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Publication numberUS3639937 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1972
Filing dateJul 17, 1969
Priority dateJul 17, 1969
Publication numberUS 3639937 A, US 3639937A, US-A-3639937, US3639937 A, US3639937A
InventorsRobert Sweeney
Original AssigneeRobert Sweeney
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Disposable self-packaging dustpan kit
US 3639937 A
A disposable carton is provided with a charge of granular absorbent material. The package is formed with at least one flat wall, one edge of which is contiguous to a removable panel whereby the package may be opened, the contents distributed over spillage and swept back into the box by means of an included paddle.
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[ Feb. 8, 1972 United States Patent Sweeney 2,799,563 7/1957 Shenker 3,286,826 11/1966 St011.......... 3,345,670 10/1967 [54] DISPOSABLE SELF-PACKAGING DUSTPAN KIT [72] Inventor:

Robert Sweeney, 10 Wilton Drive, Wilmington, Mass. 01887 July 17,1969

Netherlands......................... l5/257.1

[22] Filed:

Primary Examiner-Paul R. Gilliam Attorney-Morse, Altman & Oates [21] Appl. No.: 842,668

$2 i mm m mma m bk ra d e m f me wmmwm ny mw awb h o x cd mm st. mu, owmm MM o S u t md nPn eeoo snmw ek B wkm m A mhw w w mm mm... w s mn c emm ee ltde bae m mvf n W w s m 1.] x r. 7d e 5 mah [ASWWO 72 6 45J5 7 57 24 2 ,7 6 J450 7A2 5 25 401 5/1 13, 8 l 74 M w H M m 581 .H mm C T m m "hm mu" m m R m..." mum "mm Lmf o w d Std Umm 1]] .l 2 8 6 555 5 [1.1

cluded paddle.

UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,560,649 Homaday..........................206/47 UX 6 Claims, 5 Drawing Figures PATENTED FEB 8 I972 FIGQ2 INVENTOR ROBERT SWEENEY FiG.4

FIG?) QZIM+UaIII ATTORNEYS DISPOSABLE SELF-PACKAGING DUSTPAN KIT BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention This invention relates generally to packages and more particularly is directed towards a disposable, self-packaging, dustpan kit containing a charge of granular absorbent material.

2. History of the Prior Art In U.S. application Ser. No. 744,868, filed July 15, 1968, for Collapsible Container Dustpan Assembly for Solid Cleaning Material by Lawrence Levenson and assigned to the same assignee of the present application, there is disclosed a wedgeshaped carton having articulated top and bottom sections which, when closed, define a package containing a charge of granular absorbent material and paperboard paddle. The product is used for cleaning up various kinds of spillage by opening the package, folding back the articulated sections one against the other to define an open tray, pouring the granular material on the spillage and then using the paddle to sweep the spillage and the granules back into the tray. The tray sections are then refolded back into a closed position and the package discarded. It is an object of the present invention to provide improvements in packages on the foregoing type.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION This invention features a disposable dustpan self-packaging kit comprising a carton containing a charge of granular absorbent material and having at least one flat wall and a removable panel contiguous to said wall along a straight edge thereof. A hand paddle is also included. Removal of the panel permits the granular material to be deposited on spillage and by use of the paddle swept back into the package which is used as a dustpan. The straight edge of the wall formed by the removal of the panel permits the spillage and material to be swept entirely into the carton in an efficient manner.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view in perspective of a self-packaging, disposable dustpan kit made in accordance with the invention,

FIG. 2 is a view showing the kit of FIG. 1 in use, and,

FIGS. 3, 4 and 5 are views in perspective showing modifications of the invention.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Referring now to FIGS. 1 and 2 of the drawings, the reference character generally indicates a disposable, selfcontained and self-packaged dustpan kit for use in cleaning various types of spillages. The kit is organized about a carton 12 of a relatively stiff paperboard material, for example and, in the illustrated embodiment, the carton is of rectangular configuration comprised of end walls 14 and 16, front and rear walls 18 and 20, and top and bottom walls 22 and 24. In the FIG. I embodiment all of the walls are rectangular in outline and flat and may be set up by conventional box-forming equipment.

Forming part of the front and top walls 18 and 22 is a removable panel 26 which is detachably connected to a leading edge 28 of the bottom wall 24, to lines 30 and 32 of the front wall 18 and to a generally U-shaped line 34 extending into the top wall 22, all defining a cutout opening in the carton. The removable panel 26 may be opaque paperboard, the same as the remaining portion of the box, or preferably, is of a transparent plastic material such as cellophane or the like. If the panel is opaque paperboard the tear line preferably is formed by perforations whereas if the panel is plastic it may be heat sealed or otherwise bonded to the carton walls.

Enclosed in the carton is a charge of granular absorbent material 36 such as ground clay or the like and which may include odor-killing additives. Typically, the granular material 36 only partly fills the carton so as to not overcrowd the package when sweeping the contents and spillage back into the container. While the granular material is shown in loose form within the carton, if desired, it may be separately wrapped in a bag, the bag being within the box.

Enclosed also in the carton is a hand paddle 38 which is used to brush or scrape the granular absorbent material 36 and the spillage back into the carton as suggested in FIG. 2. The paddle 38 typically is formed from a relatively stifi paperboard material and is more or less rectangular being formed with a straight edge 40 which cooperates with the straight edge 28 in getting all of the spillage and granules into the box.

The package is used by first tearing away the removable panel 26 to open the package, then pouring the contents onto the spillage. The paddle may be used to spread the granules around to insure that all the spillage is covered and then by resting the carton on the floor, with the leading edge 28 flush against the floor, the paddle is used to brush or scoop the spillage and the granules back into the box. When the spillage and granules are in the box, the entire unit may then be thrown away. Optionally, an outer sleeve 42 may be provided to permit reclosing of the package once the spillage is swept into the carton.

Referring now to FIG. 3 of the drawings, there is shown a modification of the invention and in this embodiment a carton 12 of a construction similar to the carton 12 in FIG. I is provided with the exception that a wall 18 joins top and bottom walls 22 and 24' at an angle to define a beveled configuration similar to that of a conventional dustpan.

In the FIG. 4 embodiment a carton 12" is in the form of a wedge having triangular end walls 14" and 16".

The FIG. 5 embodiment is similar to that of the FIG. 4 embodiment with the exception that a removable panel 26 is of the same opaque material as the remaining portion of the carton rather than being transparent as in the prior embodiments. In the FIG. 5 embodiment the removable panel serves a double function in that it is a removable closure which is used as a paddle once it is detached from the carton.

The single layer leading straight edge defined by the working edge of the opening when the removable panel is separated from the canon makes it much easier to return all of the granules and the spillage into the carton since the edge can be made to lie flush against the floor or other surface. The rectangular configuration of the FIG. I embodiment is preferred since the conventional shape facilitates forming, packing, shipping, storing and displaying on store shelves.

Having thus described the invention what I claim and desire to obtain by Letters Patent of the United States is:

l. A disposable self-packaging dustpan kit, comprising in combination a. a relatively stiff carton having interconnecting walls forming a closed container wherein at least one of said walls is flat,

b. another wall connected to said one wall and extending angularly therefrom along an edge thereof,

c. said other wall being formed with a tear line extending in part along the edge of said one wall and in part inwardly of the other edges of said other wall to define a removable relatively stiff panel in the form of a paddle which when detached forms an opening through said other wall into said carton,

d. a quantity of granular absorbent material prepackaged within said carton, and,

e. a relatively stiff, open-ended, fitted out sleeve slidably enclosing said carton.

2. A disposable self-packaging dustpan kit according to claim 1 including a paddle combined therewith.

3. A disposable self-packaging dustpan kit according to claim 1 wherein said panel is transparent.

4. A disposable self-packaging dustpan kit according to claim I wherein said carton is rectilinear.

5. A disposable self-packaging dustpan kit according to claim I wherein said carton is wedge shaped.

6. A disposable self-packaging dustpan kit according to claim 1 wherein said carton is rectilinear and said other wall is formed with a beveled portion adjoining said one wall.

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