In operation, using as an example a patient needing to perform a call of nature, the support posts I6 are raised to the vertical and locked in position. The privacy screen 23 is taken from the shelf 15 and rigged on the support posts by suitable means 24 such as corner pockets, and the ends are closed by suitable means 25 such as a zipper.

The plug 21 is removed from the mattress l9 and the bed pan 22 is taken out of the aperture 20. The plug 2] is then slid into the aperture 20 to bottom out on the box spring 18. The bed pan 22 is set on top of the plug 21 and the patient can perform his act.

When the patient has completed his act the bed pan 22 is taken away and sanitized. The bed pan is then stored at the bottom of the aperture 20 and the plug 21 is slid into the aperture 20. The privacy screen 23 is dismantled and stored on the shelf 15 and the support posts 16 are unlocked and lowered to their horizontal storage position.

If the circumstances of the illness require frequent elimination by the patient, the privacy screen may be left in a rigged position. This will allow the patient to help himself in urgent situations.

This provision will be particularly valuable as it will help alleviate the critical shortage of nursing help.

The shelf 15 may be utilized for storage or other accessories and equipment.

I claim:

1. A bed including a. a horizontal, rectangular body secured to upper portions of four corner legs, said body including a headboard, sideboard, and opposite side walls;

b. a horizontal, rectangular, storage shelf supported between a lower portion of said legs, said shelf accordingly being located below the entire said body;

c. the upper ends of said legs each having a hinge secured thereto;

(I. one end of a post secured to each of said hinges, each said post being pivotable about said hinge between a vertical position over said leg and a horizontal position adjacent an upper side of said body; and

e. a privacy screen supported around said posts when in a vertical upright position.

2. A bed according to claim I including a. a mattress enclosed within the walls of the body of said bed, said mattress having b. an aperture extending through from top to bottom, said mattress having c. a plug shaped to fit the recess of said aperture and d. means for supporting a bed pan beneath said aperture.

3. A bed according to claim 2 including a. a box spring under said mattress, and said plug is of a thickness less than said mattress whereby the upper surface of said plug is flush with the upper surface of said mattress when said bed pan is stored.

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