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Publication numberUS3640386 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1972
Filing dateJun 2, 1969
Priority dateJun 2, 1969
Publication numberUS 3640386 A, US 3640386A, US-A-3640386, US3640386 A, US3640386A
InventorsJohn W Frangos
Original AssigneeJohn W Frangos
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Portable sifting apparatus
US 3640386 A
A compact, portable, power-driven sifter is provided for use in sifting flour or the like, and is particularly suited for restaurant and institutional use. A basket having replaceable screens is mounted in a housing for horizontal oscillatory movement by means of a motor-driven eccentric linkage, the basket being supported on rollers and guided by sheave rolls against lateral displacement. The housing is supported in a highly raised position by elongated legs to permit pans, trays and the like to be moved in and out from under the unit from any side thereof.
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United States Patent Frangos [54] PORTABLE SIFTING APPARATUS [72] Inventor: John W. lh'angos, 2 Brimbal Hill Drive,

Beverly, Mass. 01915 [22] Filed: June 2, 1969 [21] App1.No.: 848,373

[52] 11.8. CI ..209/337, 209/372, 209/405 [51] Int. Cl ..B07b 1/28 [58] Field of Search ..209/337, 372, 327, 329, 330, 209/338, 412, 413, 415, 373, 420, 319, 342, 315, 341, 405

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 487,350 12/1892 Pellican ..209/337 3,483,974 12/ 1969 Pearsall ..209/395 X 3,520,277 7/1970 Gordon ..209/337 X 1 1 Feb. 8, 1972 FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS 978,148 12/ 1964 Great Britain ..209/405 Primary Examiner-Frank W. Lutter Assistant Examiner-William Cuchlinski, Jr. Attorney-Morse, Altman & Oates ABSTRACT I A compact, portable, power-driven sifter is provided for use in sifting flour or the like, and is particularly suited for restaurant and institutional use. A basket having replaceable screens is mounted in a housing for horizontal oscillatory movement by means of a motor-driven eccentric linkage, the basket being supported on rollers and guided by sheave rolls against lateral displacement. The housing is supported in a highly raised position by elongated legs to permit pans, trays and the like to be moved in and out from under the unit from any side thereof.

2 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures INVENTOR. X JOHN W. FRANGOS WM Man/3 ATTORNEYS PATENTED FEB 8 I972 SHEETZUFZ Om wv vvl INVENTOR. JOHN W. FRANGOS ATTORNEYS PORTABLE SIFTING APPARATUS BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION I 1. Field of the Invention This invention relates generally to power sifting equipment and more particularly is directed towards a compact; low-cost,v portable sifter for use in restaurants and the like.

2. History of the Prior Art Various types of commercial sifters for restaurant and in- I stitutional use have been available for many years. However,

sifters of this type heretofore have been rather large, heavy and expensive machines usually requiring considerable floor space and permanently installed. It is, therefore, an object of the present invention or provide a low cost, portable, compact and power-driven sifter suitable for commercial use and which may be located and used with convenience on any suitable flat supporting surface such as a table top counter top or the like.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION This invention features a power-driven portable sifting apparatus comprising a housing supported above a table surface or the like on elongated legs to provide access from four sides thereof for pans and the like to the discharge under the housing. The housing encloses a basket with interchangeable screens and is horizontally oscillated by means of a motordriven eccentric coupling, the basket being supported by cooperating rollers for smooth, friction free operation.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT In the drawings the reference character generally indicates a sifting apparatus comprising a boxed housing 12 set on elongated legs I4 which support the housing 12 at a substantial height above a supporting surface such as a table or counter top, for example. Typically, the legs 14 maintain the housing 12 perhaps 5 or 6 inches or so above the supporting surface. A leg is mounted at each corner of the housing and preferably is of a relatively narrow cross section to permit a maximum amount of access space between adjacent legs. Each leg preferably is provided with a suction cup foot 16 for stabilizing the unit of its supporting surface.

The top of the housing 12 is provided by a hinged cover 18 the larger portion of which encloses a sifting basket 20 while the smaller portion encloses a motor 22 and drive assembly 24. Typically, the cover is provided with a surrounding gasket The sifting basket 20, as shown best in FIGS. 2 and 3, is in the form of an open rectangular receptacle having generally upright sidewalls 26, preferably of sheet material such as stainless steel or the like. The walls 26 are formed at the bottom with an inwardly facing lip 28 which supports the outer margin of an open mesh screen 30 spanning the otherwise open bottom of the basket 20. The upper portion of the wall 26 is formed with an outwardly extending lip 32 by which the basket rests on a rectangular frame member 34 extending about the basket 20. Tabs 33 are provided for use in lifting the basket from the frame. In the preferred embodiment the frame 34 is formed from right-angle stock which serves as a holder for the removable basket and also serves as a track and support for the basket 20 which undergoes vigorous oscillatory movement when in operation. The horizontal portion of the frame 34 extends out from the side of the basket 20 and rests LII on spaced rollers 36 located along opposite sides of the basket and mounted to the housing 12 by means of a block 38. The rollers 36 preferably are of a durable plastic material such as Teflon which provides low frictional support, are quiet and enjoy a relatively long and trouble-free life. Obviously, other materials may also be used. The axes of the rollers 36 lie in a horizontal plane perpendicular to the path of travel of the basket 20.

In order to guide the basket against lateral or vertical displacement sheaves or pulley guide rollers 40 are provided, preferably in proximity to the rollers 36, and mounted to the housing 12 so as to engage the outer edge of the horizontal portion of the frame 34. This is best shown in FIG. 3 where it will be seen that the guide roller 40 is mounted to an upper flange 42 of the housing 12for rotation about a vertical axis and it will be understood that there is at least one guide roller 40 on each side of the basket and preferably two,.one near each corner thereof and serving to guide the basket during oscillation and to prevent spurious movements thereof. Again it is desirable that the guide roller 40 be fabricated from a lowfriction material such as Teflon or the like.

The basket 20, as indicated previously, is provided with a screen 30 across the bottom thereof and in practice the screen 30 is of a relatively wide mesh with finer sifting being available by the use of accessory screen inserts 44 such as shown in FIG. 4. The screen 44 may be of any desired mesh according to the material being sifted. The accessory screen 44 preferably is formed with a rectangular frame 46 to which is mounted mesh screen material 48 reinforced by cross ribs 50. Upwardly extending posts 52 are provided at each end to facilitate insertion and removal of the accessory screen from the basket. Each post may be provided with a gripping head 54. Mounted across each end of the frame 46 are bumpers 56, preferably of rubber or other resilient material, which may be readily formed from split tubing or the like. The bumpers 56 serve to hold the screen insert squeezed in position at the bottom of the basket and prevent the screen inserts from banging about as the gasket is oscillated. In practice, each sifting unit would be provided with a set of screen inserts of various mesh sizes.

The basket 20 is oscillated by means of the motor 22 and drive linkage 24. The motor, as previously indicated, is mounted in the rear position of the housing and typically is provided with a reduction gear assembly 58 to provide an output of approximately 300 r.p.m., for example. The reduction gear assembly is provided with a drive shaft 60 eccentrically keyed to the inner race of a bearing 62 mounted in one end of a connecting rod 64. Typically the eccentric is three sixteenths inches off center to provide a Ila-inch stroke of the rod 64. The opposite end of the connecting rod is drivingly connected to the basket frame 34 by means of a shaft 66 passing through a ball bearing assembly 68 with the ends thereof supported in spaced blocks 70 and 72 secured to the basket frame 34. It will be understood that when the motor is energized the rotation of the shaft will cause, through the eccentric connection, the basket to be oscillated back and forth in the direction of the connecting rod. The material to be sifted is placed in the basket and discharges from the bottom. By raising the housing in the manner shown, pans or other receptacles may be placed in under the housing to collect the sifted material as it drops from the sifting basket. Since the shifting unit is raised entirely by means of the elongated legs the unit may be placed on almost any supporting surface and be used conveniently since pans or the like may be slipped under the housing between any of the legs three-sixteenths side thereof.

Having thus described the invention what I claim and desire to obtain by Letters Patent of the United States is:

l. Sifting apparatus, comprising a. a housing, having a discharge opening formed in the bottom thereof,

b. spaced elongated legs mounted to said housing for elevating said housing above a supporting surface at a height sufficient to permit access under said housing and from any side thereof,

c. an open frame mounted for oscillation in said housing,

about horizontal axes and engaging the underside of said flange and spaced annularly grooved rollers mounted for rotation about vertical axes and engaging the edges of said flange.

2. Sifting apparatus according to claim 1 including a removable screen mounted in said basket, said screen being coextensive with said basket, resilient bumpers mounted along the edges of said screen and upright posts mounted at the ends thereof.

1! t i t i

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